End Clipping.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ADG, Jan 3, 2014.

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  1. The Hornet New Player

    Block. There's like zero reason to get greased by a PVP HL DPS in a 1-on-1 situation. It's really quite gimped for 1v1s relative to mental/quantum/gadgets. Learn the HL combos. Figure out which moves in the combo chain are vulnerable to block, then block.
  2. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    clipping.... made me think of animations of action games (is DCUO an action mmo?).... then i found (NSFW: language & bloodyness. "this is why we can't have nice things big guy.") "Let's Play God of War 3! - 007 - Clipping Helios's Wings" ....responsive blocks. fluid animations. combos. power usage. DCUO is not God of War. :oops:

    Hey! When is the DC game with alternate story lines per Iconic character choosen. Campaign!!! Mooooode! (and breaking vases & crates. With Co-Op. For the win. Maybe get some real Villain action?) The Chooosen one!
    It's like a dream of a unicorn.... sword....[IMG]

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_(computer_graphics) :oops:
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  3. IvoMnik New Player

    I've been playing games that require some form of clipping , but never to the extent seen here .

    The most fresh memory I have about such a game is AION - there one had to learn the art of AAC - auto-attack animation cancellation - meaning that one had to learn how to cut of the end ( in most cases ) of an auto-attack with a SKILL CAST .

    But here is the thing - AION is a game that was never meant for the truly idiotic control scheme that consoles have , thus normally BUTTON 1 of the QUICK BAR buttons on a melee char IS OCCUPIED by the action ATTACK - not a SKILL ,just weapon attack , which once activated , continues until another player action interrupts it , the target dies or the player dies .

    The wide spread PC clipping is due to the fact that NOTHING can exceed the level of precision a keyboard and a mouse ( especially gaming grade ones ) have , and because of the lack of auto-attack mechanic like the one AION has , PC players found a way to gamble the system and win .

    Truth about consoles - in the past , hardware manufacturers tried to give consoles mouse and keyboard ( such peripherals were available for the SEGA MEGA DRIVE console way back in the early nineties) , now no one bothers to enable that peripheral for consoles because of the last two console generations .

    Also the idea for combos ( weapon ones here mainly ) seems to be directly "pirated" from AION , but as usual out of context and completely broken .

    In AION one combo's his SKILLs into longer attacks , not weapon attacks ( those are governed by the Auto Attack mechanic ) , and also , if memory serves me well , in high hit chained combos ( upwards of 4th skill ) the combo became virtually uninterruptable - with a catch - combos there went up to 6 max I think , then you dropped to the 1st skill of the rotation so to speak - so one couldn't be beaten to death so easily .

    Here prior to HL , no powerset had skills that could be combo'd , and here is what broke the already broken implementation of the combo system . Also what adds insult to injury here is the fact that the game is governed by the ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS mechanic , which actually is dependent on VISUAL CLUES , which are effectively REMOVED by the clipping here - just a side note - in AION AAC did not COMPLETELY remove animations , it just shortened them .

    Also in AION , there exists this thing - ATTACK speed - it is an effective CHARACTER stat that can be altered either by a modifier on the weapon , or by a SCROLL(type of BUFF , like the buff sodas here) that boosts it , or by some spells that party members grant , or by all of this .

    DCUO does not have attack speed , therefore attack animations have NO OTHER means of being SPED UP except the BROKEN CLIPPING .

    For me , clipping as is in this game , especially in PvP , is outright cheating - it is not sane to call it other than this in a game where the ROCK -PAPER-SCISSORS mechanic is in place
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  4. T20thoughts New Player

    Two points to deal with here:

    1) The reason why clipping is so widespread on the PC compared to the PS3 isn't that the control method is inferior. It's because the game runs better on today's computers than on the PS3's aging architecture. You CAN actually control DCUO on the PS3 with a keyboard... Though I bought a cheap USB one just to be able to typechat better, and still use the joypad because I prefer that.

    2) No game with a rock-paper-scissors mechanic relies entirely on reactions. Ask any fighting game fan. There are things in any game which you simply cannot react to... The reason why people are still able to play these games is because they know the options available to the opponent, and can base their gameplay part on reactions, and part on a strategy/educated guessing based on what's available to the opponent.
    If a game relied on being able to respond to anything the opponent does, nobody would make the first move, because there is a counter to everything.
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  5. Imsms08 New Player

    The only problem I have with clipping is that not all weapon attacks are clipable, for example rifles mortar and bows flurry shot, they get canceled not clipped.
  6. IvoMnik New Player

    Seriously .....

    1. The game is created on an AGING engine - Unreal Engine 3 is as old as 2004 ( yes 2004 , coincidentally you can wikipedia this , but my memories of first screens/short demo are from 2004) - The reason must not be in the PS3 hardware given this fact - it might be either bad coding ,which can be checked by seeing how other games with UE 3 run on PS3 , or just PS3 is bad at running this game cos it is with this engine and being ONLINE only .

    2. Fighting games .... I was most likely playing Mortal Kombat and pumping coins in its arcade incarnation when you did not exist yet ....How you can come up with so moot point is beyond me - in theory the RPS mechanic means exactly that and according to you , people should already do nothing , since we have this set up ...and fighting games ... really ( i do not consider KoF , Tekken , SF or things of that type fighting games , for me MK is the end all be all of the fighting genre ) - in the times of the first few MKs things happened in a flat , 2D plane , and there were no mechanics to hide completely whole action(s) done by your hero .

    Especially MK , with is BLOCK/THROW/JUMP/COMBO mechanics was very very reaction dependent .....You slip with a block/attack/roll away - you end up getting combo-ed to 20% HP left ....or you might slip and still your opponent might be slow to react to the opportunity .
    What part of this is not reaction ?
    MK in its core is REACTION based , and in theory ( well not in theory , but if ran by the AI ) everything is counterable/evadable - here is where personal performance comes into play .
    Same where the mechanics of the older shooters ( up until CRAP-terstrike came into play) such as Duke Nukem 3D , Doom , Quake 1 , Quake 2 , Unreal , Unreal Tournament , Sin , Wages of Sin . Though there was a lil bit of tactical thinking involved (mainly to memorize spawn locations and routes to supplies and some vantage points) the core in them was THE REACTION .

    But I guess you are from the generation that DOES not do PvP unless their target(victim) is tied, gagged and blindfolded , and you hold a pipe in one hand , and a gun in the other if you think that a good fighting game is the one that does not emphasize on reactions .

    You will have epic time in Korean MMOs , since in the majority of them there is always one idiotically OP class which does exactly that - gags , blindfolds and bounds the target , then subsequently nukes it without it even having a chance to retaliate . There are many people who play such classes in such games and then brag about HOW SKILLED they are .... and for the life of me , I can't fathom the level of psycho borkedness that will consider AS SKILL the pounding to death of a target that NEVER EVER had the chance to RETALIATE .
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  7. Caligulus Committed Player

  8. compasionate grenade Committed Player

    You can not clip casting bars.
  9. Agnetta Dedicated Player

    you're a troller right ADG? when you use a defense debuff, do you wait for the animation to fully complete before using another ability like the power dump or a trinket? im sure if you were going for the paradox speedfeat your group would have no issue with you not clipping, right?

    also, which weapon do you use? even if you only do 2 HB taps between power dumps, do you wait for your toon to get out of the HB stance before you dump?

    oh btw how would an HL troll debuff bosses with whipthrash without clipping?
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  10. Redscreen5 New Player

    This is probably one of the funniest threads iv'e read since joining forum. LoL invisible ? I've played from a hard light perspective and i'd agree with previous poster compared to the likes of Mental, Gadgets and even Nature HL has its flaws (1v1 basis).

    Most of its precision based combo's are prone to counter mechanics, if you don't understand the power set (which clearly is the case) then of course your going to struggle, at the end of the day the things we don't understand in this game are usually the hardest to come by. My advise would be to play as HL and understand the power before moaning about it. I was in exactly the same position near enough when it was released (back when hold claw was the most OP power in PvP) and now I don't struggle as much.

    Clipping certainly takes skill, its actually quite a process to fully grasp the timing of HL as well as knowledge of the combo's. To me cheating is when you've got opponents who spam their 35% with assistance of various shields, anf input little use of weapon combo's, that is more of an exploitation then clipping.

    Tanks without phase dodge when T5 first released ? If clipping was remove DC would be in the stone ages.
  11. Stamen Dedicated Player

    There was a day when you might get pulled out of a PvP match by a GM for clipping. That was before they made up their mind how to deal with it.

    Personally, I've got no problem with clipping. It's just the idea that you can now clip a clip of another clip by jump canceling a clip after clipping it with your consumable that you just used to clip with.... or something like that. :)

    It's gotten a bit over the top when players can use five powers on a skill bar + one consumable in just a couple of seconds. Not sure I could call that working as intended, but it is what is. Learn to do it, or don't.
  12. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    U actually can clip mortar - it just needs to be timed right. Using a power immediately after mortar is triggered will cancel the prec damage, even though the animation of mortar dropping on target will still play out. If U clip at (or just before) the 3rd shot sound effect - U'll get the damage and shave off a little of the cast-time.

    Still, I find mortar fiddly to use, at least with the XBox controller, that I play with - there's a risk of triggering rolling combos which can get me killed in t5 raids. So I don't even spec it anymore.
  13. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    100% disagree w/ you on that one you can clip the same on PC.
  14. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    100% disagree w/ you on your commend.
  15. Magical Reset Committed Player

    Commend? Thank you? I guess?
  16. IvoMnik New Player

    You posting a video containing a direct insult in its name - how educated of you ....

    English is not my main language , and in time long forgotten I might have been better at it , but gratz to you for attacking people for that , when many born and raised into that language fail to properly use "TO" and "TOO" if they can actually adequately differentiate the two .... all this is in no less part courtesy of the internet batardization of the language in recent years .

    Should I now post a line or two in my native language and scold you for not knowing jack about how to even read Cyrillic alphabet ?

    Case in point - you just sided with one side in regards of the game engine/hardware issues of the PS3 - find me other games for PS3 that run on UE3 and have that level of problems .

    Oh , and weren't you , the console crowd , buying consoles because of their epic power , the lack of frequent hardware upgrades as opposed to PCs .... or the reason is cos PCs actually require some sort of involvement and maintenance and a lil bit above average tech abilities to truly use them as a gaming/entertainment platform ?

    I guess I stepped on your toes big time , master Magical Reset . Shall I now roll over ? Or maybe play dead ?
  17. Magical Reset Committed Player

    Don't run from the topic. Creative Director's video on the DLC is the latest example of devs commenting on the PS3 limitation issue. The entire game is limited by the PS3 hardware whether you like it or not. A MMO's game architecture has a lot more components than the engine. The limited hardware is precisely why I don't play the game on console.

    Poor logic transcends language. If you can't tell already, I have no stake in either "side" of the argument. Your post was the most polemic of them all contributing nothing to the conversation but a very interesting rant on nothingness. Ultimately, people wouldn't care about clipping if it were purely a PvE thing. That's more to do with the way this game's combat design than clipping. People only whine about clipping because they are getting one-shotted in PvP. Clipping or not, there will still be people one shotting other players because it's a fundamental combat design issue rather than a mechanics one.
  18. DG-MOD-04 New Player

    Hi everyone. I am closing this thread as it has gotten very non-constructive.
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