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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Mepps, May 31, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please use this thread to discuss rewards in Episode 28, Age of Justice!
  2. Sugr Bear Well-Known Player

    I was also wondering about the reduction in renown, it seems like another way to just stretch out the content which is kind of disappointing. A lot of my league mates are on extended breaks right now and finding a good elite group is difficult enough without having to run that many more times on several characters.
  3. MessiahXHD New Player

    JFAE spawning the extra boss is not worth it ,We did all that work just to get support bits and a complex material ,THIS IS NOT FAIR, we should at least get loot item and renown for that extra boss or something that's worth us spawning the extra boss, this should be fixed ASAP especially for your hard core players who enjoy the challenge ,otherwise its pointless to spawn the extra boss, Please fix the loot drop for the extra boss !!!!!
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  4. FuryMY New Player

    So agree, I only get 1 complex after beat the extra boss not even a stack of it. Why would we want extra junk stuff that we can get by doing normal run without spawning the extra boss...
  5. JackFrost Developer

    Hey ya'll. I dug into this a little bit more, and wanted to share some information on the optional boss' loot drops.

    The big thing is that your chances of getting a rarer drop off that extra/optional boss are increased if you are wearing the required style. So it would behoove everyone in the group who has the style available to make it visible it if you're going to fight that optional boss.

    That said, even if you don't have the style to equip, you still have an okay chance to get one of the rarer drops.

    But of course, it's totally optional in the end.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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  6. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Increased? We were told we were guaranteed a collection while wearing the style.
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  7. light FX 10000 Post Club

    Plus how many groups could be formed right now with all 8 people wearing that OP back style? Why should my loot depend on the style another player(s) is wearing?
  8. JackFrost Developer

    Just to clarify, your loot for this optional boss depends on what you're wearing, not what others are wearing. Their loot depends on what they're wearing.
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  9. JackFrost Developer

    I just dug deeper into this... sorry, I didn't set up the loot/rewards, so I've been trying to get to the bottom of this for you all.

    Yes, you are guaranteed a collection item reward if you're wearing the style while you defeat the optional elite-mode boss. There are two collections. Your odds of getting a collection reward that helps towards the title is increased if you're wearing the style required to summon the optional boss.

    Sorry for the confusion I may have caused, and I hope this clarifies things.
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  10. B0rys Level 30

    Nothing about marks and renown? Just a increased chance of getting a rarer drop?
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  11. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Which style do we need again? I never saw a name given to it besides "wear this back style".

    And does it work if we are transformed? Such as a nature bug wearing it but yet not while in bug form.
  12. light FX 10000 Post Club

    So since you're looking into the loot, and we appreciate ya doing that, could ya look into the OP collection drops maybe? Ive been running 6 and sometimes 7 toons through this content and sometimes im going 5 or 6 days w/out seeing 1 drop. Now do the math there and 7 toons daily is the equivalent to 1 toon for a week. And my munitions toon has gone from june 3rd, the day the chronon feat was fixed, until now and has not seen an OP collection drop at all.

    I bring this up cause during AF3 i averaged 2 per day running the same # of toons. Not seeing anywhere close to that now. Yet there is a 3rd OP item which obviously means 11 more collections to drop. There is no way someone should be running the content every day for 2.5 weeks and not see 1 of these drop. But if ya cant look into it then no worries.
  13. FuryMY New Player

    yes about the renown, can you check on that too jack. Its a extra boss we should at least get extra renown. You guys already make it renown lower than we get from AF3 .
  14. JackFrost Developer

    I believe it's called the "Temporal Paradox Capacitor of Omnipotence" back style. Cheers!

    Edit: you should still get credit for wearing that back style item if you're form-changed into a bug, for example.
  15. JackFrost Developer

    The 'OP item' collection drops you're looking for are tied to the the optional elite mode boss/add (which the backpack is needed to summon). Are you saying that you've been fighting that guy every day and not getting those drops? Or were you thinking they'd just be a rare drop off the (non-optional) elite mode boss himself? Thanks!
  16. light FX 10000 Post Club

    No i meant just any of the OP collections that have a chance to drop off any bosses in AoJ content.
  17. Sugr Bear Well-Known Player

    Which collection pieces are tied to those bosses? I haven't bothered with elite much due to the, in my opinion, ridiculous decrease in renown so that would have been good to know. So to clarify, those pieces ONLY drop from those bosses?
  18. Sugr Bear Well-Known Player

    Wait and isn't that the OP back? hopefully none of the ones for that are tied to
  19. hoaxone Committed Player

    I thought the optional boss had just a greater chance to drop collections,but you've added yet more rng instead.great
  20. Gauss New Player

    This is the first time I post here in ages, and what I write might have been said before but...

    I'm really getting tired of having to pay a ton of ancient coins/war bonds to finish a collection. Sure, I can live with the ones costing 10-20 marks. Perhaps even 50. But seriously, when you ask for 250(!) coins for a collection piece, that is just a punch in the face. And now, with the new episode, you ask for 400(!!) war bonds for a single piece. It's insult to injury and that, together with the fact that we only get 3 war bonds for the new alerts (what happened to 5?). Sure, we get marks of victory, but in all honesty, they are barely needed anymore. I hit my cap after a week (tops), while still having to pay up 100+ war bonds for a piece of the new gear.

    And don't even get me started on the time-capsules. Without paying, I can open 1 capsule every three days. And then you have a drop rate greater than that of sell-to-vendor-for-money scraps. I get it, you want people to spend Daybreak cash on stabilizers, but this is just ridiculous.

    Many people in my league, which is basically dead now, have left the past few months and I consider stopping playing as well, simply because it's not worth the time. I don't want to be either extremely lucky, or have enormous amounts of in-game cash, to finish collections. I've spent a good bit of over 1 000 euros on this game, including buying from the Marketplace and making styles/materials/auras something that you get either through dumb luck or spending a ton of money on stabilizers, is an insult to me and many other loyal players.

    I'm sorry for ranting, but one thing I used to love about this game was that everyone had the same chances to get more rare styles/items, without relying on luck or spending money. Now it's like any freemium game out there. The difference is that even premium membership is now freemium.
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