EoG changes binned then?

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  1. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    My guy, no one is asking for you to be able to fart on your keyboard to beat it, and honestly I really hope you're not doing that on your keyboard. They're asking for more forgiveness so that you don't need to break your keyboard through key pressing faster than Taz from Loony Toons, while being in your inventory 10 times in 3 seconds.
  2. Vikaluka Active Player

    Before stats clamp, you were able to get feats like there by oneshot bosses. It's really not fair for people that play after stats clamp.
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  3. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    So you're just going to keep dodging the question? Why does it matter how old the feat is, if EEG content is clamped? If you don't think art swapping should be necessary to accomplish things in the game, it makes no difference whether we're talking about the latest episode, the one before it, or an earlier episode in the same tier, like WV.
  4. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    I eventually succeeded with LFG alone. It was rough, but I didn't complain or whine about the difficulty. I did take my own advice. :D
  5. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    I don't know. It seems not fair for people who got the feat by one-shotting the bosses. They never got the experience and the satisfaction of playing an actual game.
  6. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Ok I was trying to read through all replies but wow…

    Here’s the thing. I believe that any feat content that is TRULY an outliner should be adjusted. However not everyone deserves to get every feat. You keep making these demands for people to test content for you showing that they can get said feats with literally anyone while masking it saying that you aren’t asking for everyone to be able to get it. You are contradicting yourself. You either believe that players like OC should be able to beat it with any lfg group (which means he should be able to beat it with literally anyone. As in everyone should be able to get them) or that he should be able to get them with anyone within reason (which means anyone that at least has some basic understanding of the feat).

    If I had to guess, 80% of the player base are just bad. 10% are decent, 5% are good, 4% are great, and 1% are sweaty try hards. Almost every time I random Que content I end up 2-5x more damage than the other dps. When I Que with lfg. I’m normally 1.2-2x the other dps. It’s rare for me to find a hole lfg group with players who keep up. And the only times I’m truly out dpsed are when I run with sweaty try hards.

    That’s means that 80% of players don’t deserve to get all feats because they have just terrible builds or have 0 clue on what they are doing. Do I believe that content should be adjusted to be within reason? Absolutely. But I will never agree to content being brought down to mark it doable to players who can’t be bothered to actually learn.
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  7. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    I'm not dodging the question, you're just not accepting the answer.

    It does make a difference whether we're talking about the latest episode or old content. That is how this game has always been.

    The older the content gets the easier it gets through player progress, that is what progress is my guy and what we're discussing here in addition to this is only a handful of feats that need adjustment, not even all of them and you're acting like we've requested they adjust the Jailbird feat for breaking out in the Brainiac ship.

    Old feats are not supposed to be the same difficulty they were when they were part of the latest episode. It seems to me like you want old content to remain challenging so that the 1% elite players can remain entertained when new content gets old at the expense of the slightly more average, but still perfectly competent players relying a little more on natural progress than yourself, how terrible of them to do so.
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  8. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    Not true.

    It started because ObsidianChill came in and said he'd make some content showing that people didn't need the EOG to beat the feats, it would make for great content, those were his words, not mine, he seemed keen to make content.

    I then told him to up the stakes and rather than control the group structure and make an edited video with his super elite friends to instead take randoms.

    That didn't mean he had to take "anyone" or even "useless players" it just meant he should take players that weren't within his immediate friend group and he shouldn't control what they are or aren't doing and I never said he couldn't expect they at least be equipped or ready.

    I never said he had to take useless players, other people twisted my argument in to that in order to find excuses not to do it.

    People already stream this content on Twitch and don't seem to care about failing over and over, but Obsidian seemingly did care.

    If you watch these streams you can already see there's issues, The truth is, I didn't need ObsidianChill to do the testing, but I wanted him to do it so that just for a moment he would step outside of this bubble he's routinely in that doesn't include average, but yet perfectly competent players.

    You only have to look at the videos of some of these outliners as you call them to see there's issues with them.
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  9. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    No, that's how the game WAS. Things change. This is a live-service game, read the ToS. Just because you got used to getting all the rewards and feats simply by playing the waiting game - that doesn't mean you're entitled to that.

    Power creep is not "natural progress". Becoming more skilled at a game you've been playing for years is "natural progress". 99% of players don't need those feats. They're literally losing nothing, except some weird sense of accomplishment from getting a pity reward for hanging around long enough. I'd feel ashamed to admit it, if I wanted that.
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  10. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    Please stop pretending like I'm asking for feats to be simply handed out. We're asking here for tempered moderate adjustments to feats that are a little too much.

    If we have to beat Proma in 28 seconds and that's a bit too much then perhaps it should be 30 seconds, I'm not asking for the wild adjustments you keep suggesting and perhaps that's my fault for not making that clear, but I am saying that they're currently unreasonable.

    Gaining skill and over gearing are both natural elements of progress, Yes players should get better the more they play, but they're also going to get better the stronger they get statistically.
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  11. Soc Level 30

    Guud for you. I don't think anyone is complaining per say but I was in one of those runs with you doing another feat and you rage quit :rolleyes:
  12. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    I have a toddler, an infant, and a very stressful job. Sometimes... you just gotta ragequit. At least I have a sense of humor about it. Shrugs.
  13. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Maybe. But why 30 sec? There will be many players unable to complete that either. Why do you want to gate-keep them? 32 sec, then? 34? There will always be a portion of player-base feeling they deserve the feat, even though they can't get it, despite being close. Especially, if they got used to the old unclamped system, where all they had to do was wait for the power creep to trivialize the challenges and then - in their minds, at least - there was no telling who got EO when it meant something and who got it in god-mode. Everyone was a winner in the end, yay. Where do you draw the line? What percentage of players deserves every feat and how many should be considered unworthy scrubs, who need to "git good"?
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  14. Miserable Dedicated Player

    This thread is filled with speculation that certain feats will be too hard post-EOG-nerf. This idea is nothing more than speculation. None of you know that that will be the case, so I really don't understand what you guys are trying to accomplish. Just let them nerf the artifact and if the completions of a certain feat drop to zero or near zero, then raise the issue.

    This thread is also filled with the faulty logic that because everyone uses EOG to get certain feats, then EOG must be required to complete them, and they cannot be done without it. The reason every group uses EOG is because it's part of the setup that allows them to do the most damage possible. There is literally no reason for groups not to use it.

    More faulty logic is the idea that because a certain feat is hard even with EOG, then it'll be too hard without EOG. Not necessarily. It will be harder without EOG. Harder does not imply too hard. And the existence of hard feats in the game is not an issue.

    We will all get a clearer picture of how this nerf affects the difficulty of certain feats once the update goes live and groups have no choice but to attempt them without EOG/with a nerfed EOG.
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  15. Warped Discord Moderator

    Oh, the irony.

    Basically, what you’re asking Obsidian to do is go in with completely random people with no coordination or plan (because you stated he shouldn’t control what they are or aren’t doing - your words) to get the feat while not using EOG and then show that he got the feat to prove your point that the feat is too hard and thus needs to be adjusted to compensate for when EOG is nerfed. You realize how foolish that sounds, right?
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  16. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    Come on my guy, it was obviously just an example number.

    It doesn't have to be 30 seconds it just requires something reasonable.

    Lets take my challenge for example.

    If you form a group in LFG and the players are all decent, not homeless destitutes with mixed augments, but decent and they spend hours in the instance only to keep missing the feat by a few seconds then adjust it by a few seconds.

    I know you're going to keep arguing 'decent' is subjective because it allows you to deflect from the point, but I think we all know what decent means.

    It means a player who communicates, does their job, has leveled artifacts and allies, is doing a reasonable loadout and rotation and looking to succeed.

    This is called a reasonable person test and it's not rocket science.
  17. Alaskan Aurora Well-Known Player

    No, he already said he doesn't need EOG, however I told him to raise the stakes in terms of proving it.

    The reason I told him to pick randoms was because it wouldn't allow him to pick all his gadgets friends to assist him, I exaggerate a little of course.

    He'd get a more diverse sampling of the game and its power flavors abilities and shortcomings by using LFG and would better ascertain any problems that might exist

    I never said he had to actually pick bad players but i did suggest avoiding other cheese might be helpful too, why wouldn't it be? Or are we as reliant on that cheese as much as EOG, if not more so?

    I'm not trying to set him up for failure, I'm pushing him to have a go with a group outside of his normal power dynamic because that will better test what's going on.

    If I'm wrong im wrong, but it seems you don't even want to ask the questions.
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  18. Soc Level 30

    I have two kids a stressful job and I def have a sense of humor we all laughed when you rage quit :D
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  19. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    No, it's not rocket science. In fact - it's not science at all. It's opinion. Nice of you to to pre-empt the objection to the subjectivity of the term "decent", but that doesn't make your argument stronger.

    No, we don't all know what "decent" means. Depending on what level of skill players you play with your idea what it means will vary drastically. If your benchmark is not having rainbow augments and using "reasonable" (again, subjective) loadout, then +70% of playerbase is "decent". And I'd wager that most of them would be unable to complete the Proma feat in Elite even if it was 40 sec. Those players may be considered good in the context of an Omnibus PUG, when compared with children cosplaying as Batman, but that is a low, low bar.

    And if you think that everyone who understands the bare minimum of the basics of the game should be able to achieve the hardest feats in the hardest content, then it seems to me that you either don't realize how much higher the skill ceiling of this game is, or you just want it much lower so that you can count yourself among the best.
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  20. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Always happy to entertain. Not sure why you're attempting to troll the troll. Just because tedious content can make me explode doesn't mean your comments in a box can.