EOG is getting changed

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  1. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Why do you need a warning at all? They didn't force you to throw money at this artifact you willingly chose to do it and if they decide to rebalance it well you got your money's worth at the time and that's all that matters.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    Actually Super speed powers are over represented both because they're misunderstood but also because people on Youtube are sheep and copy each others builds for clicks and views and call them "Beast God Mode"

    Phase Dodge is a double edged sword given it's both a clipping ability + the strongest tank shield in the game when used correctly, hence why a large group of tank players are also super speed. Given however, phase dodge has a 16s cool down it can hardly be alleged that it's subject to abuse and given the way it has to be timed and used any allegation of abuse should come with a healthy level of skepticism.

    When it comes to Dervish (and equally so Vortex Trap) they're primarily being used as a clipping power in precision builds with respect to BA-MA and DW-BW weapon mastery combos (shuriken and bow flurry). You won't however see might based players using Dervish outside of regular content, certainly not with an level of concerning frequency given melee based DPS isn't realistically a play style in elite content, range is very much king.

    With that being said, we then simply take a gaze at the might player not utilizing dervish, vortex trap or for that matter phase dodge and compare the damage output, as we know, might based players who typically know what they are doing are not being destroyed in potential by precision based players in elite content and are certainly holding their own or in places actually now exceeding precision. The only real advantage a precision based player has is a slight advantage in maneuverability.

    The perception that super speed is over powered, because of these moves, is a dead relic remaining from a period in the game where precision was king, skewing the perception that there was something wrong with these powers and the Youtubers like the sheep they are continue to follow old knowledge, or they're actually outdated videos now, hence your Occams Razor perception.

    In reality, things have changed and any further calls to adjust these powers are just a slightly jaded attempt to further nerf precision based damage because that's the only type of damage dealers predominantly using these powers in actual practice, The types of people calling for an adjustment to these powers typically just want to see them nerfed because they wish to punish precision and amplify might by virtue of an adjustment they allege is necessary, it's smoke and mirrors and frequently player based bias.
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  3. MikeB Level 30

    Bro, im not reading that novel you just created. Bring something of substance to the conversation or stay hanging out in the WT changing styles but leave the heavy lifting to others. Thank you.
  4. UnboundHeavenlyDemon Well-Known Player

    I’m surprised this thread hasn’t been locked lol
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  5. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Easy … I’m ok with the rebalancing of the artifact. I also think people need to take ownership of their own gamble.

    But they were deleting threads talking about the adjustment to the artifact they knew people
    Were going to blow money on it and in game xp etc .. there is no reason they couldn’t have put these changes up showing what they planned on doing with it 2 weeks prior … they are partly to blame for the uproar … but other people are crying cause they took the gamble and got burned

    I personally don’t use eog so I wasn’t unaffected by this change
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  6. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Because somebody else would just make another thread and that's extra work for you-know-who. Better for everyone to just lay out their grievances in one thread and then lock it after everyone gives up raging against the machine.
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  7. MikeB Level 30

    Not true. At sweaty try hard level might still doesn't keep up with prec. Its not as bad as people think and each has their own specialty but if you are prec and getting beat by might. Switch to troll.
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  8. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    Right I kinda surprised myself but its already at 7 pages which shows this community is also divided on this and no side is gonna win cause both gave valid reason to defend their point of view. Mine is I just resubbed my ffxiv account. dc won't be getting my 2 to 3 hundred a month any more. Lesson learned my alts will only have the arts they have.
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  9. Emoney Dedicated Player

    What does consoles have to do with anything? The forums are easily accessible on a cell phone, and everyone has one lol.
  10. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    What server are you on? I'm on Sargatanas, Data Center is Aether.
  11. Emoney Dedicated Player

    This fix was needed. When I could run my ice dps in ice elemental form an entire raid, back to back never in my regular form, even just running through hallways after adds die, yeah that's an issue.

    Super charges are called that for a reason. They are not regular powers, they shouldn't be spamable like regular powers.

    Further, Healers shouldn't be pushed into loadouts with 2 or 3 supercharges with only two heal powers. And worse, kicked for not using EOG.

    This got way outta hand over a year ago. With more and more players running it, all content became a supercharge spam fest. Nevermind how much easier it made elite and elite plus.

    To those complaining about money spent, you accepted ToS. The devs can do anything they want. You got to use the artifact, you got your money worth. And, you still have the artifact, it's your choice if you don't use it going forward. But, thanks for supporting the game.
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  12. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    I just created my new character on the sareph server 2x exp till you reach lv 80 and a million gil when you reach lv 30
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  13. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    It would have been a polite courtesy with simple verbiage at game launch informing player this particular artifact is being evaluated for adjustment, please be advised. Simple.

    I am only an observer in this matter. I don't own this artifact. All companies should evaluate how a decision they make concerning a product will be received by their customers and mitigate any negative perceptions / consequences before initiating the product modification decision. There is a lesson to be learned from Coca-Cola with New Coke and Microsoft with XBOX One / Windows 8 / Windows Phone.
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  14. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Congrats! I'm level 90 / 619 [IMG]

    This is me. My current favorite job is Dancer but I also have Monk & Samurai.
  15. Dene Devoted Player

    Every chat in the game was filled with EOG gossip.. youtube.. forums..

    People knew

    Would love to see the stats on how many people used the most recent 2x Artifact week to level an EOG, bet it was very few.
  16. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    Key word : GOSSIP. There's also gossip nearly every day about no more art swapping and the game ending because its supposedly dead. I guess that's real too now, right?

    And I'm pretty it's the opposite of what you're saying. Those who didn't have eog, the amount of people that leveled the art is actually very, very high.
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  17. Emoney Dedicated Player

    So? Again, you all still have a 200 art. It's not like they took it away. It is still beneficial for a supercharge build. It's just not over powered cheese. No one has the right to keep that status. It's like my old thread when I brought all of this up in comparison to the stat clamp. It's for the good of the game. It's for balance. If you care about the integrity of the game, accept these changes, adapt and move on. No one deserves compensation. You still have an artifact with all of the levels you either paid for or grinded with invested time.
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  18. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    and whats funny is... if this artifact came out as its being changed now... people still would have liked this artifact.... using harder hitting super charges SHOULD be more beneficial not less beneficial
  19. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    It's beneficial for a supercharge build and nothing else apparently. It's useless for tanks. So technically it's not a 200 art because it's now useless.

    That is not even the main problem here though. The main problem is they specifically waited until after x2 arts to nerf it just to get more money out of people.
  20. MikeB Level 30

    That's what people aren't understanding. I hate eog and what it's done to the game. I'm glad it's being addressed but.....it's just shady af to do this 2 weeks after a double xp.
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