Test Discussion Episode 32: The Judas Contract: Narrative and Cinematics

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by JohnnyDC, Jul 6, 2018.

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  1. JohnnyDC Developer

    This thread is to discuss narrative and cinematic content issues found while testing Episode 32: The Judas Contract. You can also post any questions you may have regarding characters, content flow, collections, and other narrative/story related topics.

    ***Please note before posting***
    There are several known issues concerning the cinematic cameras including missing actors in certain cutscenes and some of the visual FX not showing properly in the cams. These issues are known and in the process of being fixed in future updates.

    Thank you for your hard work and testing support! Your feedback is appreciated.
  2. PSYL0CKE X8 Well-Known Player

    i wasn't able to renew my league stats but I had the prestige to?
  3. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    When you go to Titan's Island for the first time and have the chance to speak to other Titans and fans after speaking to Cyborg, Terra's subtitles don't match her VO. You can see it starting at about 30 seconds into the video below.

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  4. Jade Rebel Dedicated Player

    In Titans: H.I.V.E base raid, deathstroke is not visible right before the hive add wave and turret fight begins, both happen in the event version and the regular version. If it's already known sweet, if not just letting u know :)
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  5. Charon Developer

    Yep! He'll start showing up tomorrow.
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  6. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Journal Mission telling us to Go into H.I.V.E. Reborn raid but there is no HIVE Reborn, just called HIVE Base so may cause some confusion on which Raid to run
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  7. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Robin has clearly a female voice actress... it is just a little bit distracting,
    because the robin before was the total opposite with a very deep voice...
  8. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    Subtitle error at 40 seconds:

    The subtitle says "What in the name of Albert Einstein are those?"

    when the audio says "What in the name of Stephen Hawking are those?"

    Are you the one that inserted the Dragonball Z jokes into the dialog?
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  9. Brav Well-Known Player

    (Hello JohnnyDC, Just Quoting myself from the open world thread, since it refers to a UI/Transmission Issue).

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  10. Kestral Committed Player

    They are different characters and this robin (Damian Wayne) is younger than the previous(Tim Drake). He should be about 10 when Tim as Robin in the early game would have been about 15 approximately (it's hard to be exact with DC retconning).

    As far as the voice actor unfortunately I've never been able to find an updated voice actor list for this game but I would not be surprised if it is the same as the animated movies for Damian Wayne.

    Personally Tim Drake's voice in this is the most jarring to me as he sounds like an adult instead of a teenager. It's unfortunate that they could not keep the same voice actor for continuity.
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  11. JohnnyDC Developer

    Thanks for catching this. I'm going to kick this over to the open world designer.
  12. JohnnyDC Developer

    Thanks for spotting this. We have a fix in for it already.... and the yes the level 9000 joke was all me.
  13. JohnnyDC Developer

    Thanks for the interest in the VO cast, guys!

    For the record, Robin, as explained in the opening cam on Titans Island is no longer Tim Drake. Damian Wayne (Batman's son ) is taking over the role of Robin and Tim Drake is now taking on the persona of Red Robin.

    Damian is about 11 years old at the time of this content and if you have watched the animated DC films, he has a very high voice. The VO actor did a pretty incredible job of capturing Damian's "unique" persona and personality while still sounding almost identical to the animated version of the character.

    Tim on the other hand has been voiced by several actors in the almost 8 years of live content for the game. Being Tim is now an adult in his early 20's, we have a new actor voicing him. We feel like he strongly captures the presence and personality of a young adult Tim.

    Also, to answer your question, actors are people too and have personal lives, so sometimes they retire or move and are no longer willing to reprise the role. In these unfortunate cases, we are forced to recast them.

    Neat little side fact, all three Robins appear side by side in the content for the first time in this Titans content. =)
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  14. Kestral Committed Player

    No slight to the voice actor was intended. Change happens and there is nothing wrong with the actors performance. I'll likely get used to it soon enough it was just surprising at first.

    The Robins are my absolute favorite characters in DC. If Jason ever makes it into this game as well then I will be beyond overjoyed. For now though seeing Damian included is more than awesome enough.

    Just out of curiosity. Is there anyway to get an updated list of voice actors for the game? My friends and I play the 'whos voice is that' game and it would be neat to be able to confirm our guesses.
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  15. Cyberpunk2077 Well-Known Player

    Here's what I don't get - I am auditioning to take Cyborg's place because he's a JL member now? Ive been a JL Member since 2011! WTH?!?
  16. PunkGeekFuse New Player

    I love the story. I took time with both hero and villain sides of the story, wasn't able to fully get the villain ending though as testers seem to be more interested in the hero side but i feel like I did get enough to say good job on making both sides fun. The usage of characters was also great, I felt like you nailed Terra, Damien, and Jericho and I am really glad that they are now a part of the game. Thank you for the time and effort put into it.
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  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    In DCUO continuity, who is Nightwing supposed to be dating in this Episode? Starfire makes a reference to her "beloved" Nightwing in the duo. There was a brief mention of a relationship between Oracle and Nightwing in the Doomsday raid. I know Nightwing has had a number of romantic relationships throughout the history of the comics.

    I'm disappointed that we never heard about Nightwing's reaction to Superman's death. I was hoping we'd get a line about it somewhere in the Judas Contract. Maybe there is a briefing/investigation line, but I haven't seen it yet.

    Do the DCUO Teen Titans have an age limit for applicants? With the customizations we can make to our characters, player characters can easily look 20-60 years old.
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  18. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    They also apparently don't do any basic background checks, as I look exactly the same as I always have. I've literally met Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy in other content. I'll be wearing the same outfit, using the same name. I might as well be wearing "TOTES BADGUY" on my chest, yet the whole "infiltration" thing is still the storyline. LOL

    I will give them credit for not doing a whole other "IT R BIGGER BAD GUY, U GUYZ NEED TO HALP!" storyline that usually happens, though.
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  19. Penryn Loyal Player

    I understand what you mean about the infiltration angle. You'd figure the Titans would recognize you.

    Even from the Hero perspective, the recruiting angle has some issues. I've saved the Titans several times and helped deal with their largest threats several times. Apparently none of that matters though because I have to go through boot camp with the "noobies" to prove my qualifications. If we actually had a choice in the matter, I'm not sure I'd want to be a Titan. I'm already a member of the Justice League and have a full schedule grinding gear/renown for other people to save Earth from existential threats. Never mind the fact the Titans seem to be captured, mind-controlled, or worse every few episodes. Joining up with the Titans would be akin to having a giant bullseye placed on your back.

    Still, all of that has to be set aside for the purposes of the storyline and game. Our only other choices are to take the next 4-5 months off from the game.
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  20. stärnbock Devoted Player

    in the on duty menu, the missions are in a messed order with both CR requirement and the logical order story wise...
    i know you will take out the starro missions and the summer special from the event tap anyways, but think about CR:
    shouldn't the order go like:
    here is a picture with the event tap:
    not sure were to report this, hope i can leave it here, ok?
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