EOG is getting changed

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  1. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Can you justify why it took so long to fix a clearly broken artifact? Can you justify why supercharges were rebalanced to accommodate a broken artifact? I don't live inside the game like the rest of you so make it make sense.
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  2. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    How its broken ? It was design like that and work as intended now some how its broken.
  3. GermanM Committed Player

    Really? do you think that artifcaft is not broken? If you cannot see how broken EOG was is pointless argue
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  4. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    At the time of EoG development, there were no healing artifacts that allowed healing with two skills, there were not so many artifacts that additionally regenerate supercharge or interact with supercharge in another way, there were no allies, there was no pet tier system ... a lot of things did not exist at the time of development, that bit by bit and sometimes massively added synergy to the EoG ... even the developers who develop the artifact then and now are different ... and the further that synergy will increase if nothing is changed and more and more break everything ...
  5. Korlick Loyal Player

    Doubt that. Reading how most EOG user reacted to this theres nothing in the world that would make them be ok with the change.
    And now that the compensation reward was confirmed, theres even dudes asking for compensation on other artifacts and movement tokens lol...
    ...like hey i switched from PS to a brand new PC account. I want compensation. NOW!

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  6. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    Just watch obsidian video on strategists card damage he did one rotation as electric and one as nature electric chain lightning did the most damage but the strategists card was a close second and in nature the strategists card did more damage then any power in the rotation. But like you I don't actually use either for my main I use pet arts since I am earth. But say last night I was on my munitions character only arts solar amplifier strategists and transformation. I beat everyone by double damage but they guy in first who was also munitions but his arts was the same as mine but at 200. I had 28 million in boss damage he had 41 million in boss damage. A 200 strategists card hit 30% harder at 200. But again most of the community use those 2 arts. Again I learned my lesson and am now back on final fantasy 14 this game won't be getting any extra from me but a sub. I used to spend 2 to 3 hundred on this game but I will put my support in a game another
  7. Plowed In Loyal Player

    It’s a good thing we don’t actually fight sparring targets! :p
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  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Back on our planet, the forums are filled with complaints literally every. Single. Day.

    But there's a difference between complaining politely and complaining abusively.
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  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Just lol

    Building all your toons around a singular artifact is just on you.
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  10. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    This is what I find funny. Whenever I see a thread asking “what’s the best power”, “what are the best arts?”, “what’s the best (anything)?”. I always say to play what you like instead of following metas because metas change. And this is exactly what I warn people about. The devs have even said that EoG was on their radar. So when something they have eluded to happens everyone wants to act surprised as if it came out of left field lol

    While I believe the art was over nerfed (more because of my personal belief in how buffs/nerfs should happen), it was over performing. So I understand why they did it. Maybe people will start taking accountability for their actions and learn to stop following meta… doubtful lol
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  11. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I understand Mepps, the way it got this past cycle was over the top. Every bonus that wasn't double nth was crapped on, and threads popped up about wheres the nth metal bonus. For a couple months straight. And many of them were straight up nasty towards the devs and players were claiming they'd leave or stop paying.

    Just like this thread.

    Funny thing is, for every EOG user so upset they're trying to spearhead a boycott on money spent on the game, there are players like me who loved the change, and wanna invest money now. I wasn't spending any because I hated the state of play with these metas. If the devs would fix superspeed (or buff the other movements equally) and get rid of artifact swapping, I think those changes will go a long way in helping the balance and integrity of the game. But for now, this is a good start and I encourage the devs to pull the bandaid off, get it done, let's get back to more originality in playstyles.
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  12. zNot Loyal Player

    I actually bought 3 month membership as soon as i heard rumours about EoG getting fixxed and i will keep the membership up alsong as the devs continue to care about balance of the game.
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  13. Joybird Committed Player

    Thank you very much for the context, Mepps. I have always believed that the devs were acting in good faith, and this confirms it for me.

    I think we all need to have a serious talk about the 2x art exp weeks. The way that they are currently being implemented is a serious problem because of the confluence of 3 factors:

    1. Because artifacts take months of regular play to level up, the correct strategy for leveling artifacts is to wait for 2x art exp weeks, even if that wait is 6 to 8 months.

    2. 2x art xp weeks are the only way to transmute artifacts into one another without any exp loss.

    3. 2x art xp weeks happen erratically and unpredictably. They are also called a "bonus", meaning that, if people insist on one, it seems ungrateful, but if people don't wait on one, they feel stupid when one happens and they've just spent their artifact exp. This ends up creating a toxic relationship between the devs and the players.

    We really need one of two things in order to rectify this:

    1. 2x art exp weeks that are predictable, such as every 4 or 6 months, like clockwork. Then players can either choose to be patient, or at least not feel stupid when they spend exp right before a week hits.


    2. Just ditch them (and let us know you've ditched them), and provide other ways of transmuting artifacts into each other for when changes happen (like when Quislet surpassed Grim for might). In this case, it might be helpful to provide some overall increase in artifact experience drop rates. Right now, it's really slow (about 7k per hour when using a nth metal detector - 10k might be more appropriate).

    I value this community and I want to see this community flourish. I don't think this conflict is the fault of "greedy" developers or "entitled" players. This conflict is coming out of a specific flaw in the structure of artifacts and bonus weeks. Fixing the flaw would help the community flourish.

    This might make sense to create another thread about, but I'm responding to something said in this one, so this seemed more appropriate.
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  14. Warped Discord Moderator

    The artifact was certainly doing what it was designed to do - there’s no denying that. But you can’t say with a straight face that the artifact wasn’t over performing. You also can’t correlate the number of people utilizing something as to whether it’s over performing or not. 10 people or 100 people using it - it’s going to perform in the same way. When you start making changes to the game that revolves around one artifact, something has to give in terms of the longevity of the game.

    It started with the changes to the healing supercharges because of the fact that you could spam the 5k SC healing shields with EOG so they made those 10k instead. It’s also created an entire meta of dpsing which is a bit of a toxic playstyle. I would much rather focus on actual mechanics and positioning when I’m dpsing in content as opposed to watching to see who pops their EOG so I can pop mine on top of theirs to get their damage from it.

    It’s not even about numbers or “not being able to keep up.” The artifact is completely broken in how it works with being able to stack damage and spam supercharges and how they’ve catered and adjusted content to it. You have raids like ROEE that can be done in ~6 min with a good group utilizing EOG in its current state. I don’t agree with all of the changes that are coming to EOG (mainly for the tanking side of it), but this change was definitely needed and was without a doubt over performing.
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  15. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    Absolutely I can see the other side of the argument on this. But I’m sorry! This wasn’t some exploit. This (most likely unexpected way of usage) was seen early on, and instead of correcting it then and there. They changed the powers to revolve around the art. People discovered an adaptation (as is done with all nerfings; if you will) and this then went on for years. Players didn’t exploit something here. They bought into a meta (that is quite some years old now) it’s actually no longer a meta; that’s a way of play! And they bought into this, because the artifact was allowed to be like this. I’ve no idea what has changed over the past year, that’s suddenly increased the need for change on behalf of the art (I’ve only been back around 9 weeks) this art… (arts plural should I say. Soul cloak too) was designed to steal damage off other players and to give power back, Dom, resto etc.

    ‘Gemini's Vision
    While in combat, using a Supercharge will attract Castor's Watch or Pollux's Gaze, depending on your role, with a duration of (4/4/6/6) seconds, and a cooldown of 6 seconds.
    Castor's Watch
    [Tank or Healer Role]
    * Restores 3% Health and (0/2/2/2)% Supercharge every second.
    * When Castor's Watch expires, all allies within it will be healed for the amount of Health restored by Castor's Watch.
    * Standing in any Castor's Watch grants you (0/0/0/5)% Dominance, Health, and Restoration.
    Pollux's Gaze
    [Damage or Controller Role]
    * When Pollux's Gaze expires, you deal 20% of all damage dealt by players standing within Pollux's Gaze to all nearby enemies.
    * Restores (0/2/2/2)% Power every second.
    * Standing in any Pollux's Gaze grants you (0/0/0/5)% Might, Precision, and Vitalization.’

    it isn’t an ‘unforeseen consequence 5 years on! I’m sorry! But when is enough enough? We are asked to spend money on becoming more powerful.
    We buy arts, augs, ALLIES (if my combination of allies start burning other players score for 40-50mill at the end) should that then be looked at, and changed because I paid to boost my character? (If so! Then give me my money back, and I’ll start fresh with a new “acceptable style of play”)
    This is what has so many really up in arms about this. This isn’t a power that can be fiddled around with, and still find some form of decent rotational dmg.
    This is about RLM! I’m sorry to sound like an entitled AH! But I paid to enjoy the benefits of my toons being made stronger (I also grind out feats at any chance - for hours farming etc! not just solely relying on p2w) when it gets to the stage that… “Ok! You’ve had that long enough now! Time for something new” for who’s benefit? The community? Are numbers dropping because players are excluded due to not having EOG? What about If you’re not a speedster (you’re too slow to keep up) Not prec - to weak to play with us! Don’t have at least rank 8 allies? You’re trash! Get out! Don’t art swap? Don’t even bother. Don’t buff troll? You fossil - we don’t even need a troll anyway! Get out!
    Oh Wait! You do have max gear, arts, allies, augs. But yeah… they’re all the wrong ones. Get out!

    did players create this mentality? Absolutely 1000% not! We all know this is how the game is. It literally thrives off competitiveness and making others feel like trash for not having the same stuff. But then when people do get the same stuff. No! You’re all not playing the game how it was supposed to be played. We put mechanics in to make it more rewarding to beat. (And I loved that feeling) but they removed that. And replaced it with a ‘here! Buy this and you can just bypass all that mechanism stuff’ mentality. Many bought into it. Those who didn’t - they see the advantages those other players have, and get upset. Then the calls for change start happening. But this is what it all boils down too. A feeling of “that’s not fair!” That’s what this is ALL about. It’s not fair that they have an art/ally etc that enables them to beat stuff I can’t even touch (and I’m a good player in my own head) this is unfair! I want it back to how it was.
    As MANY have said: Keep up, or get left behind. Ppl kept up, and now they’re punished because others didn’t. EOG didn’t kill this game! Complaints from players wanting to not spend to remain relevant did that.
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  16. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    There are a mountain of people who would disagree with that long term path. But… the choice has already been made. And with that being said; you’ve mentioned that you’re confident that the thank you package will be pretty well received.
    Will that package be for EOG only? Or will it take into account soul cloak art too? Because as a healer who uses EOG (also have a normal non SC build) to spam… (only made possible by soul cloak) the two artifacts are entirely connected. And I’d have never even dreamt of buying and maxing scrap for a heal unless it was a (community induced prerequisite) for EOG usage.

    I obviously get you’re not gonna give out details on the forums. But… will soul cloak be taken into account when offering the thank you package? And if it hasn’t been… will it be considered after reading feedback? Because these two artifacts are most definitely intertwined.

    P.S. those b*****ing about x2 xp weeks are without doubt mostly those unwilling to spend much RLM! Players who max arts there and then don’t need to cry out for x2 anything (as they already have the stuff) They aren’t on these forums asking for much. Those of you “playing smart” are causing the community manager, and probably team, a fair bit of stress. Youse should probably stop asking, maybe start contributing a little more. Just an opinion!
  17. ¬Eternal Active Player

    Why can't the nth metal system be scrapped completely and replaced with skill points?
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  18. The Multiverse New Player

    For Eye of Gemini I'd be ok with nerfing it's ability to stack l.

    But this nerfs it to uselessness.

    Not only did I spend hard earned money on that artifact but also every other artifact and ally that I use in synergy with it.

    To change now I would have to invest in leveling not one, but three artifacts to a new meta. This is BS.
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  19. GermanM Committed Player

    Because that would not leave money.
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  20. GermanM Committed Player

    That´s the risk you take when you invest your money in a online game.
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