Dev Discussion Episode 34: "JLD: Shattered Gotham" 8-Player Raid

Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Millbarge, Mar 27, 2019.

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  1. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Feedback as of April 2nd
    • The Shazam cog is still pretty inconsistent (unless that change wasn't made yet as of April 2nd) There would be times the maddness would tick up to 45-53 before Shazam would give us the opportunity to turn the cog and other times it would come up at 25
    • The teleporter for the Harbringer is pretty much a real leap of faith to try and get if you are outside the bubble. :eek:


    • There are still times where Shazam will refuse to enter the final instance and just stay outside thus making it a wipe at 99 madness

  2. Magnificent Loyal Player

    I've enjoyed playing the content for the actual fights but the Pitfall Harrying... not so much. Having a little bit of needed nimbleness is one thing but making the whole zone that way is annoying (especially with our travel powers cancelled even after the raid is done).
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  3. EconoKnight XIII Legion

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  4. Ichiro Loyal Player


    Regular raid. was running this last night and I had a consistent DOT on me after the Tala fight. combat log said damaged by the madness or something like that. dot was 300, then 600, then 1500. madness meter was at 0 then 14 then 24 then moving up and down as we battled each boss.

    Is there supposed to be a dot that persists throughout the raid on a random player? None of the other group member had this dot and I could not remove it by activating shazam, dying, or any other means.
  5. Millbarge Developer

    The dot applies to everyone in the raid. The amount is based on the amount of Madness you have (that's raid-wide). Until ~35 Madness, your out-of-combat health regen will likely heal you back up - which might by why you don't think other players are taking damage. Higher than that, everyone will need to heal periodically, even while out of combat.

    Shazam decreases your Madness, but if any remains, you'll continue to take damage.

    Also, the more Madness you have, the higher your Madness bonus, which is an increase in DPS. Work with your raid group to figure out which level of Madness is best for your group.

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  6. Schimaera Devoted Player

    It appears as if everytime you kill a group of adds, shazam again offers you to clean some madness. Today and yesterday, we had the madness around 50+ when the first activation happened. After we killed a few adds with EoG and other AoEs we could activate him again. This persisted throughout the fight. Everytime we killed a group of adds (around 4) we could activate him over and over again.
  7. Millefune PSN Well-Known Player

    I've only played the Event version of Shattered Gotham. In that version, the entire bridge Mordru brings up is solid (as shown on the mini-map and big map). Yeah, it has the illusion of gaps, but I can walk/run over the "gap" spaces. Are the bridge gaps actually gaps in Normal/Elite?
  8. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    The gaps are still solid in normal. I’ve heard they’re not in elite though.
  9. Millefune PSN Well-Known Player

    Cool! that's one of the reasons that makes it Elite! When people go into "hard mode," they should expect difficulty. I've never been much of a video gamer, but I remember playing older games with my husband and son, and they had "difficulty settings" in the games. When they would put it on the higher difficulty, things would be way more challenging. But in the end, when you set the difficulty to a higher one, you knew it was going to be hard. Aren't the Elite versions like a higher difficulty setting, and there for should have more difficult aspects to them?
  10. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    Some feedback after April 5th hotfix;

    Server: USPC/PS

    Shattered Gotham Elite (Tala fight)

    Tala's Incapasitating Curse is back to direct 1 shot. No skulls. No nothing. I myself and league mates been experiencing it since April 5th.

    Meteor strike VFX is not showing up all the time. Its not "update graphic card/driver" type of thing. I've heard it from both PC and PS platforms.
    (This was also a common issue before April 5th same with Dr Fate's AoE fields in Fellowship of the Arcane raid.)
  11. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    I hadn't run Shattered Gotham Elite in about a week before today, so since before the April 5th hotfix. I was a bit disappointed to see that the Faust shield mechanic was so heavily nerfed, since that boss was so fun.

    Also, I'd like to reiterate as others have said that the Shazam cog is still inconsistent, and that the problem is likely somehow tied to him jumping in and fighting, during which he does not seem to pop his cog for the first time until it is nearly at 50. This is obviously not ideal for the Raving Mad feat.
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  12. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    If the tank walks up with shazam towards last boss and let shazam start his hand blaster attacks it wont start the boss fight but it will put shazam in combat and leads to him having a more consistent cog.

    Then theres other bugs :
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  13. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

  14. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    This cog is still broken as far as getting the Raving Mad, and it is quite annoying considering we had to restart the raid two times on a Raving Mad feat run due to a glitch.

    1) Cog on Mordru resulted in Madness meter dropping twice after one person grabbed it ONE time, from 76 to 44. Feat ruined, disbanded and restarted.
    2) Shazam completely stopped his cogs after Spear of Destiny put him in box while we were grabbing his cog, on the Mordru fight again, and went from 70 to 100 on the next run. Feat ruined, disbanded and restarted.
    3) Shazam again ceased to pop his cog because we were grabbing his cog as he was put in the Spear of Destiny box. I'd look to note we didn't finish grabbing the cog either time. It went away due to the box and never came back. We managed to get it to pop after killing ourselves a few times this time however, leading to our issues with the final boss and Shazam:

    And finally, the one time we get to the final boss w/o a nonsense hiccup on Mordru, Shazam goes back to his old ways and pops the cog infrequently. No knock on people who've gotten it :), but Raving Mad feat is very luck based. Either you get blessed with a double cog, allowing you to go down from high eighties/nineties down to fifties and get the feat, or you end up hitting 100 and having to requeue. It seemed that adds may be putting him in combat and that may be causing his issues with the cog, so we tried killing them and it seemed to help his cogs come up more consistently, but after one wipe it became infrequent again. There are too many hoops to jump through despite the amount of burn you stack in one group, and it ends up just being very luck based and a waste of time as it is currently.

    *My leaguemate is planning on uploading clips showcasing some of these issues*
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  15. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Dunno why devs bother with NPCs being part of mechanics, I cant remember a single instance where NPCs didnt cause problems and had to be patched multiple times. All these troubles can be avoided by putting any interactions to fixed/static objects in the boos rooms. EZ!
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  16. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    it's not broken, it's designed to "drive" us raving mad apparently XD.
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  17. Heywiar Committed Player

    To add on:
    On the fourth rerun, the cogs at the end of the boss would reset during the timer. I would go to togglle his cog and it sometimes took me 3 or 4 tries of hitting to actually get it to hit. I was not getting hit by anything for most of these. It sucks because sometimes it ends up looking like a double cog which prompts someone to not hit it at all.
  18. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    On the video I uploaded we did it on first try without Shazam messing up but COG was appearing very often. Also did it once again today to help out some friends and that run went fairly smooth aswell. I haven't really experienced the COG as being inconsistent like before hotfix instead from my experience I feel like it appears more often definitely.
  19. Hollow Gohan Well-Known Player

    After wiping because of the cog inconsistency last night as I mentioned, we decided to test it when we respawned and went back in, just trying to keep it below 50 starting from 0, and the cog was suddenly consistent as you can see in this video (skip to :45 for start, then 1:01 and 1:25 for cogs):

    It was more consistent than how I saw it was in the video you mentioned, and we started messing around and decided to just get our leaguemate the other feat because it was simple. When we went back in, we hoped it would be somewhat like how it was here, however when we went in there afterwards with the madness at 50, it wasn't even remotely like this. I assume it was probably due to Shazam nearly always hitting a cog at around 20, which isn't the case for above 50 obviously, so that test wasn't representative of what it is like to start from 50.

    Regardless, good for you and your friends.
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  20. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    A daemon lunged off the side of an island between Tala and Faust. It eventually despawned, but the floating island didn’t rise up so we had to disband. This after we waited 20 minutes for some poor sap to take 10 tries just to get to Tala, which was just heartbreaking to watch. Seriously this raid is just absolutely abysmal.
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