Dev Discussion Episode 36: Artifacts Discussion

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Batuba, Dec 5, 2019.

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  1. Batuba Developer

    Hey all,

    Please post any feedback on new artifacts in this thread.


  2. Brav Well-Known Player

    Hello Batuba,

    Just commenting my opinion so far on the two new artifacts. The Trans + Strat work really well together. I personally like them so far. I just had one thought that crossed my mind, which was possibly lowering the debuff percent at max rank for the trans to 10 and the magnitude to 25 (maybe 20, if the intent is to have a even gain and loss) This will still allow for a 9-15% (4-10%, if the mag is 20%) gain from the artifact effect, depending on the rank and crit procs.

    I believe having the max down to 10% with a mag of 25% will allow for a more even/balanced outcome. (That should bring it close percentage wise to the artifact effects of the venom(16%)/sparring ai(18%) at max rank, just in a reversed effect). It actually has a similar effect now when it actually procs but the debuff percent is a little too high, which is a lot more noticeable when it doesn't proc. This is why I believe most parses aren't as consistent and are showing a bit more of a loss than a gain at times.

    The debuff percentages can hurt a lot (15-21% debuff actually hurts quite a bit, especially when combined with the role less debuff effects of 12% x 3 for each missing role = 36% + artifact debuff 15-21% = 51-57%), especially when combined with other debuff effects like the role less debuffs and any other mechanic debuff present in the content.

    (Side Note: When I tested this before on test it was at max rank and no other variables were present besides the artifacts effect. So when compared to the setup I had ran prior, it was similar/close to the cog/tetra but that was with consistent procs. Without the procs the parses were a bit too much of a loss. When comparing the venom/Solar, cog/tetra, and the grim/strat, I was getting similar parses as long as I had consistent crit procs. Without those consistent procs the loss was quite a bit noticeable. This setup has similar potential and at times can be slightly better or worse depending on the consistency of procs on both artifacts (trans/strat) when combined/used together).

    So both artifacts have a bit of potential when things work in its favor but when they aren't as consistent or other variables are in play, it can actually be more of a loss than a gain in those situations. I believe having the percentage at max rank at least 10-12% will have a bit more consistency with the other debuff percentages and will allow for a more even/balanced outcome without hurting as much as it does now, especially when other variables are in play.

    I still very much enjoy these two artifacts when combined, this is just what I've noticed so far when running with them on the live servers in the new content. They work really well together, especially when the procs are consistent enough. Though when things aren't consistent the parses can be quite of a loss and are definitely more noticeable, especially when other variables come into play as well.

    So my only concern is the debuff percentage as it can hurt quite a bit, especially when things aren't consistent and other debuffs are added on top of the artifacts debuff. Having 10% at max rank should definitely even/balance things and be more consistent with other percentage effects. Even when the procs aren't as consistent and other variables are in play, it should definitely allow for a better flow and consistency with each parse.

    Thank you for your time and dedication. It is very much appreciated. You've done a fantastic job on these and prior artifacts. I enjoy the different options and play style effects to choose from. Thank you again and happy holidays.

    Sincerely: Brav
  3. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    Sorry, I couldn't properly test this artifact when it was on test server. I really enjoyed the concept of giving a flat 20% crit to the base stats. This was analysed with a rage toon specced prec with 342sp and with the following equipement:

    Rage toon has some interesting sc powers being:
    • Berserker - 1.5x damage dealt - 12 seconds
    • Infuriate - 50% crit chance and all heal group(very small by the way:() - 8 seconds
    To my eyes this artifact would have very high synergy with Infuriate, if not the best synergy at the game.
    I decided to compare both in performence:
    In this example, im just using has i said the normaly ranged weapon attack from dual wield. It can be seen some diference in damage, but nothing special.

    However when using flurry shot there is a very evident 1.55x diference in damage wich is alot.
    In order for this artifact to be viable in dps wise it would either require a nerf in the total damage done cost. The way it is now, I would 100% recomend eye of gemine instead. The sad part is that Berserker barely gains anything from this and does more damage;_;
  4. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

  5. 9001BPM Devoted Player

    Why does The Strategist force the character to do a weird clapping animation when equipping it? It’s interfering with my armoury changes. :(
  6. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    Can I get an explanation on what exactly determines the strength of the dot produced by the Strategist at 200? I've assumed it's the amount of prec an individual has when a weapon attack triggers it, and the amount of might someone has when a might power triggers it. I've noticed some discrepancies in the resulting dots from Strategist. However, before I provide feedback I was hoping to get an understanding or confirmation of how the dot's magnitude is actually determined.
  7. Batuba Developer

    Your assumption is correct. Might attack that procs it will be might based and prec attack that procs it will be precision stat based. Because we had no paradigm for abilities that worked this way in the past, I had to make multiple separate abilities to make this artifact work. If there are any discrepancies between the two, it's likely due to this reason as it's not an auto-conversion that happens.
  8. Brav Well-Known Player

    Hello Batuba,

    I am sorry, I didn't know where to post this but I'm just making a possible suggestion for a new/future artifact.

    If possible can a hybrid type of artifact be created. Like one with either both the current max might/prec stats of ven/sol or the max stats of the cog/tetra combined with the third stat being some power and the artifacts effect granting a percent increase in damage output or additional increase in both might/prec while actively causing damage.

    I've created an armory build for something like this. It works well but will be more well balanced without having to use outside buffs to try and compensate for some of the stats. I believe some hybrid type of options will be a good addition to the current artifact progression system.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. It is very much appreciated.

    Sincerely: Brav
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