EMP Still Interruptible

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  1. Predicament Well-Known Player

    Compared to all the other powers that have a 300cost melee 3sec cool down power, Gadgets EMP is still interruptible. This seems to be the left over build that wasn't changed out from AM. If this is intended, it is extremely unbalanced compared to others.
  2. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    The damage register as soon as you cast emp. I really think it is impossible to interrupted
  3. Predicament Well-Known Player

    I am talking about counter mechanics, if you're getting lunged or if someone finishes a melee combo on you, you get knocked down and take counter damage
  4. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Oh I thought you were talking bout pve. My fault
  5. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I remember people asking about removing EMP's vulnerability attribute early in the Revamp process.

    The original idea was that leaving it vulnerable to interrupt justified EMP Pulse's higher damage output. According to Revamp Guidelines, removing the vulnerability would reduce the damage output by some amount. I imagine it would be closer to Vortex Cannon's base damage value without the interrupt. There was also the issue of wanting to keep EMP Pulse close to the way it worked on Live.

    It'd be interesting to compare the base damage values for other 300 cost melee powers, but that would be a time-consuming project.
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  6. Predicament Well-Known Player

    I don't mind testing other powers 300 melee ranged powers I just need to understand the bases of how you test power damage to replicate the same numbers. Are you going no gear and no skill points? I am trying to base my numbers off your numbers you listed on your guide.
  7. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    1. Respec so you only have one SP invested into a travel power.
    2. Make sure you have no offensive tactical mods equipped. This includes Max Damage, Core Strength, Penetrating Strikes, Escalating Might, and Blaster Adapter

    1. You don't have any League Proficiencies active.
    2. You are testing against a solo sparring target in the League Hall.
    3. You are going to test using Damage role.

    1. Record your Might stat. For the purposes of this example, I'm going to use 7513 Might.
    2. Select a Power. For this example, we'll use Cryo-Field.
    3. Collect at least 75 to 100 data samples. For Cryo-Field, this only requires a couple minutes of testing. Record the minimum and maximum damage. Exclude any critical hits. For me, the range was 99 to 132.
    4. Calculate the base damage value for the lower end of the range.
    Base Damage Value = (Damage / (Might * 50%) / 88%) * 100
    Base Damage Value = (99 / (7513 * 0.5) / 0.88) * 100
    Base Damage Value = (99 / (7513 * 0.5) / 0.88) * 100
    Base Damage Value = (99 / 3756.5 / 0.88) * 100
    Base Damage Value = 2.995
    That gets rounded to "3"

    Why is that multiplied by 100? That gives you an integer value and makes it easier for comparisons. Where did the 88% come from? Most NPCs (including sparring targets) mitigate 20% of damage. That means you do 80% of your intended damage. Damage role gives a 10% bonus. Multiply the two and you get 88% Where does the (Might * 50%) come from? A 50% modifier is applied to your Might stat. The formula displayed in-game uses 100%, but that is out of date.

    5. Calculate the base damage value for the upper part of the range.
    Base Damage Value = (Damage / (Might * 50%) / 88%) * 100
    Base Damage Value = (132 / (7513 * 0.5) / 0.88) * 100
    Base Damage Value = (132 / (7513 * 0.5) / 0.88) * 100
    Base Damage Value = (132 / 3756.5 / 0.88) * 100
    Base Damage Value = 3.993
    That gets rounded to "4"

    7. So the base damage range for Cryo-Field is 3 to 4 for each tick. Taking the average as 3.5 and multiplying that by 24 ticks, you get 84 cumulative average.

    8. If you're feeling highly industrious, calculate the base damage range for any power interactions that exist for a specific power. Simply adding "10%" to a damage range usually isn't sufficient. For the sake of this example, Cryo-Field has damage range of 132 to 165 for me with Electrified setup. That gives a base damage range of 4 to 5 for each tick. With a 4.5 average and 24 ticks, that gives a cumulative average of 108 base damage for Cryo-Field with power interaction setup.

    If you are on PC, using a Log Analyzer for this process is highly encouraged. Simply delete your combat.log after each testing attempt.

    This process can be extremely time-consuming if you are dealing with a power that only produces a single damage tick and there is a long cooldown.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Predicament Well-Known Player

    Okay, now I understand why you say it's time consuming. Quick question though, why can't you just remove the additional math of might and defense mitigation by performing all your test with no gear or skill points used at level 30 with no generator mods. Don't all characters have the same stats at level 30 with no gear on?
  9. TheDark Devoted Player

    Because finding Base damage means finding the damage value of a power with zero might. Even if you took off all the gear, no mods or sp, that would not put your toon at zero might. I think it would be around 200 something.
  10. TheDark Devoted Player