EOG is getting changed

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  1. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    And we can't have a supercharge rebalance until we get EOG out of the way. That's the other thing that bugs me. Everyone wants supercharges balanced but balancing them around EOG in it's current state would be a disaster.
  2. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    That definitely need a rebalance and … especially nature what happened to nature because of eog was a disgrace.
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  3. the solowing Unwavering Player

    So its broken? Youre admitting its broken..But want them to leave it broken?
  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Imagine ranking up an artifact from scratch and them announcing they're shutting the servers off permanently in two weeks. Now that would be stealing! EOG needed this adjustment. It's preventing us from getting a needed supercharge rebalance.

    I've been on break since February to play Hogwarts Legacy. Played the Valentine and St Patrick's event for a few days to get this year's feats out of the way. I'll be back for the new episode and then taking another little break this summer when Diablo IV comes out.
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Yeah like thanks for making Nature not fun... again.
  6. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Atleast he has the cuts to say it, finally … he doesn’t care if the game is balanced just so long as he can be op with his artifact.

    Other artifacts need to be rebalanced to folks even some of the ones I’m using… I’m prepared for them to be readjusted I know it’s coming it’s just a matter of when. They just weren’t as broken as eog
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  7. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Yeah I never liked nature.. visually it’s one of my least favorite powers but doing what they did to it to those who love it is ridiculous all thanks to eog
  8. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    It’s not broken! It’s used by many in a certain way to play. If you don’t use it that way! Then it doesn’t concern how you play the game.

    And if it is broken! It was left that way for 5+ years. Why are devs leaving broken arts in the game?
  9. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    I use it for healing! And like I’ve said, I mostly only use it with groups I know. Very sparsely with pug groups (unless a man alert) the “OP” you speak of. Those days are LOOOOONG behind me. I don’t go chasing that crap anymore. I love playing with EOG due to its fun factor. Rather than shield, hot, insta, stand there and wait for a life bar to drop. I also love that it gives people the confidence in knowing they can spam SC’s. Again! If you aren’t in that group… WHY TF DOES IT MATTER?
    But all I ever hear is. Omg! I love EOG heals. Or… I had one earlier, “nlreakly nice spamming man” the only thing accomplished? The raid was done 5 mins faster than it would’ve been.
    Go look at RoeN. I think the fastest we did that was just under 6 mins as an almost all night pug group. With EOG! Possibly 1 min faster. And ppl are complaining that it’s destroying the game? behave yourselves! Lol!
    You sound like bitter, ppl who just long for the old days, when a raid took 7 hours and it was 2-2-2-2. Those were the days! :(
  10. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    A certain way to play that trivializes content. And people that don't play that way have a hard time getting invited into elite runs. And since EOG is getting readjusted and Solar Amplifier got readjusted and VWD got readjusted you can't say they're leaving broken artifacts in the game. Are you going to act like this when they eventually nerf tac swapping artifacts?
  11. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    Trivialises content? Are you genuinely for real!? You’ve seen how fast content is now, right? Without any EOG at all. You’ve seen the new raid? A box in space. Dong talk nonsense about trivialising content. That’s been done for years now through the content put out.

    Come play on the EU side. See how hard it is to get invited to anything elite. And here’s the thing! Most E and E+ are still hacked through. Even without EOG. And even with it being so easy and short, it’s still hacked. Get them easy feats, max gear in a day, off ya go for another few months. Leaving the average player to struggle to find any players who’ll even remotely entertain them to join an elite. Let alone E+

    P.S. I wouldn’t tac swap if I was being paid to stream doing it. I find it infuriating to watch someone stand there mid swap and get KO’d. Whoever thought that up, should be banned for life! I also don’t need too. On my quantum might toon, I can put dps most prec players I play with, or… easily keep up. Unless the troll is mainly buffing prec. I don’t need exploits or tac swapping crap to play a game.

    EOG isn’t an exploit. It was left how it was for years. Just not as intended. But so much can be said similarly for most “broken things in the game” duel flurry, gadgets just in general, whirling dirvish into WM, Jesus… the very speed boost used by speedsters to get way in front of anyone not a speedster. I could go on and on. PvP! Fs don’t get me started on that mess. Hacking!!! The biggest insult to the game. That not only cheapens and diminishes ALL player achievements, but destroys it entirely. I still have ones playing I reported years ago. STILL hacking more freely than ever.

    We know why this is being nerfed. Because it’s time to push a new meta. Nothing more! Has nothing to do with diluted content. And you know it doesn’t!
  12. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Sorry but you’re being very delusional here…

    It’s been left as is because of people like you who cry whenever something changes. Look how many things have been nerfed because of EoG.. healer shields were nerfed to be 10000 SCs. Nature forms were changed to 5000 SCs. The cooldown of 2500 were increased. And now people are begging for electric and gadgets nerfs when the reality is that they are good because they can utilize EoG better than any other power. EoG is literally the center of all these nerfs. They have continued to try to fix the symptoms when the cause has remained unchanged. All because people like you don’t want to accept responsibility for leveling arts who you knew were the top artifacts.

    This has nothing to do with changing meta arts and everything to do with the actual cause having to get adjusted. And there was no blindside on this. They have made it clear that EoG was on their radar. They have also nerfed VWD which wasn’t as strong as this. Does that not indicate that maybe this could eventually get nerfed too?
  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I have the arti on several toons. For the most part I didn't pay my way to getting it outside of seals (pre daily grants) but I did pay in time...so yeah, I 'bought' them in one way or the other. I use it for DPS and heal on several toons as well as just DPS on a few others. On many of those toons as DPS I use it with 5000s or 10k SCs...so I'll be somewhat neutral or a touch better for the SC return on mine, and on heals I use it with either Bloom or whatever powerset SC works best...but I only use that one SC.

    I'm not sure if I'll keep it or not...I'll have to see how it pans out, but what I won't have a problem with is a toon decimated by the change because the only thing I've got going for me is a constant flow/burn of an SC because I built my whole thing around EOG spamming. But it's not just the people who either don't have it or don't use it that aren't upset. I'm honestly MORE upset that I didn't bring a few more EOGs to level 141 last 2x week IF they end up doing the same thing they did with VWD and give a free 200 bump as a gift. I'll always take 1m in free XP as well as the equivalent of 3 SOCs and a bunch of cats. If the arti sucks after the change, that's a 200 I can dump into whatever the next arti is I'd want.

    Now, are your toons better dps or heals or whatever than mine? Maybe...not sure we've ever run before...but if they are...and if it's because of this setup you've chosen, congrats...you had a good run....bought to you by EOG spamming. Sorry, it's seemingly over now. On to the next meta I suppose.
  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It is amazing that while NONE of them are on the forums 24/7...we've seen this a few times in this thread...their anger was triggered almost immediately upon the announcement of the nerf somehow.

    Smoke signals I guess. They should have sent the notice in smoke signals.
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  15. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    No, there was a mistake made which is why he apologized for it, and no I did NOT get what I paid for. Good try though.
  16. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Actually you did. You paid for an art that under the TOS is subject to change. And you agreed to it. You got the EoG as it was at the time of purchase and under the tos that you signed you paid for something that they have full rights to change.

    You however did not pay for an art that would be free from the tos. Where did you pay for the right to have swim thing never change? If that is so then yes you didn’t get what you paid for. But you didn’t.
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  17. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    I change movement on my tanks toons to have perfect poise SC like i said in previous post in this thread whitch have nothing to do with chaseing score card . Hows yours proving delusions looks now .You dont have any arguments and nerfing EOG not gona "balance the game" you only prove your delusions !
  18. Proxystar #Perception

    Disclaimer - I'm not against balancing the EOG

    But,I just felt like putting it out there, that, the sheer fact that a large number of people are probably looking at feeding the artifact post nerf signals to me that the nerf is probably over the top.

    No attempt to balance an artifact should ever amount to pushing it into a category where the response is " it being fed", It'll be truly tragic if only later on down the track the EOG is then buffed up again like the Venom Wrist Dispenser.

    I'm not going to admit I know exactly where to set the numbers, it's not an artifact I typically use a lot, despite having one at rank 200, but it does at least seem to me like the numbers currently being put forward are perhaps just a little too brutal, it'll be very interesting to see how many people continue with its use, something for the devs to keep an eye on I guess cause it'll indicate whether the adjustments were overkill if the community hard dumps it.

    I get the feeling this is probably what they're going with come Wednesday though, so is what it is at this point. I get some people are upset and I totally get why as well, but it's probably time to just accept the inevitable. :)
  19. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You still based your entire toon around an artifact that was over performing. That is 100% on you. Instead of blaming others maybe make better decisions in the future.

    And nerfing EoG has everything to do with balance. Whine and cry all you want. But it won’t change the very simple fact that so many things in the game have been getting nerfed because of EoG. Yet it’s not about balance?
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  20. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    People are going to feed the artifact for the simple reason that they over react. EoG is still the only artifact in the game that feeds SC into a group. No other artifact or ally does this. EoG has proven that healers can heal with 3-4 abilities. EoG healers were running with 2-3 SCs just to trigger EoG. Some even used soul cloak which further proved that a healer can heal with just 1 healing art and 3 abilities. Removing the EoG won’t magically change this. If anything things may become easier since things won’t be getting scaled with EoG in mind.

    So what then? Healers will return to a pure heal build? Such things aren’t even needed most of the time. Groups will still do better with EoG because a pure healer build is typically overkill. They won’t give as much sc as before but it is still SC that the dps wouldn’t have otherwise. So EoG healers will still be beneficial. Unless they introduce a healer buff art EoG would still be the best slotted artifact.