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  1. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    clearly you are missing the point of the post, it's not about spamming bounties in one day, it's about spamming these things over and over. I'm so sorry that I want something new instead of going in circles like a Nascar track over and over again.
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  2. KiraDanvers Well-Known Player

    Gotta admit, that's good news. I'm not totally against the world bosses, I actually think they're kinda cool, but having 2 DLCs back-to-back that focused around farming bosses was just too much. I play this game pretty much all day every day and even I got seriously burned out lol. Though, I do appreciate that it's a fine line between 'giving us stuff to do' and 'giving us so much to do that it burns us out'
  3. Reinheld Devoted Player

    While I am also sick of the bounty grind, to compare 3x 25 counts in the seasonal which will take about 4 hours(total) in a good phase to the 50+ hours in WV and 38+ hours needed for LLL bounties really diminishes the pain of those 2 DLCs bounties...excuse me...'World Bosses'...And that's not even including the 'over' feat count grind needed to grind out the needed currency for the vendor items. At least when the feats pop on these...you are done.

    I think the event bounty feats are very attainable(and I'll be doing them over 5 accounts). Even just doing 1 pass a day will get it done before the event is over and should only take about 15 min a day including finding a good phase.
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  4. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Much appreciated. BTW. No one says the idea of the bounties were not good, in fact some liked them (as a few have voiced here). It was the 'forced' feeling with the high vendor prices and relatively high feat counts. It all added up to much of your game time being locked into doing them. So a return of some aspects some day in the future might be welcome, but not celebrated by all.

    And yeah...none of those feats are 'mandatory'....but we all know they kind of are. MMO players are generally a bit OCD with completing things so 'see feat'...'get feat', is a policy most are compelled to adhere to. Not true of all or some, but most or many...yes.
  5. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    They are trying to give the dlc longevity. Nobody is forcing anyone to grind or farm them.
  6. FlawlessTime Committed Player

    Yeah I agree and them being 25 max and no timers or delays I love it I got all mine done today this is how they should be going forward imo.
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  7. Dragon Power Well-Known Player

    World bounties are a good thing to have in the open world in order to mix up the gameplay and add variety to the open world content, BUT the format and structure of the bounties can also be changed up with each episode in order to provide further variety and prevent fatigue. I'm going to provide an example in a sec. I'm glad a structure change was tried out, because having back to back large bounties in episodes introduces fatigue and makes it harder to backtrack to and complete other content.

    It's all about pacing and variety. Mix in different bounties from time to time.

    If multi-part episodes are ever brought back, you could also link different bounty structures together thematically between the different episodes. Example:
    Episode Part 1: Small quick multi-bounty rotation. Lower rank lieutenants of the story's main villain.
    Episode Part 2: Larger multi-bounty rotation. Higher rank captains/generals.
    Episode Part 3: Single GIANT bounty. The BIG boss.

    This simultaneously changes up the bounty pacing and the story pacing as well, while making the anticipation between the episodes slowly ramp up to a crescendo to see who the villain is at the end the story. Three layers in one.
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  8. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    The way they did the bounties in the anti event is perfect
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  9. Dominic Blue Well-Known Player

    Yeah I do appreciate that once you've done one bounty by the time you get to the next one you'll probably see the next one started so it helps with the grinding.
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  10. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I agree that I like the anniversary bounties better (though there are still some issues), but there would be some problems allowing WV and Legion bounties to respawn as quickly and essentially always be up.

    Currently the bosses in WV and Legion are on a set timer, with Murk/Cosmic Boy starting at the hour and half hour mark, all the way to Hydra/Validus starting at 20 and 50 after the hour. If you ever change phases after defeating a boss to a phase that had not yet defeated that boss, you get some red text mid screen saying you are loot locked from the boss, so you can't get extra rewards by jumping phases (I think a second win still counts towards the feat, but you don't get Aether/Time Beacons/other drops).

    The timed spawn of the WV and Legion world bosses essentially acts as a way to control/limit how much of the currency you can earn in a given time frame. Without that, determining how much currency should drop, what the cost of items should be, what the drop rate for rare items from those bosses should be, and possibly some other things starts to get very complicated. In another thread, I gave an example of how the Devs likely determined the drop rate of the crystal shards for the OP face. In simple terms, it uses an estimate for daily grind, the length of time they desire for it to take on average to complete the OP face, and how many of the item are needed to make the OP face to determine how often a shard should drop on average. Several things in game use similar methods to determine costs/drop rates/etc.

    All 3 anniversary bounties can be defeated in about 6 minutes (so 2 minutes each). If we set the Legion bounties exactly the same as the anniversary, you would be able to defeat 30 of those in an hour (as opposed to the 8 currently). So that's a possibility of almost 4 times as many wins an hour as you currently can. If the Time Beacon rewards remained the same, it's very likely that the Time Beacon cost for items would be about 4 times more. Another possibility there would be that the Time Beacon rewards would be reduced to about 1/4 of what we currently get with vendor costs remaining the same. Also, with more wins in a given time frame, crystal shard drops would likely become even more rare. Not every phase would be able to reach/maintain that fast level of bounty turnover though. Some would possibly struggle to still get the current 8 an hour (depending on the server and time), so the change to a system like the anniversary event would essentially penalize them for playing at off hours and/or on a less populated server (more than it currently does anyway).

    Hopefully they take their time looking through feedback on the format, and are able to find a good middle ground. Personally, I would like a little down time between bosses (to finish dailies/turn in missions/etc), but there needs to be something else to do in the phase to fill that down time once you are done with the missions and are just grinding the bounties, especially in phases that defeat the bounties quickly.
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  11. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Well, technically there is a respawn timer at 6 minutes (used a stopwatch), so there's that. But if you are in a good phase, it's 150 minutes to knock them all out. That would only be 5 rotations in WV or LLL, so yeah....much, MUCH, better.
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  12. Reinheld Devoted Player

    See I look at it as though that will be needed in the future. Once WV bounties are really abandoned (already getting harder to get a good phase at will and generally it seems only 1 or 2 are active), and the groups you will find IN phase will be 5-8 people, the timers will cut both ways. A) getting 100 done with small groups will take a long time(still 50+ hours) as likely you won't be able to do 1 or 2 a day much less 10 or more as we could do when the content was new B) the duration timers will not allow for very small or solo groups to do the burn every time...this is already happening with Murk or Hydra most often being the fails. That means missing count and missing Hydra every time that happens on one of the bounties. I'd guess that a new player hitting WV in a year from now will find the 100 to be insurmountable, much less the items tied to the Aethers for feats. I'd also guess that something will be done once WV drops off the separate currency. You are right that if they made them back to back vs timed (1 min between one dropping and one spawning lets say)...yes, you can generate more currency per hour. But how many hours a week will you be able to do that?...don't forget a new player in a year will also be looking at 75 LLL bounties + whatever comes next. Also, I'd doubt we'll see many more 2x weekends for WV...probably none once it slides off into source marks. 2x Aethers is how most people were able to get the purchases done...and it won't be an option in the future unless they do some special 'bounty currency' or spotlight event.

    And people are all ready being penalized for running off hours or days, or in dead phases. The timer makes sure that an under staffed phase cannot be completed (I don't care what they say about sliding scales...no one is getting these done solo/duo except maybe Cosmic Boy). Setting the bounties back to back at least gives you a chance to 1 man or 2 man the bosses, even it took you 10+ min to do so. I've already seen people solo Cerberus. Not sure how long it takes because there are plenty of groups right now so I won't be attempting it, but I've rolled up on a lone kook doing it and the dog is about down. I'd guess it took him longer than 2 or 5 or 10 min though.

    Hard to say what will happen, but I'd think something will need to happen. Count/price reduction, currency converter (maybe they will make it so source can be converted to Aethers), timer removal? Maybe a combination.
  13. Proxystar #Perception

    although technically true, saying this really is akin to saying you don't have to get up in the morning and go to work, technically you don't have too but the by product is going to be "no money". In a similar fashion if you don't grind these bounties you're not going to get all the feats from the DLC, you're going to miss styles, you're going to miss face mods.

    People play this game to achieve as much as they possibly can, just saying "oh well just don't do it, isn't particularly constructive. I'm all for the grind but when it starts to become obscene like these bounties have tended to track ever so progressively since their inception then it starts to become an issue and saying "just don't do it then", really isn't helpful, when the real answer is to make the gaming experience a more positive one through positive change.

    The bounties in the new anniversary event were by far better, I'd have liked to see them incorporate some better rewards and what's not, but the timers on them and reduced feats were infinitely better.

    You improve the longevity of a DLC not through forcing a player to farm bounties until they have a headache and vomit but through engaging story, challenging content and a meaningful progression system that isn't forcing a player in to half bounty cycles for days.

    Even adding the new face mods to the bounties is ridiculous, why not put it as drops in the content itself, get people actually queuing up for example...
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  14. Brit Loyal Player

    What is the secret for getting invited to these things? I advertise in LFG. I advertise in shout. I can spend 90 minutes in the area waiting and can't seem to ever find a group actually doing them.
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  15. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    1st rule of dcuo: If you want to farm bounties fast - farm them in 1st day. With every day after less and less people farm them.
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  16. Reinheld Devoted Player

    If your are talking now, likely the numbers are down with the parallel bounties going in 3 zones now. If you talking last week, I'm not sure what LFG you are using, but it's not the one I use. However, double down and don't just shout in there to 'hey, pick me up someone!'...watch the LFG and many people will not pick you up, but will shout for a tell to get an inv, or will just shout 'phase here'.

    I know personally if I'm leading a group, I'm less apt to pick up people saying 'inv for ___ bounties' as a lot of the time they are already in a group by the time I stick down to recent text, select their name, then send a group inv. In the meantime, I'm standing still or getting killed by whatever boss I'm on at the time.

    Unless you are EU or Villain side...in that case it's just a numbers game. Lower numbers mean lower chances. If you are on the switch, likely your best chance of someone hearing you is to stand near a wall....that way you can catch your own echo.
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  17. Reinheld Devoted Player

    While this is technically accurate, I'm not doing this ever again (did it with DD, Calc, robot, etc....) WV cured me of that issue. Yeah I'll hit it harder near the beginning of things, but getting them done 1st day doesn't net out to a profit unless you know you will have no time to run them in the future. In the event the mission to kill one of the bosses needs to be done 3 days a week to get the weekly mission done. That means 18 days you'll need to find a good phase, assuming the 6 week lifespan one of the devs mentioned is correct. Even doing 1 rotation each of those days will get you 75% done by the finish, so a double or triple rotation on some of those days will get it finished well before the event is over. This is assuming you only do 3 days of the 'beast' mission...likely most will do 5-7 days worth while doing the dailies. Yes, you will need to look harder the further in we go, but Thurs-Sun, people will still be killing the beasts at least...there's a daily to do so.

    Ever since WV sprung the Circe mission and more goods that meant re-spamming bounties on me, I don't trust it won't happen again. I'd guess it would not happen in the event as it's a short duration...but for LLL, I'm still waiting for that shoe to drop on 3x week.
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  18. Brit Loyal Player

    I respect that with these horrible Episode ones like Wonderverse and Legion. With the Anniversary though, the target is just 25 and it's one of our daily missions for marks, so if I just do the quest daily, I'll make it.

    Except it's like 90 minutes of begging, every single day, just to get an invite.

    This is what I hate most about bounties. If it were a raid, I could just queue and go there once there was enough people. I'm a 330 Healer; it shouldn't be this hard to find a group, but for the anniversary event, it's like it only happens for about 3 minutes, every few hours, and if you miss it, you're out of luck.
  19. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    My point remains valid, nothing is free. If you don't want to put in the grind for the feats etc tied to them then you aren't going to get the rewards. Is bounties difficult? No. Are they boring? Hell yes. Do I absolutely need the feats associated with them? At 500+ sp I personally do not. But others may. Point is they add longevity to the dlc and are not hard to do. Even wonderverse bounties are easy to find a good spam phase still. No sense in moaning about content that meets a casual player's agenda and adds to the hardcore gamers usual grind. I see no lack of lfg shouts for raids and alerts so there's no foundation in which to say put the drops from bounties in regular queued content. Some people prefer open world content to instances. They cannot please everyone and asking them to try is setting them up for failure.
  20. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    One point surrounding all the various bounty discussions you just made as well. I am NOT speaking directly to you but about what u and many others say when they are attempting to spin these insanely grindy bounties in a positive light. I think you and others intend for it to be an explination more than a defence too for disclosure.
    What you say is “extends the life of the DLC”.
    And to that i immediatly question “how is the life being extended”? These bounties are absolutely sucking the life OUT of DLC’s.
    They are designed from top to bottom to glue ppl to them. Dont believe me?
    1) timers suck, they limit how much currency can be earned and how long it will take to do so
    2) vender costs were absurd enough in WV and were at least 2-3x as bad in LLL (think about for all those saying LLL were a step in the correct direction)
    3) drop rate on things we actually needed specific to LLL (lookin at you shards) was horrendous for most.

    Not a single thing about them was designed or geared to a positive player experience except that we werent “loot locked”.
    It felt like regression not progression and you must have seen all the complaints (even in this thread) about a non-stop stream of shouting for spams yet even a brand new DLC its difficult at times to build a raid group.

    These things are designed to murder a DLC not extend its life. Its like trying to claim that cancer is extending your life.......
    Now to be fair, i believe 100% the devs did this with the best of intentions and i believe they wanted to extend the life of the DLC and the data will say just that.
    I can picture the devs and/or corporate suits sitting around hi-5 ing each other saying “look how many ppl are doing these bounties rite now or this week etc, they must love it!!!!!!! But the data is VERY flawed because it would only show that we are doing it, its not showing why we are doing it.

    Im not really sure what else there is to say, i just cant stomach the claim that these endless spams that are detracting from the actual content and w/gluttonous vender prices are in any way extending the life of the DLC or good in pretty much any way for the game.
    If theres an endless spam like we had in WV or LLL the DLC is dead w/i a week because so much game time is required in the spams an not the content.
    #nospam #reasonableprices #fixdroprates #35-50countermax
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