EOG is getting changed

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  1. GermanM Committed Player

    My problem with the EOG in the healer side is that it became something mandatory, and sometimes given conditions of the team it is not possible use it, mostly because not all the players are skilled at dodging areas or doing mechanics as they think, so in many times one can find teams that not only require the EOG, but are also dps´s and tanks that are not as skilled as they think, which in the long run puts an excessive burden on the healer who ends up taking insults for things that are beyond their control and leading to only wipes.

    You may have some points, but the scenario you are have given us is only viable in a close group of friends who knows what they are doing, but if you try to use LFG... well you will find a lot of surprises. That´s why i believe healers should stay in a full configuration and dont take funtion´s of other roles, because not always is going to work well and toxicity will come.

    Besides a healer trying to buff for me is like a tank who wanna do damage like a DPS, is just not what your role was ment for.
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  2. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    The best ones are DPS who demand constant EoG greens, then proceed to take off half their health every second with Larnea's Amulet, while standing right behind the tank.
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  3. GermanM Committed Player

  4. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    I'd like to add a little context.

    Quite to the contrary, we didn't have EOG changes ready to share and the every-single-week tantrums, sit-ins, and protests on here from folks demanding an artifact xp week and hating on every other bonus week that came instead led, at least for me, to just letting it go through and happen. If that was a miss, that's on me.

    I will also add that we have been transparent for months that EOG was getting looked at, and I am confident that the coming thank you package (like we did with venom wrist dispenser) will be pretty well received for the circumstances.

    Adjustments like this are always bad for everyone, which is why we do them so infrequently and after only quite a lot of thought. We do hear and understand how frustrating it is to see your artifact or power or item of choice get changed like this, we have weighed that against the harm that not making a change causes, and have chosen to move forward with that in mind and with what we think is the best path long term.
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  5. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    You know whats weird ? How its always same people trying to justify devs action on this forum .
    And when devs talking about new TC styles you not talking about "its just a pixels on a screen" then its awsome !
    Its kinda sad argumentation 3 years old .
    Whats the point of this forum if everything is always perfect and there is no space to complain after all players dont own the game and dont have any control shut it down ! Devs gona what ever they want and dont care about our opinion its other way to say it .
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  6. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

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  7. HooLeeCow Well-Known Player

    You need to notice that messing with this artifact is game changer and its not only about this one artifact many people lvl up other artifacts whitch benefits SC only becouse it works with EOG ! without it there is no use for those artifacts you thought about that too ?
    Also like i said before i change on every tank toon movement to acrobatic becouse of perfect poise SC you gona give me 5 movement tokens so i could swap back to Super speed ? Also you changed many SC coldowns becouse of EOG you gona change it back ? As you can see there is a lot ! not like venom wirst dispenser !
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  8. zNot Loyal Player

    Thank you for caring and noticing that it effects the longevity of the game. Im not expecting a compensation as a max eog rank player because to me balance is far more important and the best gift but some other players are selfish thinking and im glad you guys did what was needed for the longterm health of dcuo.

    And a question: is art swap also going to get looked into?
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  9. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    I'm very happy with these changes and happy to hear eog is getting nerfed. it has changed pve in ways that are not enjoyable at all. Everyone running eog in a full group were the ones saying content was too easy in this game. I wonder what's next will we get more artifact slots to account for what eog has done to the game. those players asking for harder content and you giving them harder. I'm sure you have also notice how affective art swaping is which is why you nerfed eog. Looking forward to seeing supercharge rework and inventory lock and some new artifact slots in the future. To account for this massive game changing playstyle
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  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Always appreciative of a gift, especially where it's not really needed (I had my EOGS already), but I think the main gripe is from those that MIGHT have just gone 0-200 on EOG 2 weeks ago. What about a spontaneous 2X week/weekend after the change so those that are really bent out of shape can just feed it to another art and quiet down a bit.

    Most of us blew our piles of Nth already, so it might even mean some bonus sales of xp...and for those that are keeping EOG, or don't have it, no loss in having a 2nd 2x this quick....Personally I'd just hang on to my Nth.
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  11. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Thank you for the well thought out explanation, thank you.

    For those who feel adversely impacted by this change, I hope this official response will bring you some solace.
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  12. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Here’s my thing

    Reading the changes to eog … doesn’t make this artifact completely useless

    The stacking had to go anyone who argues against that is wrong

    But the rest 5000 supers are still going to be popping more often then not using it

    10000 supers with eog boost your damage by 30% rather than flat 20% so you are gettig 10% more while also being able to use the 10000 supers which generally do more damage (not always)

    The super charge regen for using a 10k super is now 3% up from 2%

    So if I’m looking at this right … using a 10k super getting a 3% return every second for 6 seconds will net you 300 super charge now with the head mod for super charge you will get 5% back so that’s 500 super charge saved so that’s betting 800 super charge on activation of a 10k if you’re using the chest mod that’s another 500 so now you’re getting 1300 super charge after activating a 10k

    If multiple people in the group are using eog you’ll still see build up of super charge rather quickly

    If I’m doing my math right someone correct me if I’m wrong


    The devs are open to discussion about this … instead of crying foul, test it out if you can and give feedback while you can

    They are already reverting the healing back to 3% when you hit a 5000 sc and 5% if you use a 10k so that’s already a change just from feed back

    Hopefully the dev team will revert all the changes made because of eog especially natures super charge changes bringing back transformations to where they were.

    Right now the best course of action is to test it if you can and give realistic feed back on adjustments to how they rebalanced it.
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  13. Future Nightwing New Player

    What a healthy way to play a game. To constantly be paranoid about the next nerf to any meta that stands out a little. Sounds like an abusive relationship. It’s the respect aspect of peoples time and money to be transparent and reasonable enough with changes to things that are tied potentially to money. Maximizing the potential of load outs and arts by reading passive and using your brain to develop an effective strategy is not a exploit. Holographic decoy -sure and exploit…but me being able to read and understand passives synergy, it’s called being a player
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  14. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    Pretty much up to rock of eternity raid on Faust special ring attack, the lazy blast, we all needed to stay away from each other as we could have aoe’s on us that either kills us or kills others nearby. Source wall had a mechanic too to group up but that’s not a life or death thing if all right don’t group up. So basically what I’m saying is that eog on damage side makes it a scoreboard chaser as it compels players to stand next to others to steal their damage and possibly kill them both and others due to pbaoe attacks. This art makes players stand in all the wrong places imo for survivability. Just get rid of this art and it’ll improve the gameplay drastically.
  15. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    That's the thing, there should never be a "meta" when it comes to an artifact. At this point in the game, everyone should know, that of one artifact is practically "required" in order to get a good team, then that artifact is likely going to get slammed with the nerf bat (venom, solar, now Gemini).

    With these changes, more options open up. Artifact balance gets a little closer to allowing various artifacts to have a place instead of collecting virtual dust. An artifact that has been a benchmark, for roughly 5 years, is finally getting put into same category as other "regular" artifacts. This is long overdue.
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  16. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    Good points. Before am came out, we ran alerts with all the roles. Once someone died, we wiped. Nowadays, there is all this stuff that is beyond your role and diminishes your actual role. Pure tanking or healing can be boring, but why sacrifice your survivability to do something else? The devs took out group buffs which were a simple power back then and now we have these arts. I have different armories and loadouts for pure roles and hybrid roles and fake role’ing it and it makes a big difference indeed on alerts and raids.

    The best way to play is to stick with pure role builds unless you are in a solo or duo.

    I find it funny when someone is in dps mode with tank gear on with tank moves and think they can get aggro or something like that. It dont work like that! Add in eog and that takes out a slot for a useless supercharge and now the player is more focused on gaining sc rather than actually tanking or healing and whatnot.
  17. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    I don't see a thread asking for a nerf to transformation card or strategists card maybe cause unlike eog you don't see a bright flashing circle go off. If anything these two arts are more meta then any art in the game
    Hell there is even poof that a 200 strategists card will do either more damage then any power on your bar or it is second most
  18. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    Supercharges suck in this game. I don’t use them much at all. The scg are like melee range so that’s useless. Powers have some lame sc’s so depending on your power, they could be quite useless. Sc cost is front loaded so if you get interrupted, you get scammed out of a full bar of sc. you log out and back in, sc is all gone. Sc and the scg take up 2 loadout spots, so no thanks.

    There is pied piper, quislet, scrap that is sc oriented, so why not use those instead?
  19. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Transformation and strategist are actually balanced a bit more than you think. In fact, I have 2 characters that don't even use transformation on their DPS loadouts, and not one of my characters uses strategist, and yet I'm never low on the scorecard. Yes, I run elite, and yes, I run survival.

    I do this absolutely crazy thing, where I log in, and run all the different powers to find my own rotation that dishes out excellent damage. Then I do this more insane thing, where I try different pairs and combinations of artifacts, to see which ones produce the most damage. It's WILD!
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  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    And when you add those Strat/Trans to unlimited SC powers....you don't think maybe that the SC abuse is the bigger issue of the 2?

    BTW...yes...I can't believe that Trans/Strat has been left alone for so long as pretty much mandatory artis.