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  1. Proxystar #Perception

    Unfortunately you can't ramp up the incoming damage on tanks to the point where it only favors one particular power type because it creates massive amounts of content driven power imbalance and then subsequent discontent.

    There's already less favored tank powers because content presents different levels of difficulty simply based on the players power of choice with the bulk of the players almost always taking the powers offering the easiest route, especially when it comes to scenarios where kiting is an excessive practice, looking at you rage and ice (oops did I say that out loud)

    Realistically if you're looking to force 2 tanks in to an instance it shouldn't be done by just increasing incoming damage on the tank to the point where that damage breaks the tank, it should be done mechanically.

    And I guess when I say that I mean incoming damage from one boss, because it would be acceptable to me to have the incoming damage be overwhelming for example if it's coming from two bosses because at that point the answer is of course, 2 tanks and split the boss.

    That being said though, at absolutely no point in my mind, is it acceptable content design to require more than 2 of any role. So if the answer to overcoming a mechanic is to introduce 3, or worse yet 4 tanks to succeed then the damage output on the bosses is excessive and needs to be dialed back.

    You cannot expect a group to be required to take 50% tank powers in their group just to succeed, that isn't balanced.
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  2. zNot Loyal Player

    I agree forsure most play the meta tanking powers so i can see that increasing damage output of the bosses will only further make it harder for the non meta powers but there should definetly be more mechanically challenging aspects for tanks to deal with and i by no means support the idea of 3+ tanks but i strongly think 2 tanks (and possibly 2 healers) should always really be thumb of rule for the devs when desiging new elite raid content this by default will shift the importance of skilled support rolls by a huge amount,we really need something that is more engaging rather then what we almost always get spank and turtle or kite (depending on power set).

    I think the devs also wont need to fix everything thats meta if they were just to focus on desiging content differently that devalues the meta by focusing content difficulty on the support rolls this dumbed down content only makes the DPS meta more usefull.
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  3. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Honestly nothing, Covid was brutal on the industry I work in , and my finances aren't secure enough yet to justify spending anything on video games at this point. I renewed my PS plus last June, that's it.
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  4. Stamen Dedicated Player

    Except that they did it six days after double artifact weekend. Surely you arent so lost as to see that.
  5. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    In case anyone was wondering what the EOG nerf looks like regarding supercharge re-generation (note, this is only for yourself, other group members will only get 3% from 2500 SC, 6% from 5000 SC, and 18% from 10000 SC re-gen from you if you're popping the greens):

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  6. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    So it’s still faster then regenerating it yourself right ?
  7. L T Devoted Player

    That's actually the hilarious thing -- it totally depends. If the green circle comes from a 10000 cost super then it's way faster than generating it yourself.

    On the other hand if it comes from a 2500 cost super then you can definitely lose more supercharge gen getting into the circle than you get back.
  8. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    LOL yup - and you have no idea if the healer used a 10000 SC or a 2500 SC, so you might go across the room to get SC that you could've generated by doing a couple of weapon mastery combos.
  9. GermanM Committed Player

    Correct me if i'm wrong because I never use EOG personally but... i see why was nerfed, in the first example, with chest mod, if the player trigger a SC of 2.5k almost fill the 75% of the same, that, plus the 3 supercharge loadout, lead to a almost infinite spam ability of SC. And still people say that thing was not broken.
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  10. zNot Loyal Player

    When i said EoG is broken over a year ago some individuals on the forums have insulted me lol thats how much they have been trying to dilude the devs into trying to act like its balanced.
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Just wondering....do you consider using your LP/DBC for grant for Nth 'nothing'? I mean it is gained by subbing, which costs money, so I generally classify it as 'spending money', but I know some people don't.

    I'm not bagging on you, or debating your 7 in a year statement....but if your version of 'nothing' includes using grant money/loyalty as it's 'free'....that would go a long way to making 7 in a year more understandable. This is of course, assuming you are an active sub, not premium.

    Again...no issues with the statement either way, but 7 does seem like a lot unless you are on 24/7 with a Nth booster the whole time. Congrats on getting it done either way.
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Waiting for the new shouts of 'Need 10K greens healer for XYZ Elite!'
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  13. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    It's only broken in the extreme meta where you have maximum spam, every dps using it, and every dps stacking it on the top of the other. People see a youtube video and they're like "omg nerf!".

    The reality is that almost everyone asking for a nerf doesn't even have any experience in that environment. They couldn't replicate that level of coordination with Steve, Joe, and Dave if they tried. Nor do they understand all the risks associated with standing on top of eachother like that in half of the difficult content.

    It was seriously over nerfed in my opinion... but what do I know?
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  14. GermanM Committed Player

    The video of VIRALITY (intended or not) has just prove how broken that thing is, is just something that allow players to regenerate SC in a super fast way, the SC should not be allowed to use that fast because damage the balance and reduce the game to:
    Do you have EOG? No, sorry but we will not gonna let you play.
    Is their right to do it? Totally, but is toxic in the end.
  15. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Using voice chat to get close to one another and use SC at the same time is an amazingly high level of coordination now? What risk is there if you do it in regular content? And if there's next to none - what is to stop Steve, Joe and Dave, when they finally catch on to the idea, to cheese most of the game? Don't we have stat clamp specifically to avoid trivializing content?

    Sure, it seems over-nerfed, but we'll know for sure, when it hits the live server and everyone can test it for themselves. And even if EoG is useless now - at least players will have a reason to develop new meta and the game may be a bit more interesting for a while.
  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Not to start a fight....but in old content is the only place where the 'leets' want to be clamped.

    'Trivializing' current, elite or Elite+ content is perfectly fine, dontcha know? FOS2 though? 'No thank you sir'.
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  17. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    If a person is good at playing with a broker, then you can simply buy nth caxes on a broker and pump an artifact per month without much effort ... 1.5-2 billion in non-double xp will be approximately ....
  18. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Be that as it may - spamming EoG is perfectly possible for nearly anyone, anywhere. I imagine, that as long as it was a tactic that only the "l33ts" were familiar with and used primarily in most difficult content, no one at DI was particularly concerned about it, which is why nothing was done about the artifact. But meta tends to spread and since now most players, who haven't only just started playing, own EoG, or at least know what it does, it became a problem requiring an intervention, perhaps a heavy-handed one.
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  19. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    seems ok to me
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  20. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    From the point of view of a group supercharger regen by healers, this is quite acceptable, since this is the only artifact of this type ... but from a tank point of view that uses a 2500 shield for survival ... then, alas, such a speed is too slow to justify the use of EoG. ..