EOG is getting changed

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  1. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Who fault is that? They got their money's worth during the x2. Games subject to change regardless of what you paid for.

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  2. The Multiverse New Player

    You don't have to paste the terms I understand they can change their mechanics without my permission...

    That fact doesn't change my displeasure at this obvious money grab. Our does it say somewhere in the terms that I can't voice my opinion on it also?

    They did this to make us spend more money on a new Meta.

    They could introduce new artifacts that are just as good or better, they could introduce new products for us to invest in. But they didnt.

    Instead they chose the path of making previous ones useless.

    As far as the terms go, having the ability to do something doesn't make it right or ethical.

    My outrage isn't that they addressed the stacking ability, that was definitely overpowered, but they then went the extra step of nerfing the whole artifact to make it unplayable. That is bs, terms or not.
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  3. the solowing Unwavering Player

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  4. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    Fairly certain LFG filled with people asking for EoG healers and those without getting excluded and kicked led to this more than anything else. I knew this was coming months ago.

    I have no dog in this fight. Nothing is changing for me. I leveled up 2 EoG's for my healers the long way using planning and patience with minimal cash used. I'm sure there are players out there who enjoy ruining the experience for others but i find it isn't in the area of demanding nerfs. I've had little issue finishing any content i go into with my healers and this includes my lower tiered toons who do not have max EoG and still get through elite content. Never made much sense to me to have healers be responsible for buffing the group anyway.
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  5. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    They do need a debate! An open debate involving all artifacts and allies etc that cost RLM! Debate helps establish what the customer wants, and not the bemoaning of a few forum users. Who are an incredibly small % of this game. Debate allows all sides to be heard! Then you take a note of how the population really feel, and act accordingly. We all know it’s in the ToS. Though has that ever stopped ppl complaining when powers were nerfed? Course not! Debate is the very essence of a healthy relationship. You’re absolutely right! Nothing lasts forever. And with tactics like this… wallets can dry up VERY fast. See how long ppl come to the defence when the population gets even smaller (than it already is) with much less revenue coming in.

    As a healer! I have two builds. An EOG, and normal. I use normal on groups if I pug, as I dunno their behaviour. Or if the group seem low. I’ve never once seen myself as an SC battery. In actuality… I see that more as my main, which is a troll! And I refused to buff troll, as I simply don’t like doing it! It’s worse than plain battery trolling. There’s a sense of “how dare you not make us stronger which I find offensive tbh!

    EOG is something I chose, not out of necessity. But out of want! I enjoy playing with it. As I would guess almost all do. It made healing so much more fun and inclusive for me personally. None of this opens up no new avenues for dps other than to find a new meta to be milked, then copy & pasted through the game.

    My main is a quantum might. I out dps most prec players with it, or stay very much on par. I most certainly don’t use EOG on it, and never would! My LO is as perfect as I can currently get it to ruin it with EOG.

    Ppl seem focused on the dps side of EOG, But never complain about getting constant SC. Here’s my idea! You go into an instance. See an EOG popped! You think… god, it’s gonna be one of these again! Now here’s the decision making part. You stay and get your marks and feats etc. or… you leave and look for another group. You allow the players using it to just play the game. That’s all they’re doing. They’re not hacking or exploiting anything. They’re playing with artifacts that were left that way for FIVE YEARS! you think it was left that way by accident?

    Do you use? Have a Maxed out EOG?
  6. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    What a bout if somone got 16 toons and EOG lvl 200 on every toon + other artifacts like Scrap of Soul Cloak and other whitch gona be useles without EOG ? You think they gona cover all or its gona be some BS like "you can place EOG to any other Artifact and you wont loose XP + here you have 2 seals enyoi" ?

    What about with people who change movement mode just to have specific SC in Loadsout they gona give free movement change tokens ?(5 in my case)
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    What's funny was that I have a healer with 200 EOG(a few of them really), I responded once to a shout for 'EOG healer' for ROEE or NUE or something recent. I ended up being asked 'I thought you said you were an EOG healer'....because I only ran 1 SCs on my loadout so greens were not up constantly. Ended up having to f with my loadout ot squeeze in a 2nd and 3rd one, and subsequently was doing less heals and ended up getting some shout of 'HEALZ?'. That was the last time I responded to any shouts of 'need EOG healer for.....' I still use the arti, and have it on several toons...and will have to see how the change works out in the end before deciding on it's future...but those most impacted are the ones who built their entire character around having that green circle up....and that's what caused them to look at the nerf.

    We have no one to blame but ourselves for this change and we all know it.
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  8. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    How exactly is it unplayable ? It’s still playable and paired with scrap of the soul cloak the super charge head mod and the super charge chest mod .. you’ll still get super charge back quickly.

    You’re losing 4% damage (still a damage increase bTw) when using a 5k super and you’re gaining a 10% increase if you use a 10k super

    No change using a 5000 super on health generation it will be 3% as before … now 10k super gets you 5% health gen which is 2% more health back which is more than ever offered

    Someone using eog is still going to get a damage buff in damage role it’s still going to get you faster super charge generation, and in support no changes in health gen

    How is it nerfed into useless …

    The stacking had to go….

    So you won’t have super charge as often as you had before … it’s still gonna be more often than someone who is t using it.
  9. Trexlight Devoted Player

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  10. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    Wow, love the post. I like the part where you put more sc’s into your loadout to satisfy the lack of green only to be criticized of the lack of heals by fulfilling the first request. LoL, seems like a vicious circle.
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  11. Pr0tojay Committed Player

    Right, if it was entirely my fault why did he own up to his mistake and say it's on him, and then basically say he will be compensating the community for it with a thank you package? Whatever you say though.
  12. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    Go watch! If you’re not running it - it’s clearly not a big deal for you. As can clearly be seen in your response. Again! This isn’t a POWER that’s being nerfed. Ppl went to work! They earned money, they paid this company money to buy artifacts and allies etc to compliment entire builds and toons around this. This is peoples money they paid in good faith. Most of you who complain about it, seem like you don’t run it at all. Probably never have. But for those who do, and enjoy playing with ut! HTAF does this impact anyone outside of that group of players currently in that instance? How does it make sense to dilute something to a non worthy state really, if it’s only being used by those in the raid etc? If you’re so worried about dmg being stolen, move out of the ring. If you don’t want SC, again. Stay as far away from the healer as possible. What’s really p***ing me off the most! Is that the complaints are coming from players who haven’t spent money on it. Because you know if you spend money on it - you’re gonna be p****ed! ESPECIALLY if you were fooled into doing so the past week. Totally oblivious of what’s happening. And again that circles round to announcements in game. Not the forums or twitter. In game is where all can see it!

    EOG will be undergoing some changes to “rebalance” it’s powers. If you wish to purchase this artifact - please be aware of this, as after the changes, the artifact may not be as how it states now.

    A message like that or something similar couldn’t be written in MOTD and sent every few hours during the x2 week? Or is that a MASSIVELY unreasonable and unrealistic stretch? Because it seems perfectly legit to me.

    I’m tired of forum part time players (admittedly by many) or… who don’t even play anymore at all. Dictating what is fair and what isn’t! How many EOG users were consulted on this before a decision was made? Were any at all?
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  13. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    It kind of reminds me of the grenade launcher in the Halo series. It was called the "noob tube" by players who didn't use it, because if it was on the map, noobs usually rushed over and grabbed it, then got themselves killed trying to use it. Players who used it called it the "pro-pipe," because you had to be good to use it. The comparison doesn't hold, of course, because the truth was somewhere in the middle. You had to be skilled to use it effectively (that is, killing your enemies more often than yourself), but it was popular with less experienced players because you could potentially do a lot of damage with it. Ultimately though, aside from a handful of really skilled players , it seemed as if it was used more often by less-skilled players, because really good players could get a similar amount of damage with weapons that didn't rely on pool table physics.
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  14. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I’ve never complained about people using eog… so that “you” must be directed at someone else.

    I’ve never used it you’re right … but I can read… based on what I see you’re gonna get a 1% nerf on the super charge generation activating a 5k super.. doing a 10k super will get you 3% generation … when before it was 2% flat no matter what type of Sc you used …

    So there is a gain and a losss by a single percentage

    Damage there is a 16% boost in damage when using a 5000 sc and a 30% increase on a 10k when before it was 20% across the board .. so we are looking at a 4% loss in damage hitting a 5k sc and a 10% gain hitting a 10k sc

    Virtually no change in hitting a 5k sc for health gen… and using a 10ksc gives a 5% health gen… before it gave a 2% no matter what … so no change in 5k Sc and a 2% increase in 10k sc

    So a 4% loss in damage if you are playing as you are playing now with it and a 1% loss in sc generation

    I don’t see anyone arguing that stacking should have been intended (no one is brave enough to admit that’s what they are mad about)

    So you can send me a video but I still want you to tell me why you think it’s nerfed into uselessness

    Also sorry you put money into it … you didn’t have to nor does the game force you to … the cost of upgrading these artifacts with real money is ridiculous… why anyone would blow that much real money on them boggles my

    I agree artifacts take way too long to upgrade in game but they can be fully upgraded at no cost to your pocket

    The only one that made you spend your hard earned money on them was yourself and yourself alone.

    Next time use better judgment on how you spend your money.
  15. The Multiverse New Player

    Before you go chastising others for spending money on a game they enjoy remember it's them who keeps this "free to play" game going for all of us to enjoy.

    The supercharge regen for 5k sc is halved. Thats a huge nerf, this doesn't decrease the meta it eliminates it.

    Yes it still gives a increase but not to the point that it's viable as a artifact. Especially when you consider it needed scap of the soul cloak paired with it even before the nerf to make it viable.

    That's two artifact slots you need to fit in one ability that has had its effectiveness halved or even more than halved.

    This artifact didn't need anything more than the stacking taken away.

    That would have addressed the "concerns" of the devs while still making it playable.

    This nerf turned it into a low tier art that isn't even worth the inventory slot it takes up.
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  16. the solowing Unwavering Player

    To be honest, there wasnt a mistake made.

    You got EXACTLY what you paid for. You didnt pay for the 200 Artifact itself. You paid for the EXPRIENCE
  17. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    You’re right it’s halved if you use a 5000 Sc you’re still getting sc generated more than not having it tho

    I don’t think staying in ice elemental 100% of the time was ever intended by the devs … which was the case using this set up which is just one of many issues brought up with the the amount of Sc generation issues.

    I can see why they felt the need to lower the amount of sc generation given

    Saying this is useless now and unusable is just an over exaggeration cause you’re upset with the changes.

    And maybe you feel chastised by my comments about spending that kind of ridiculous amount of money on a digital item that we know can be altered at any given time .. even to the point where it doesn’t even have the same function as it originally did, but it won’t stop me from sayin it. In my opinion it’s idiotic to spend money on the artifacts knowing the risk. Not like this hasn’t happened before with them.
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  18. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Either you mean the whales or all of us..
  19. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Then you have 200 EoG on every toon. Congratulations, you still got exactly what you paid for.
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  20. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    We were getting a thank you package regardless. It's the same package from when they rebalanced Venom Wrist Dispenser.