EoG changes binned then?

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  1. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Lol….. so one of us spends their time watching others not get feats while the other one spends their time playing. Yet the one player doesn’t have practical experience? Enlighten me. What’s your base dps? What’s the base dps of these so called “good players” that you say can’t get the feats? That’s the most basic thing a good player would know.
  2. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    I'm not going to spoon feed you when if you had actually gone in to the instance and tried Proma's anguish or Omega-Level Pardon you'd be more informed, but the census tells me you've tried neither, certainly not successfully.

    So yes, come back to me when you've actually got some first hand experience with the issue at hand, otherwise you're like a surgeon that's read a book but never picked up a knife.
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  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    You can’t be this delusional… where did I say I haven’t stepped foot into the instance? I actually beat it when it came out. I don’t have the feat for the very simple reason I just never tried to. You’re acting as if it’s just something you get while doing the raid lol. Guess what. If you just go in without trying for the feat you won’t get it because the you’re attacking them all together or waiting for the tanks to separate them dealing on which way the group wants to do it..
  4. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Avoiding the simple question then? Not really hard to say your dps to show everyone what you consider good enough burn to get the feat that’s so hard to get.
  5. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    The census tells me you haven't got the feat, you've self admitted to not trying, perhaps that's where you should start, it's usually what people do before forming an informed opinion on something.
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  6. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Switching your language from “my guy” to “the census says” lol

    You’re trying to make suggestions for devs to make a change to the game. So give some actual feedback. What is the base dps of the players trying and failing? What should be the goal for the dps to get the feat without being the top 1% electric gadgets swappers that you think are the only ones who can get it.

    You want change? Stop whining and give actual tangible numbers.
  7. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    Someone opposing something should actually inform themselves first as well, once you've done that I'll start discussing numbers with you, because then you'll have some valid information of your own to add to the discussion.

    Even if I gave you numbers, you'd have no clue, because you've got no experience with trying to get it yourself and if you had, you wouldn't even need to be asking me.

    I don't need to answer the question when the question is coming from the inexperienced.

    You're basically a person of the street, trying to ask me to tell them how many bricks are needed to build a wall, while having no experience in what it takes to build the wall.
  8. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    That’s your response? So in your words, someone opposing something should inform the my first. Gotcha. You’re opposing the state of the feat as it stands. So you should be well informed with what you consider reasonable dps to be able to get the feat without the need to set swap. Right? And you are a self proclaimed expert on the quality of the dps you watch streaming to get the feat. So it shouldn’t be hard for an expert like yourself to know their base dps. I mean it’s a burn check feat. So the dps need this very simple number that you are trying to hide.
  9. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    I do, and I will talk to you about it, when you also know how much dps would be reasonable to get the feat and the only way you're going to do that is by going in there and trying it my guy, hit me up when you have. In the meantime we're done talking my guy.
  10. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Actually I do know how much dps is needed because that is very easy to calculate lol
  11. Warped Discord Moderator

    That is hardly what Mepps meant by that lol. The phrase “by and large” literally means “in general” but I’m not here to lecture you on English grammar or phrases. They don’t design content around artifacts. Idk how else to explain that to you and I feel like we’re just going in circles at this point because you’re not willing to accept that.

    I never said you couldn’t use other means to get the feat such as artifact swapping - I don’t know where you got that assumption that I thought otherwise. You’re caught up in so many other debates in this thread, you probably got me confused with someone else which is understandable.

    And no, not everything comes across as easy to me but I guess you’re entitled to make that assumption. Yes, I play with well above average players (some of the best actually) but what does that have to do with anything? Are you not in a position to better yourself instead of whining on the forums because you’ll now never be able to get some damage check feats without using EOG as a crutch?

    Also inventory swapping has practically been a thing since the game was released in 2011. It’s nothing new. It’s just become a common term with the introduction of artifacts. People who aren’t skilled at something tend to be the first ones to state that something is cheese because they aren’t able to obtain the same results. Artifact swapping doesn’t create an imbalance in the way EOG does. Damage check feats were also a thing before EOG. Do you know how long it took for people to get the Epic Odyssey feat? Months upon months. But the community seemed a bit different back then and accepted that.

    I’m not upset, there’s just no need to make changes to a feat because you think it’ll be too hard post EOG nerf. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way it is currently. Players just need to adapt to not having EOG in their arsenal any longer when going for those sort of feats.

    As I’ve stated previously, not every feat is meant for everyone to obtain. I’m just not a fan of changing content to cater to people on the forums because they’re not willing to get better at the game.

    Anyways, I feel like I’m going in circles with you so I hope you have a good evening. Take care.
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  12. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    My guy, if that's what you think Mepps meant then I wouldn't want you to lecture me on English either, "in general" means the same thing I just told you "by and large" means, you tried to school me by changing the words while implying a different meaning.

    "In general the game isn't balanced around artifacts" doesn't mean it is, but it also doesn't mean it isn't, at least sometimes, but I'm not here to lecture you on English either my guy.

    Your reliance on all of that means that the game actually is balanced around artifacts, even by your own self admission and that you need them and you need to also be swapping them, but contradictions are clearly your thing, not mine.

    If you didn't need the artifacts then you'd be able to go in and get every feat in the game without them and definitely without swapping them I'd be able to go in and get the feat with a build based around Omegahedron, Transformation Card and Strategist Card, but we both that's not the case, because the Omegahedron is bad and it will make it fail.

    So I'm sorry, but it's a bit rich to sit there with a straight face and pretend its otherwise my guy.

    But I understand your answer is that nothing ever needs adjustments as long as you and your elite friends can do it, because if you can do it at all, by virtue everyone else just needs to get on your level and they wouldn't have a problem.
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  13. Warped Discord Moderator

    Well I’m not “your guy” so please quit addressing me as that. It’s an elite feat for a reason. We’re all talking a bit prematurely here so let’s see what things will be like once EOG is nerfed and if people are still getting the feat after it’s nerfed, then there’s no need to adjust it.
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  14. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Maybe "your guy" asked for EoG changes. I did no such thing. I'm happy changes are being made, I can see why they are needed but I'm not in a habit of asking for things. I tend to adapt to the game, rather than expect the game to adapt to me. And if I don't like it, or think it's not fair - I play a different one.

    And like I said - I don't need to prove that this or that Elite feat is achievable by "non-sweaty" PUG, because I'd have no particular issue if it wasn't. I see nothing wrong with certain feats being aimed at players more skilled, organized and dedicated than me, that you so nonchalantly dismiss as "sweaty tryhards", or whatever. There's enough content in the game for casual players, let the hardcore ones have the 3 feats you can't get.

    Again - why 2-3 seconds? How did you come up with that number? Is it because you recon it would be within the grasp of a non-meta, non-swapping, non-EoG PUG that's not trying too hard? Here's an idea - how about YOU stream a PUG killing Proma in Elite in 31 seconds then, under the conditions you're demanding from others, in order you prove that a tiny adjustment like that will make any real difference and that you're not just arguing for the sake of arguing.
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  15. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    what is this quoting?
  16. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I don’t know?
  17. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I'm sorry if I'm misunderstanding did you write that it almost looked like you were quoting a statement that a dev wrote. it could just be my bad
  18. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I have no idea actually, I was a little stressed & out of it yesterday.
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  19. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    I'm not convinced you actually said that and Drathmor is probably just skirt chasing BUT... that would be worse than removing the clamp altogother in my opinion.

    So now... the bosses are being burned at a relatively slow rate and you need to perform the instance perfectly. Let's face it... we would all sit there in pugs and solo it slowly while everyone sat there impatiently waiting. If you succeed? You made everyone bored for 10 minutes and they probably hate the game. If you failed near the end? You wasted 10 minutes of their time. A combined total of over an hour of people's lives... and they all hate you.

    It would be like every egomaniacal tanks that refuses to wipe... except now... it's any elite player in every pug. The new players would be so fed up sitting on the sidelines that they would never stick around.

    This is a team oriented game. Nobody should be capable of soloing anything even if they know how to avoid every mechanic. I think they should nerf tanks in that sense as well.
  20. Great Architect Loyal Player

    EoG did exactly nothing for Celestial. Not for DPS or Healer. So I'll just keep on Healing without it, and burning bosses as I do.
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