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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Mepps, May 31, 2017.

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  1. Kuno Loyal Player

    Please, Mepps... are you going to address the reason behind no new style for purple drop gear? We as playerbase expressed our discontent with the (lack of) styles. We keep getting less cosmetic rewards, we can almost recreate the Blackhawk set with existing styles while TCs awesome styles keep happening.
    Why this trend? We didn't even got new styles for weapon sets in almost 2 years.
    It's the art team really that busy with TC stuff that AoJ DLC had to do it with crumbs and leftovers?
    This may be the worst DLC I remember in the art department. Maybe the tone isnt my cup of tea but styles feel rebundant when we could had something Golden Age superhero inspired:
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  2. Tropical Skittles Taste The Rainbow

    10 Daily's = 10 war bonds (70), 2 Alerts = 6 marks (42), 2 Raids = 20 marks (20), 3 Weekly Bonus = 24 Marks (24) = 156 total per week

    The Vendor Gear = Head 170, Chest 185, Back 120, Legs 185, Shoulders 155, Hands 95, Waist 110, Feet 95 = 1115 (7.14 weeks to finish)

    Vendor Gear Accessories: Ring 60 (2), Neck 80, Face 45, Weapon 200, Utility Belt 80 = 525
    (3.36 weeks to finish)
    Grand Total = 1640

    OP Gear = Head 720, Back 575, Waist 435 = 1730 (11.08 weeks to finish)

    Total Cost For Just The Feats = 2845
    Grand Total For ALL New Pieces = 3370

    It'll take us approximately 21.58 weeks to complete this. This is NOT including the feat "Head Strong" (450 War Bonds - 24.49 weeks)

    If you ARE worried about CR for SM, and you get ALL the new gear. You'll have to run a raid 337 times that's 29,319 replays
    29319 ÷ 350 = 83.76857142857143 round off to 84 x 900 for a 350 replay pack = 75,600 total MC coins
    10,000 for 84.99 (7) + 5000 for 44.99 + 1000 for 9.99 = 76,000 replays $649.91

    If you're NOT worried about CR for SM, and you keep the recent OP gear (olympian & starro face, neck, 2 rings, utility belt). You'll have to run a raid 132 times that's 11,848 replays
    11,848 ÷ 350 = 32.81142857142857 round off to 33 x 900 for replay pack = 29,700 MC coins
    10,000 for 84.99 (3) = 30,000 replays $254.97
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  3. mexmex Dedicated Player

    ...but is a fact, the day the playerbase realize what a scam replay is, maybe they will stop with this practices, but never before. #saynotoreplay
  4. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I would of loved to see any of those styles as rewards instead of the Blackhawk style or at the very least a few JSA base items.
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  5. Perdition Committed Player

    Indeed it is. In my opinion they can go. But i buy them in support of the game. If they dissapear. So be it, i wont even be sad about it. But we all know thats not gonna happen anytime soon. The same problem is with the time capsules. The only reasone they sell is because there are feats attached to it.
  6. Xibo Loyal Player

    Sad to recognize but DCUO now only think in that formula...

    High vendor gear cost = more Replay Badges spent = more money
  7. mexmex Dedicated Player

    lol, that is some math devs, take a dive, and to make it worst, you dont need any of that to beat this content. so is an unnecesary grind. Happy to pass all these. worst DLC eveeeeer
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  8. Brother Allen Loyal Player

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  9. Harlequin Devoted Player

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  10. Xibo Loyal Player

    Reviewing the post.....

    This means that with 12 weeks I can complete the Vendor Gear and with more 12 weeks I can complete the OP items: total 24 weeks or 6 months, right?
  11. SilkyPawz Bunny

    I needed a laugh ...ahahahah
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  12. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Where'd you get the 10 dailies from?
  13. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Just FYI for most people actually contemplating replaying this content (ugh, I groan just typing it), you get more value (in war bonds) by replaying alerts instead of raids, though that differs if you're running elite for renown at the same time.
  14. Backblock Well-Known Player

    Man, we came an awful long way from Soda Cola Ultimates... :rolleyes:
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  15. Here2Help Devoted Player

    29 Replays spent on the alert = 3 Bonds.
    87 Replays spent on the alert = 9 Bonds.
    87 Replays spent on the raid =10 Bonds.

    Raid is better value for Bonds.
  16. light FX Steadfast Player

    Not sure if its been answered yet so ill ask 2 questions. And 1 comment.

    1st the mods. Will the pulling out the mod intact stay that way after the cost reduction?
    2nd can all mods be pulled out intact?

    I initially commented the pulling the mod out intact was a great change. After thinking about it im not so sure. Because it looks like from episode to episode we need to create new mods. What we really need is the ability to pull the mod out and get bytes, simple, and complex back so we can use those to create new mods. If i can pull a mod out intact but cant break the mod down for the materials then im just left with a mod that has less stats on it. Its only account bound then. So it ends up being a mod i can pass to an alt and thats pretty much it. Correct? Or maybe im misunderstanding how this will work.
  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We do not expect to have another Survival Mode launch prior to the stats revamp.
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  18. light FX Steadfast Player

    Ikr. Ive seen 6 dailies on test. And 4 weeklies. 3 in each open world with 2 weeklies in each open world.
  19. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    Does that imply that Survival Mode schedule is being pushed back a bit, since it usually launches with Summer event or July/Early August or that we can expect Stats revamp to arrive before that?
  20. Here2Help Devoted Player

    That's great news! It'll allow us to have a bit of time collecting our gear and preparing for it. Can't wait to run SM without CR being king again. Now that you've shared a bit of information regarding the timing of the next SM release, do you have any information to share regarding what time we'll be seeing this DLC?
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