Fixed Enhanced Crests of Krypton

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by AberrantAngel, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. AberrantAngel Committed Player

    This feat is not popping even after the hot fix for the Enhanced amulet of Rao great being fixed.
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  2. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Mepps said it’s fixed internally. I still submitted a ticket and I’ll still upvote though.
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  3. Supremestylez New Player

    Same here,the enhanced rao popped up yesterday,but still missing the crest one
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  4. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    Same for me and a leaguemate I was talking with yesterday.

    Iconic Simulation, US Server (Villain)

    Scar, US Server (Villain)
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  5. UnderworldSelene Well-Known Player

    I'm still waiting for it to be fixed.
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  6. Elda Mad as a Hatter

    Still broken, US PC Villain
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  7. ROOTE Active Player

    Same as of 10:54am eastern, Saturday
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  8. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Yep same for me today as well: [IMG]
    You can even me see me popping the feat on the left.
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  9. Gabrieo New Player

    Same. Got my 3 collection items this morning along with the Enhanced amulet of Rao feat. But the Enhanced Crests of Krypton is not registering that I have Rao.
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  10. Tropical Skittles Taste The Rainbow

    Thank You for the fix for the collections rewards and enhanced rao feat. However, the feat for completing all the enhanced emblems "Enhanced Crests of Krypton" has not popped.
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  11. Sgt Bombero Committed Player

    Same here
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  12. mynch457 Well-Known Player

    I'm having the same problem, where its not showing that I collected the enhanced Rao emblem, even though I have indeed collected it. I have several other league mates with this same issue
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  13. MaryMagdalene_DCUO Well-Known Player

    I have all the enhanced emblems collected and the feat hasn't popped for me
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  14. mynch457 Well-Known Player

    So when I signed in today, I got all of the enhanced emblems and sent them to an alt toon, since Mepps said it was fixed internally. I collected them all, but the feat did not pop as its still showing the the enhanced Rao emblem has not been collected, but I got the feat for collecting the enhanced Rao emblem. Hoping the devs can figure this out soon.
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  15. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    Also having this problem
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  16. xm3n3hun3 Well-Known Player

    guess I'll add myself to the list, I have the enhanced rao emblem feat, but Enhanced Crests of Krypton appears to be still bugged as feat has not popped
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  17. ROOTE Active Player

    Same situation, as of midnight Eastern - also completed the Superboy jacket collection about an hour ago and never received it... but maybe it'll turn up tomorrow after shut down who knows?
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  18. Sctoohlu New Player

    Same here I got the things they fixed including the Rao feast but the enhanced crests still not updating. Show's rao as not being complete
  19. ACLife Active Player

    As of today, this feat "Enhanced Crests of Krypton:" has not popped even though i have collected all emblems including the Enhanced Rao Emblem/
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  20. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    As an additional bit of data, I tried collecting the Enhanced Rao on an alt just now. It did not mark the style collected in this umbrella feat.
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