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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JackFrost, Jul 6, 2018.

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  1. JackFrost Developer

    Hello, compatriots!
    Today on the PCTest server we're releasing the first public access to the Episode 32: The Judas Contract.

    Part of this new episode is the Titans Training Sim Duo. There is a normal, end-game version of the duo, and a limited-time 'event' version that is accessible by any players level 10 or above.

    I'll be watching this thread most closely for any feedback you have about this particular duo. Please post here if you have any questions, comments, or find any issues while playing the Titans Training Sim Duo.

    Thanks for helping us test the new content! We appreciate your input!
  2. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    I ran the Normal version of this duo earlier and I really enjoyed it.

    I thought the cut scenes were good, as well as the story. It's cool fighting the holograms, especially when one of those holograms is Monsieur Mallah, who has been in the game since launch (I'm sure) but only as a random encounter in the Open World.

    I enjoyed the swerve, half way through, with Robin. It was a nice touch and very typical of the character as I understand him. I really liked the idea behind Trigon being the final boss too. It didn't diminish Trigon as a character, by including him as the boss in a Duo, but it made for a cool, unexpected, and relevant boss fight.

    I also really liked the small, minor details, like Beast Boy turning into a scarab and escaping.

    Overall, definitely one of my favourite Duos.

    I think Robin could probably do with being slightly tuned up. He was very easy. I didn't see him do any sort of memorable attacks. He just seemed to die really quickly without pushing back. By comparison, I thought the waves of adds before his encounter were tougher and more time consuming. He was also significantly easier than Trigon.

    He also died at around 75% health, which may be intended, as there have been encounters like that, recently, where bosses have died before their HP hit 0. But I figured I'd mention it, anyway.
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  3. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    75% left or gone? For me he died near 15-20% health left
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  4. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Sorry, yeah, I meant gone. Basically the same thing you mean ^
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  5. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I just tried the event version and I kinda feel the adds hits harder than Robin does.
  6. Penryn Loyal Player

    Would it be possible to get one of those "Moments Later" matinee skip consoles added to this duo? Ideally the console would be located on the wall right before entering the training room.
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Tried queuing duo and got the "worlds are down for maintenance" screen...
  8. Penryn Loyal Player

    PCTest is broken at the moment. Anything I queue for results in a disconnection. I tried four times to queue into the duo.

    It is a rough weekend for testing.
  9. Kestral Committed Player

    I agree Robin was disappointingly easy compared to the random adds. Please give him a bit more of a bite comparativly. He's not usually all talk ;)

    PS: you guys have captured his personality perfectly.
  10. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I agree that Damian wasn't living up to his potential. I made a few updates that I hope will make the next hotfix.
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  11. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    Last I heard they were still trying to get it to work in multi player maps.
  12. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I just ran the duo, and the teleporter just outside the training room wouldn't let me interact with it after finishing the duo. It had the interact icon, but nothing happened.
  13. JackFrost Developer

    Yeah, there are a number of considerations for adding the option to skip matinees in multi-player content. We're still discussing it internally for future content. I don't think any skip-matinee options will make it in this episode. Apologies!
  14. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the report. If the last instance you were in before you went into the duo was the Titans Docks (with Cyborg, the other Titans, and a bunch of Titans fans), then that is a known issue that should be resolved in the next hotfix. If you were somewhere else when you started the duo, then there may be something more we need to investigate.

    If anyone sees this behavior moving forward tomorrow or afterwards, please let me know! Thanks!
  15. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    so a question for all the guys and gals in testing, any good stuff? glad they finally used trigon for something else, i always found the ending of sons of trigon with trigon only partially released a bit of a let down.
  16. Penryn Loyal Player

    Should the group go into combat immediately after the Trigon matinee scene? In the last instance I ran, I was in combat after the scene and Trigon started attacking me immediately.
  17. JackFrost Developer

    Thanks for the report! That wasn't intended, and I'll get a fix out for this. It likely won't make the next hotfix though.
  18. JackFrost Developer

    Hey, just a heads up: we may have introduced a bug where the final cam doesn't play after defeating the final boss in the next PCTest hotfix. I'm working on a fix for it now... just wanted to let you know it's being resolved. Thanks!
  19. Penryn Loyal Player

    What is the difference between the Event and Normal version of the duo? Both of them have CR 247 NPCs. Both of them have the same bosses and NPCs. Both of them take the same amount of time to complete.

    Am I missing something? I didn't notice any difference in boss mechanics between the two.
  20. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    My duo partner did not see the Starfire/Donna Troy cutscene at the start of the duo:

    Note that I was standing in the original room and my duo partner entered the training area.
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