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  1. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

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    So If you haven't heard they are nuffing eog now. And making it so the greens are based on the supercharge cost. So at 100 sc cost you get 3% for 6 seconds. So now here is 18%. thats it that all you get for my hole supercharge bar. Right now healer give 2% for 6 seconds but you only had to hit a 25% supercharge. So a healer right now can give 12% every 25% supercharge and if they had a full supercharge bar they could give 48% supercharge to the group but since a healer gets the Regen to they could hit the supercharge 6 to 7 times before we ran out of supercharge.
    Its like they don't want us to realize they nurfed it to 1/3 of what it could do.

    Dcuo has the worst track record when it comes to rebalance. Here is what they broke just recently . venom wrist. every precision used it. now I have seen like 5 people use it since. Nature was a fun dps power. now most your damage comes from strategists card. that has to be at 200 to get damage.No one uses forms but gorilla and its to slow to burn adds in halls. Then they tried to fix gadget turrets glitch and end up messing up biggun for munitions in the process. Every time they listen to the people on this forum they break what ever you cry about.
    Now they are going after a art that we have had since 2018 which is the reason they increased healers shields supercharge from 50% to 100%. Are the gonna revert them back? Probably not. Nature's forms where nuffed to adjust for eog.are they gonna give Nature's old supercharge cost back? probably not

    Are they gonna compensate those of us that has put real money into this game to level this art? Highly doubt it. This is how much this will effect my account characters that have it at 120# i have 8. Characters that have this art at 160# i have 7 and 2 have it at 200 that is 1125$ just in nth metal. how could thay possibly compensate for that. I played this game over 18,000 hours on it every day. Ps5 tells you how many hours you played a game. I hate that the devs listen to the small group of people complaining about stuff cause if they just took the time to see how many people have this artifact up they would see the outrage this is gonna cause. So now I have to wait for another double exp to feed my eogs which is hella suspicious since you announced this a week after double exp. Would have save me for of my 160 eog arts I had known before 2 weeks ago!
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  2. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Yup it’s all downhill lol. I’ve loved this game since I started playing. I’ve taken a few breaks here and there but still kept legendary active… well as of today I’m unsubbed and never spending another penny because the devs clearly don’t support those who spend on the game lol.
  3. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    If you're a sheep, you're going to be fleeced...
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  4. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Here’s the thing…

    How do they compensate players when they can’t separate who spent money and who leveled them up without spending a single penny? Heck I haven’t spent a penny on arts for years. On top of that, whey should they compensate at all? Did they do something they aren’t allowed to do? Dcuo has a track record of having metas drastically changing. So why spend money on anything that has to do with being in the meta? On top of that, have you not learned anything from venom wrist? An art that was a must have art for prec players gets nerfed because it was a must have. Now you had something that was pretty much required for all dps (prec and might) as well as healers. and you thought that they would never make adjustments?

    I’m personally not a fan of the major nerf. However I won’t cry about it. I’ll test and provide feedback when I get a chance. But all of this crying and whining will do nothing to help your case and will just quickly make them disregard your case as nothing more than entitlement.
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Simple, the same way they compensated players after nerfing Venom Wrist Dispenser.
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  6. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I'm glad they nerfed it because it needed to be nerfed. It had got to the point where people wouldn't let you in groups if you didn't use it. It was a clear exploit that needed to be fixed and the devs fixed it so thank you devs.
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  7. Limey Committed Player

    Only crybabies I see are the ones in this thread.

    Balancing changes are a result of metrics, not a small minority complaining.
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  8. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    How exactly would that work? I may be wrong, but when it was nerfed max rank was 160 and the art was nerfed so that the 200rank was around the same as the 160 rank. So players who had the venom wrist would have the art ranked to the next ranks (IE those who had it at 160 or near 160 would have it maxed for them upon login).

    This could be done to those who have it at 160 but what would those at 200 get? The next refunded and EoG removed? People would just save it and turn it to 2 200 arts. On top of that, why should they? People on dcuo are extremely entitled as is. Want to get rid of it? Just wait for the next double nth week and feed it then. People are acting as if there is some time limit to do this.
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  9. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    They problem is its not entitlement they had five years to do this nurf. Atlantis came out November of 2018. this is not like solar amplifier when they changed max rank to 200 and said almost instantly that the art was not working as intended and that a fix was in the works. No they said eye of Gemini was working as intended and that certain powers are now out of balance so they hardcore nurfed them. Then people on forums started crying that eye of Gemini made elite to easy even though its the healer everyone in lfg chat are asking for. Four years they could have turned it into the trash they are now but they chose to doit when 80% of people with healer are running it and 75% has it for a swap art. Half the players claiming they level arts without paying are full of it cause the reason I have 33 alt between to accounts is so I can mine og piece materials that allow me to make billions in cash a week and they sell minutes after posting same with core materials. I have played this game with a friend that is on ssi he has all day to play and it took him about 2 years to get one characters art to 200 that 1.7 million and people on this forum claiming i did it in 3 months how ? He only slept and played this game for 2 years to get 6 arts to 200. Its only recently they started giving use 5 free nth detectors a week. Then there was the 2 times exp last week not even a hint of this nurf. I wouldn't be so mad if this was a recent art and they adjust it shortly but this is years after release
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  10. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    I've been back a little over a year, and I've levelled 7 arts to 200 without spending a dime.
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  11. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    So you mined 11.9 million exp in a year ********
  12. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    I played smart, used boosters in double nth metal weeks, didn't level up until double XP weeks. Don't skip nodes, and kill all the adds you can.
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  13. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Gift #1: Artifact Celebration Pack
    1 regular Seal of Completion to guarantee success on your next breakthrough.
    1 set of catalysts with all that's needed to get to rank 80.
    Peculiar Nth Metal (50,000 Artifact XP).

    Gift #2: Eye of Gemini Boost
    If your Eye of Gemini is between rank 80 and 100, it will be boosted to rank 120.
    If your Eye of Gemini is between rank 101 and 140, it will be boosted to rank 160.
    If your Eye of Gemini is between rank 141 and 160, it will be boosted to rank 200.

    If your Eye of Gemini is above 160, at that point just feed it into another artifact later this summer if you don't want to continue using it.
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  14. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    I will be feeding all my eye of Gemini next double exp but its still gonna cost me a crap ton in catalysts and seals of completions about 30 seals of completion for the hole literally and thousands in catalysts again I had 4 years to build this on alts and most was paid for. Most my secondary arts got my mined exp never bothered keeping track of how much I got regularly
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  15. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    My Eye of Gemini have been sitting in my banks collecting dust since Wonderverse. I'll probably hold on to them if we ever get a fourth artifact slot.
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  16. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    People can agree balancing is good, so a balanced nerf would be understandable. But making an art that was so good it was near a requirement for like 5 years and making it so unbelievably useless and horrible is just to spite decent players. The cry babies got their way. They struggle in all content even with it being op now they’ll be stuck in reg lmao. I won’t have to worry cause I’ve been waiting for the dlc to give me a reason to come back and play. Instead the devs just catered to bad players and gave me a reason to never waste money on this dumpster fire again :) played this game ever since it went F2P and spent so much money on it but this is the last straw. If they decide to balance the EoG rather than stomp it into the ground I might think of coming back but rn the dmg is done
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  17. MidLifeCrysis41 Well-Known Player

    Yup! Everyone wants a more balanced game. But this’s the thing! This nerf was knowingly going to happen, and nothing was said about it in-game/MOTD/Christ - even a small notice within the art itself. They knew that MANY people would spend a fortune maxing this art during the last x2 nth xp.
    My honest opinion! They should provide no compensation. They should allow each and every player who ‘bought’ their EOG, a one time token or something similar, that allows it to be completely swapped for another art. No extra costs for seals etc. just a flat out swap! They had the chance to nerf this several years ago - and chose not too. They chose instead to adjust powers rather than the art.
    They milked the incoming money from ppl scrambling to switch too it.
    For those of you who built it up without spending a penny - Congratulations! You play smart! Spending as little money as possible; whilst other ppl pay LARGE quantities of RLM in-order to help keep the game afloat. Affording you that freedom to be able to “play smart”
    then youse have the nerve to come onto these forums, and complain that the paying customers have an advantage, because you’re too cheap, or legit can’t afford to pay there and then.
    Half of you who complain about certain arts and builds etc are part time players (regardless of how many years your account is there) many of you on these forums admit you don’t even play the game anymore at all; or very rarely! Yet feel your wants are just as valid as players who pay FAR MORE, helping keep the game alive.

    As a paying customer (who helps to keep this game alive) I have MUCH MORE right to b**ch and moan about a “rebalancing” than anyone who ground out an art over the course of a year etc, (for free) Because MY money helped keep the game going.

    The OP is clearly p**sed! And very rightly so. This could (and probably will be) the the very final straw for MANY! Who just can’t do the whole “move onto the next new meta” they see the scam, but have invested so much time and RLM, they can’t walk away. But there is ALWAYS a breaking point! As is in all walks of life.

    The newest DLC looks like some of the laziest work I think I’ve ever seen (I appreciate the situation at the company as far as personnel) but add in a nerf to a VERY (now) intrenched art with an incredibly underwhelming DLC, and there could be a mass exodus.
    As an EU player - this game doesn’t have the numbers to cope with any type of exodus at all anymore.

    DBG/DI need to really start reading the anger from the players who don’t live on these forums 24/7. Who only write when they feel severely aggrieved, and feel compelled to voice their complaints. This isn’t just a minor inconvenience! This is people’s hard earned money that’s being toyed with. Money invested into the game and a certain type of playing that has become mainstream. And because an incredibly small minority (that would be the forum users) complain… other players have to suffer.
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  18. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    "We're going to do something."
    "It may be soon."
    "Here's what we're doing."
    "Yeah, soon."
    "Next update."
    "It's posted now."
    <Eight pages of complaints starting with...>
    "You never give us any warning!!!!"
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  19. MikeB Level 30

    Yeah that's cap
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  20. MikeB Level 30

    I've been here since day 1. I have seen alot of adjustments made to things for the sake of balance. It happens. It does however, seem shady to do this right after a 2x art xp.
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