Enhanced Artifact Synergies

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  1. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Artifacts became kind of stale and there are not many surprises as to what works best and what doesnt work at all.

    The idea is that artifacts get buffed passively without having to touch their values in terms of nerf or buff.

    The general idea:

    Certain artifacts get additional effects based on the rank and accessibility of other pre-set artifacts.


    • Cog of Mageddon: While Tetrahedron of Urgrund is withing the players inventory, its effect is also applied when Cog of Mageddon gets activated.
    • La-Mort Card: While Lerneas Amulet is in the players inventory, Lamort Card activates the buff effect on each finisher use (doesnt apply damage on use but stacks only 5x).
    • Grimbors Chains: While B.O.P. Commlink is in the players inventory, all 3 debuffs are applied when Grimbors Chains gets activated.
    • Gem of Horus: When Venom wrist dispenser is in the players inventory, its Precision buff gets activated each time bleed is applied.
    The effects can only be triggered if the passive artifact in the inventory is at least rank 80 and scales with its level.

    There are many, many more synergies possible that could change or impact the diversity of artifacts being used and let players explose more in depth synergies.
  2. jolaksi Well-Known Player

    The idea is nice but people become really picky when it comes to artifact and their bonuses. Somehow it sounds like these changes can create balance issues on DPS role and its almost like having a 4th(or 5tho_O ) artifact slot without visualizing it.
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  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Obviously this needs to be scaled accordingly to not cause a major imbalance. Thats the whole point of this idea.

    For the 4th/5th artifact slot, its not rare that players have enough artifacts by now to make this happen. Unless youre playing on 6 characters you should be at around 4 to 5 artifacts at rank 160 on at least 3 characters if you play on a regular basis and this gets enhanced by the increased Nth drop through membership and log in reward.
    If i'd only play my main character i would sit at around 13 Rank 200 artifacts simply through smart use of 2x XP weeks and thats a very common thing to do. Also, looking at the current release structure of new artifacts, it looks like we got plenty of XP to spend on older ones since we wont get anynew before march 2022 (or even later).

    Now, for new players its a whole different thing, since they simply dont have the access to all of these artifacts, Nth metal, seals etc. But, since in theory it should be balanced, those players can stick to the current meta for the time they rank up to endgame. Nothing would change in that regard.
  4. zNot Dedicated Player

    Artifacts already caused a massive gap between players that use the OP ones vs those that dont specificly the support roll ones one reason top end players have such a cakewalk blasting through all content with a buff troller and 5 dps and gadget dps if anything they should nerf things not enhance artifacrs or they scale/adjust difficulty with the knowledge that we are simply OP as of now allies have made this even worse now and your idea would make things even more imbalanced im curious to know if they even have plans to rebalance anything cause this game needs it badly the complaints regarding elite raid difficulty (mechanic difficulty is different topic) is a result of OP items/powers i mean killing elite raid bosses in a few minutes often times even less isnt challenging.
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  5. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I'm not for this idea personally.

    This would just cause either more imbalance in the game or artifacts would have to be nerfed back to accommodate for this change.

    Already bad enough with players inventory swapping.

    Anything leaning towards a 4th/5th artefact slot is also a big no. Artefact levelling for new/returning players is already a very long and expensive process, though it has somewhat been mitigated by recent updates and the seasonal vault. We won't be getting more new endgame players by increasing the paywall further.

    We also have the ally system to consider, and with time we will likely get more allies that may become meta later.

    Increase the paywall and you increase the gap between casual and elite players in the game further as well. The narrower that gap is the better we can grasp difficulty and balance and quality of future content releases.
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  6. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Thats correct. However, this system/change/upgrade is not meant for the already OP/Meta artifcats. At least not while using them as a main artifact.

    Something many dont realize is, that more damage always made instances easier. The only way to tackle that is to enhance or add further mechanics wich result in either slowing down combat or forcing multiple support roles on the group. Support roles with their "OP" buff artifacts actually made the game more team based. If we look at EoG spam for example.

    I specifically said that this feature will be enabled with any Rank 80 artifact, wich is super fast to achieve and like i said before, its not to enhance already very good or meta artifacts. The only exception in my given examples are tetra+cog. Those are already good, but currently many players already swap them in and out since groups usually dont consist of pure prec or pure might players.

    Also, something i want to touch on is that many players have no clue wich artifact to use, wich is a messaging issue between the players and the game but thats another story.
  7. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Well said.

    But thats not meant to be a paywall but rather a way of making less useful or effectively weaker artifacts stronger, to a point they may compete or at max, slightly exceed the current meta.

    Difficulty - as seen in recent content releases - has nothing to do with numbers. Well, sure the faster a fight, the easier it is to pass, but ultimately the mechanic will repeat and be easily avoided or passed if the players take the dedication to learn them.

    Also, allies are not meant to be as impactful as artifacts after all. Devs' words.

    I can definitely understand scepticism and a fear of further imbalance, but if done correctly, this could lead to a whole new world of opportunities in terms of playstyle/individuality.
  8. Qwantum Abyss Dedicated Player