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  1. Liightmare New Player

    i was wondering why electrogenesis has a cooldown thats double the length of time of the actual power? egen does ticks of dmg that split horribly after a few ads and lasts about 11-12 sec. the cooldown for it last almost 30 secs. its time we reduce the cooldown to last the same amount as the dmg from the power does. lets bring the cooldown to 11-12 sec.
  2. Sidelube New Player

    I believe its too keep it from being spammed, in healing role.
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  3. MARK2099 New Player

    Sorcery have perma HOT in cop and i see ticks are actually higher than electricity since every power it uses increase critical, also electrogenesis is good only if both targets are close to do the tick faster, if both targets are far the ticks feel too be slow and when you see the cooldown seem to be a little weak compare to other HOT powers.

    Atleast electrogenesis in dps role is better than our new overheat fire power which is lame even with inmolation active and is only one target on top 6 seconds and power consumption lol.
  4. Sidelube New Player

    Distance from eachother has nothing to do with the "ticks", it's more of a shield than a HoT, because it heals AS you take damage(as well as having static ticks).
  5. Liightmare New Player

    electrogen is the only power of its kind to have a cooldown that last double what the actual power last. since the devs are just figuring out mistakes theyve made with fireburst maybe this is something that was also over looked.
  6. recespieces31 New Player

    Actually Electrogenesis the power last about 70%-75% of its cool down...it no where near lasts double, unless they recently just changed the power
  7. Liightmare New Player

    i tested it out again before i posted this. the power does dmg for about 11-12 sec and the cooldown last for almost 30 sec
  8. BrotherMutant New Player

    Doubtful that its been changed. And I don't think the cooldown changes if you are in DPS vs Healer stance. It does last about 75% of the cooldown so 11-12 and 30 would be real wrong. Great thing about 'Genesis is that even though you and whoever gets the other aura get only one tick every so often, anyone near either of you gets a tick too. SO, if they are near BOTH of you, they get TWO ticks back-to-back so it just feels faster. If you are the unfortunate slob who gets the aura besides the healer, you cannot get the other guy's tick (don't matter how close you are).

    Way this is helpful is we can either mass heal the support toons (slap the aura on a troller or another healer that is at range) OR slap it on the tank or a melee DPS toon and then retreat like little school girls back to the other support toons (basically half healing the whole team). Each situation is different but I prefer to double heal the other support toons with 'Genesis and use my single target (capacitor and surge) to Burst heal my Melee players (tanks and DPS). Of course, reapplying the "safety net" and using galvanize and/or Ionic drain when appropriate. Rarely is the INVIGORATE SC used and only becuz I go out of my way to help trollers with blue (they r so nice to me, I feel like helping).
  9. Liightmare New Player

    once again for the slow kids. ive just timed it to make sure. the power ticks 9 times once every sec. thats a 9 secs of dmg or health. the cooldown for it last for about 22 sec so yes for the 3rd time in this post the cooldown for this power is double the time than the actual power. if you dont think thats what it is then i suggest you go try it out yourself
  10. Octantis New Player

    Never used it in DPS role. I used other powers. In Healer the time between the effect's fpduration and its cooldown were manageable fairly easily. I'm curious now if the cooldown on it is different for DPS and Healer roles. I'd check but at the moment I don't have an Electric toon ...
  11. BrotherMutant New Player

    So I did my OWN testing today. Sadly, he is correct FOR DPS STANCE ONLY. For healer stance it lasts SLIGHTLY longer than half the time fo the cooldown (i'd say IF its 22 seconds it lasts for 12 seconds of healing aura). No idea how many HEAL ticks you get as I am not one to stand in battle countin the dam things. My apollogies for being inaccurate in my earlier post, it just didn't make sense that there would be TWO animation length times. :p
  12. recespieces31 New Player

    So, Electrogenesis did get changed then in Healer stance...boo :(
  13. Liightmare New Player

    no worries. i want this fixed for us electric guys. we could use it after all the nerfs weve received. can we get a dev to look into this and possibly fix :) and while were at it how making ebomb do more dmg to enemies below 35% health. its dumb that electric is the only power without a finisher and its about time we get it. no need to wait a year for the electric revamp these are small fixes that will bring electric inline with the other powers now
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  14. Liightmare New Player

    with this addition i wont even care if they do a power revamp like they did for fire/ice/mental/gadgets

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