Dev Discussion Episode 35: Monsters of Metal 8-Player Raid

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by JackFrost, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. JackFrost Developer

    Alas, Metal is upon us! We're excited for the next episode to make its way to the live servers, including the new Monsters of Metal 8-Player Operation. There are 3 versions: the limited-time event version which is available to all players who are about level 14 or above, as well as the Normal and Elite versions, which both require you to be CR264.

    This is the thread I'll be monitoring most closely for any feedback, discussion, questions, or bug reports related to this content.

    We hope you enjoy all of the new content! Also, thanks again to the folks who helped test it on the PCTest server.
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  2. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    When finishing the regular version of this raid our group got headlines for both regular and elite. Pretty sure that wasn't intended.
  3. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    Finishing the Normal version of the raid awards the headline for the Elite version.
  4. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks y'all! I saw the same bug yesterday afternoon when I played on Live. Sorry it slipped out like that, but a fix should be out later today.
  5. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    Elite feedback

    Mister Freeze
    Are the Ice Behemoth’s supposed to be proximity aggro? When they spawn and someone is lighting the torch, they will continue to get hit, regardless if I, as the tank, am taunting them. Sometimes they can be pulled right away and other times they can’t. If I can pull them, then there doesn’t seem to be a major issue, however could you make them actually attack the tank if they’re aggro’d by them? Or is that intended? If so, that’s lame.

    The sun weapon - I’m not a fan of this being removed by the behemoth’s hitting you. I wish there was another way to drop it. Like a torch some where, where I could hit the cog and the weapon would drop. It’s also really annoying that 1, you can’t do any weapon combos with it and 2, range attacks with the weapon don’t count as the extra damage towards the smaller adds it’s made for. I’d like to wield it as a tank but having to kite adds just in hopes to not get melee’d by a behemoth and drop it isn’t very much fun to me.

    Poison Ivy - why are there so many adds leading up to fighting her? They just seem so unnecessary. I’m not talking about actually fighting her, just when you move on from Mister Freeze. It’s just adds on adds on adds for no reason.

    The Batman Who Laughs
    Merciless - why can’t we counter him?

    Little Robin’s - could you please, I love DCUO so, make it so a rage tank doesn’t crash when stunned? THANK YOU

    We encountered a phasing bug when trying to invite or reinvite someone to the instance. They would get put in the starting area where you need to free Deathstroke and then move to fighting Poison Ivy. The rest of the group was on the final boss. We didn’t have a work around, other than repeating that part of the instance. And with the amount of adds and just not wanting to do all of that over again, we just left. This didn’t happen every time as we were able to swap out some people and they spawn in the same location as us. However towards the end of the raid, is when we ran into this bug.
  6. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Regarding the Dark Robins--I missed the Rage Crash issue on one of his abilities which could have caused this issue (but I got the other). A fix for that is forthcoming.

    We're investigating the issue you described about being in a different phase with group-mates.

    I'm looking into the other feedback you have posted as well, but some of the potential changes will likely not be on the Live server until after this weekend.

    Again, thanks for the notes!
  7. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Doing elite final boss, there was 2 text prompts the first one was Mister Terrific sending in a new Alloy but the issue was Merciless was doing his massive one-shot mechanic at the same time so his red text prompt was delayed and in the footage you can see it was already 70% through his attack when the text displayed making it impossible to block in time and in that situation will always lead to a group wipe.

    Also please check your PM from me for a more sensitive bug report
  8. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    Another thing I forgot to mention, Merciless' devastating attack message didn't always display for us. While not a big deal, I know what his attack looks like now, it'd just be nice if it was consistent, either displaying 100% of the time or not.
  9. CrescentMoon Well-Known Player

    Someone told me they had issues with Rage Crash'ing due to Mr. Freeze's encasement as well.
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  10. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Feedback (Elite?)

    Another thing I am noticing frequently is after all the Ice Shards are destroyed and Mr Freeze comes out some of the Ice Shards are being rebuilt randomly during the fight and they are trapping or encasing Ice Behemoths, one time it trapped the Sunblade. Is it intended to happen like this each time? it always appears to be a random configuration that spawns and then the giant has to charge them again.

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  11. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    The ice walls rebuilt on the run I did yesterday in elite also. Though it didn't bug out in this case I can see it being a potential issue if an NPC was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  12. Brav Well-Known Player

    Hello JackFrost,

    Just wondering if it was possible to add a requirement before placing the last metal or two in order to complete the raid. Most groups only seem interested in placing the metals and that's it. It diminishes the raids combat portion and puts too much focus on just running the metals in order to bypass this fight completely.

    If possible maybe a requirement of defeating or completing at least merciless, red death, or closing the portals before we can place the last metal and complete this last portion of the story for metal one. Please make this last battle interesting. We already can not do any damage to the main boss 'batman who laughs", can we at least get some combat going on the other two sub bosses.

    I would really appreciate it if something can be done to remove or diminish the option of bypassing this entire fight. Thank you.

    Sincerely: Brav
  13. redwolfyogi Well-Known Player

    There is a feat to kill the bosses before the metals. You just gotta communicate to your team to do so. Some just wanna finish the raid, but not do the feat.
  14. Brav Well-Known Player

    I know but feat or no feat, we shouldn't be able to bypass an entire fight like that. It takes away from the content and puts too much idle work for this battle. We've had some older raids with something a bit similar but at least we were able to battle and defeat the boss afterward.

    I'm hoping for something similar, something that puts more meaning into this final fight. Hopefully we can get that if possible.
  15. redwolfyogi Well-Known Player

    That i do agree, you should have to fight to finish them at the end after the alloys are done. Or at least Bat who laughs down to 25% so that it gives some completion and makes sense to the end cutscene.

    I never understood those raids where you killed the boss and he talks like he's full health at the cutscene.
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  16. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    After running the elite version of this raid and not doing normal yet I can say this:

    The raid is fun and is very mechanic driven and can be long which is in my opinion a good thing.

    Some negatives I have is that on first boss in elite I feel like the sunblade should be disabled. It makes the fight boring since the adds don't really seem like a problem. In elite this should be nerfed or disabled.

    Also during the poison ivy fight when she gets her pink shield and goes mid you can hide behind trees to avoid all damage. Is this intended? Is a bit like the spindrift station Manta mines bug with the pillars.

    Also another thing with ivy is that it feels dumb and stupid to have 1 person sit inside the spore form to do damage against her. Maybe there can be a cog you need to activate instead every 1min or something?

    Lastly on last boss Red Death feels very weak. I know he is based on Johnny quick but his attacks don't hit hard at all or even one shot which some of them should do like the lungeable attack he has. Also for some reason there is a lot of stuns during this fight, like a lot that dont really dmg you but become an annoyance since its stun after stun.
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  17. Zamara Dedicated Player

    So I somehow got both normal and elite headlines from the event version?
  18. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Let me start off by saying good job on the elite raids. My only complaint is this meta we have where theres adds in a boss encounter and only a certain amount of them come out as long as you don't kill them and one tank just tanks them in the corner and the other tank tanks the boss across the room and you just single target the boss down and pay no attention to the adds.

    That makes for a super boring boss meta imo and also alienates some power sets and might vs prec. What I would like to see is the adds be on set times not boss health or anything like that but on a encounter timer. For example say every 3 min more adds spawn regardless of whats going on. That also makes for a more interesting boss fight when you have to actually deal with the adds instead of hide them in a corner.

    Please free us from this boring meta if not for reg raids at least change it for elite.
  19. NibellaRin Active Player

    Absolutely loved running the regular version of this with my league. It was more about teamwork and mechanics than about straight damage and made the fights really interesting. The addition of the one-handed weapon at the start as a buff was a lot of fun and all the dps took turns using it. I hope to see more like this. Also got headlines for both regular and elite.
  20. Rushsteel Active Player

    Yeah red death being buffed would be nice.
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