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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Red Five, Apr 4, 2023.

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  1. IonHero Committed Player

    Will the "The @#$%&ing Bastich Bomb" and "Proposal Emote Trinket" continue to remain trinkets? or will they become collectible emotes? (I suppose there are ways they could be both?, like a style being collected when the item is equipped)
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  2. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    May the force be with you, always.
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  3. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Can you also add the new emotes (marry, $@!?).
    I like the new emote system!

    Edit: Is it also possible to fix the bug, that the emote gets interrupted if someone gets too close to you?
  4. RTX Well-Known Player

    BUG: Previously equipped emotes do not exchange when trying to equip others in the wheel. (They dont overwrite existing ones on save)

    The emotes wheel also needs a timer/spam protection.
  5. Mr.W Committed Player

    Hey Red Five, I think the emote system is pretty cool but I honestly feel the prices are a bit steep just to do different waves & dances. 25 source marks out prices every catalyst in the game and almost every ally favor.

    It would be better if it were the 1350-2000 cash or a currency we don't have the ability to exchange for source marks yet like time beacons.
  6. Zoe· YouTuber

    Honestly the prices are fine. You don't have to have all the emotes, you can get just something you want. It's not hard to get source marks either. I wouldn't want to waste side currencies from open world raid bosses on stuff like that. Source Marks are the primary currency of the game for most things and it should stay this way. And It's just the start of the emotes, aswell.
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  7. Mr.W Committed Player

    I get your perspective & respect it. & while this new system is cool I see emotes the same as buying classic & lava skin lol. they shouldn't cost more than catalysts, most ally favor, or more most of the older vendor gear which gives feats in my opinion.
  8. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Since pandoras box is open.. Is it possible to have this set up for inventory?? Like a quick INVENTORY menu(NON FULL SCREEN MENU)

    Whether it be a WHEEL like this OR
    A mini 10-15 item inventory menu that takes about 1/5-1/6th corner screen space.. Transparent effect not too much opacity for the menu..

    The menu is too clunky to maneuver quickly MID BATTLE.. a mini inventory can get around this clunkiness QOL
    Will also support art swap more fluider and other quick inventory changes.. I know alot of MMOS have this QUICK INVENTORY menu.. Im surprised DCUO doesnt have this feature yet.. Please make this happen ASAP!
  9. Babù Level 30

    Hello :)

    Why there are Blue and Green emotes colors? What's the difference between them? To Plastic Man Emote Vendor, I saw only green emotes . Doesn't sell blue versions?
  10. Red Five Developer

    Thanks for the report! We have identified a bug causing this and are working to fix it.
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  11. Zoe· YouTuber

    It's likely Rare > Epic > Exotic like collections. I am guessing
    Green and Blue available in game while Purple\Gold will be available on Market Place\Capsules\Boosters
  12. Anak Panah Well-Known Player

    I just had a look at the styles windows on test and all is sorted in a weird order which makes no sense to me (by last usage?) with seemingly no option to bring back an alphabetical order.

    Please don't do this.

    While this maybe a good idea as an additional, optional sorting order, it is not a good idea as a default sorting order.

    On my main on live I have 61 pages of chest styles. With alphabetical order I have to (possibly) browse a lot of pages until I get to the style I want, but I can easily see where to go, because I know where to expect the style I want.

    With the sorting order on test, I do not know where to expect the style I want. That means I have to browse all 61 pages and pay close attention to all pages where the style I am looking for might be. And bang... instead of saving me some time with that new sorting order, I am losing time.

    Please don't do this or at least make it optional. Alphabetical sorting order should always be the default for quick access.


    P.S.: If you really want to make an convenience update to the styles menus, please keep the alphabetical sorting order and let us JUMP to a page, e.g. I enter 30 and the menu jumps to page 30.
  13. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Read the patch notes. It's an unintended bug.
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  14. Anak Panah Well-Known Player

    Man, am I glad to hear that. :D

    (Sorry for not reading the patch notes. Since other known issues are prominently mentioned atop of their respective threads, I thought that would be the case here too.)

    (Also sorry to the dev team for thinking they would come up with something like this. I am also on fandom.com and users there get regularly punished with improvements which are no improvements like this.)
  15. Red Five Developer

    Lol yeah it was definitely not an improvement. It was sorting the styles from oldest to newest, so it would be good for a walk down memory lane, but not for much else!
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  16. RTX Well-Known Player

    What´s about spam protection ma boy?!
  17. Zoe· YouTuber

    Hey @RedFive, is the Emotes system ready to go live with the episode today?
  18. Gravedigger Active Player

    @RedFive I could’ve sworn i read somewhere that we get to keep emotes when switching personalities too? What if i was primal back in 2011 & switched since then, will it recognize my past & give me those emotes?
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