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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by cassi, May 15, 2016.

  1. mexmex Dedicated Player

    I have looked for controller medieval head 4 years now, and no luck still lol
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  2. Controller Devoted Player

    I'm optimistic, though....I've had a good streak of pleasant stuff happen this weekend.

    Had the OP Belt drop in my PB N Raid group...not to ME, but in my group. That is like my 6th OP drop over the last month or so - but not to ME per se. I still take it as a good thing, though. I'd rather have it drop in MY group than not at all.

    While using a Radar Scanner in East Metropolis today, I found not only FOUR pieces of the Kryptonite Isotopes, (Green, Blue, Phantom Zone and Orange) but the ULTRA RARE Green Kryptonite. That is the FIRST time in 3 1/2 years of searching I've found it myself. When I search East Metro I normally find only ONE piece of the kryptonite Isotopes.

    I'll try to cash in my recent run of good fortune and farm Outer t2 next week. That Medieval head is mine.
  3. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    This thread was a big waste of time.
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  4. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

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  5. Twilight Avenged Dedicated Player

    Can I have your cash? honestly.

    I've been hurtin for in game money lately and could use the donation.
    Please send to Twilight Man or Selina Hell. Whichever is easier to type.

    Have fun with your other games.
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  6. Kroye Loyal Player

    Can you please log in sometime before October and mail me all your stuff?

    Thank you
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  7. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    i should know by now that "op" really stands for obnoxious player.
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  8. light FX Steadfast Player

    Dont u guys know? People dont actually read the whole sentence these days. Thats the new thing :p In all seriousness its so weird seeing people say the episode drops the 1rst wed of every month. Idk where people got that from. And it looks like some are taking this way too seriously if they are freaking out over an episode being 1 day late or 1 week late. I mean relax already. Is the world ending? I can think of about a gazillion things worse in the world then dcuo content being a lil late. Get a grip ffs.
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  9. megamanzero Loyal Player

    i'm hooked on ratchet and clank
  10. Red Templar Dedicated Player

    Keep the faith! I have been here since Launch. I ran the Isis duo everyday once I hit level 30, no matter what else I was doing that got run. I got the Military Tech chest piece finally about a month ago.

    I still need

    Viking Legs- Family Reunion / Nexus of Reality

    Medieval Shoulders- Hive Moon Base

    Aerial Defender Chest - Avatar of Meta FOS2

    Kryptonian Head - T2 Challenges and FOS Raids

    Then I am done with all the non-iconic styles.
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  11. Controller Devoted Player

    Thanks! Will do. Here's hoping that the pieces you need for your styles fall to you sooner than later.
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  12. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    It dropped the first Wed. for nearly a year. People began to think that was how it would always be. Even the three month cycle wasn't exactly every three months. I remember many times when it was a week or two delayed.
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  13. BigAl Devoted Player

    You left?
  14. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I dont caaaaaarreeee
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  15. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    i'm high on life
  16. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    Lmao all of you well known sugar coaters must get over it, people will do what they want, there's no rules stating you can't complain, this is public forums,so expect the worst and best lmao.
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  17. Skull Collector Committed Player

    People who come to 'complaint/I'm leaving' threads to complain about them are more commonly referred to as hypocrites. Oh, you came here to say you don't care, yet you cared enough to show up and announce that? Ok then, if telling yourself that helps you sleep at night... I guess? It's a forum, get over it. :rolleyes:

    Enjoy your new game OP... I'm still trying to find my new daily staple game since I let my sub run out. I may just revisit some old favourites for now until I can find something new that catches my eye.
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  18. Bobburt Committed Player

    You know, I don't understand it either. And I'm not talking about the OP, I'm talking about myself.

    I canceled my sub last October and don't miss playing the game one bit. Yet I still lurk around on the forums and (for the most part) keep up-to-date on DCUO news. And i'm like 100% certain I will never re-sub. It's a very weird thing haha.

    The game would have to take a very, veeeerrrryy drastic turn in direction for me to even consider re-subbing. Maybe I'm subconsciously holding out hope. Doubt it though :p
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  19. Skull Collector Committed Player

    I think that's the most logical and common reason for most lurkers, to be honest. :)
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  20. Controller Devoted Player

    Is "Sugarcoater" some player's way of calling someone a butt kisser? TBH I've never heard that term before.

    So, the players here who MAY find some issues with the game BUT choose to focus on what they see as POSITIVES are sugarcoaters, now.


    So, what would you call yourself? What's your take on the game? What brings you back?

    I'm not sure of your stance on this game, but as you can see I hope you know what MY stance is. With that being said, riddle me THIS Batman:

    If I'm like the OP and having more fun and good times with TWO other games besides THIS one then why in the world am I coming back HERE to speak bad about the game? Complain about the lateness of the new content?

    Some of us here WANT more time between content now, as is.

    But anyways if you're EVER in need of a decent Controller send me a tell. I trust you I won't bite. And I'm not sunny (or a Sugarcoater) always, like Shazam:

    But I guess you CAN say that I have a positive outlook on this game.