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  1. Original Empress Well-Known Player

    I have the basic load-out for electricity but I am using BIOELECTRIC SURGE to clip after clipping with wired. BIO SURGE is an attack buff of 35%. With Max Damage hand TAC MOD 60%. The toon has 160 skill points. I use hand blasters. My rotation goes:
    Electrocute/wired, SOLAR FLAME, Electrogenesis/BIO SURGE, SOLAR FLAME, Arc Lightning/BIO SURGE, SOLAR FLAME, Voltaic Bolt/BIO SURGE, SOLAR FLAME. Power back is minimal despite advanced mechanic being active due to all giving power back with Electrocute active but with a decent CONTROLLER it can be kept going indefinitely. CRITICAL ATTACK DAMAGE have maxed as high as 180K with TICS from DOTs as high as 97K. It is still not hitting as hard as the high hitters but with only the loss of Super Charge in load-out it is doing better and hitting faster than ever before. I'm sorry I do not have the ability to video. Screen capture always lags gameplay for me.
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  2. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    too bad you can't make a video, i would love to see this in action.
  3. Original Empress Well-Known Player

    I tried a couple of times to record it but unfortunately it's always too dark and/or choppy. Not really worth watching.
  4. IamINC Dedicated Player

    Have you considered using WoP as your SC to give you power back?

    Would be good to see this in action.
  5. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    I'm not very familiar with Electricity so forgive my ignorance, but what exactly are you getting out of Bio Surge? Literally every power is a 60% modifier (not buff) with Max Damage in DPS stance.
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  6. Absolix Loyal Player

    You are right. The OP appears to have misread the power descriptions. Bioelectric Surge is Electricity's priority heal that has a second heal on group members with the Bio-Charge safety net heal. It is close to useless for Dps.
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  7. apocalypsegodx Loyal Player

    Y are u clipping with that heal ? I mean yea it looks cool but, arch lightning has a shorter animation time then wht your clipping it with .
  8. Original Empress Well-Known Player

    Bioelectric surge is used for 5 reasons none of which are it's heal since it only heals allies with a bio charge. Without invigorate or bio capacitor active it won't heal.
    1. It increases all damage by 35%
    2. It has a very short cool down
    3. It consumes very little power
    4. It clips all the powers
    5. It is available without changing the powers you would normally get for Electric dps.
    No it is not a buff I apologize but as a modifier it is affected by the max damage tac mod for hands and with wired active which IS a might and precision buff that a 60% increase on the solar flame that follows it every time it clips a power. That actually explains quite a bit since the weapon attacks crit higher than the powers. Perhaps adding more precision to the skill point allocation would be a good idea.
  9. stärnbock Devoted Player

    how about not clipping bio surge? you will not go out of power so fast, the clipp provides nothing to the overall speed of your attacks and the 60% buff is granted without bio surge anyways... im sorry but, you are just throwing power out of the window with it...
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  10. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Mate every single power has a damage modifer, and all of them are 60% with Max Damage. Clipping another power in between there won't net you even 1% damage because your modifier is fixed at 60% by default whenever you use any power.

    And besides, comparing your weapon crits to your power ticks makes no sense at all with a dot powerset, or with any powerset really. If you want to know if you're doing more Prec or Might damage, check out a combat log analyzer and see how much damage you actually did instead of comparing individual ticks that work off completely different mechanics.
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  11. krytine Loyal Player

    Sorry i have to say something. You are mistaken on a few things. Now i dont agree with the op but first bio surge is a priority heal it heal you and one other without bio cap with bio cap or envigorate or one one o5her power you can heal all those with a bio charge on them
    2. Wired buffs might and crit magnatude not precision. Just wanted you to have the facts better thats all
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  12. Mazahs Loyal Player

    The minute you said BIO SURGE I stopped reading. Using it for a clip is a waste of power since you can already use consumables that actually do damage, don't cost power and can be used for PI.

    Sorry bud, but this doesn't work. Especially since max damage gives everything a 60% modifier
  13. Original Empress Well-Known Player

    You know what? None of you have to use this. I was sharing what works for me. You all see detriment. I see compliment. Maybe it just works for my style of play. I like it and will continue to work with it.
  14. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Apologies as that came out more than slightly jaded. What myself and a few others are pointing out is that using Bio, really doesn't benefit you in the long run. TBH, yes it's a good clip but one that doesn't help you the way you described, as long as you are using max damage mod.

    Play how you want, enjoy it since it is a game.
  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Play how you want. No one is telling you to stop. They are telling you the power your using to clip does not work the way you think it does. There are other powers, for dps role, you can clip with. That's all they are saying. Your comment about being more precision heavy is a step in the write direction. Electric, nature, earth, and sorcery all benefit more from weapon damage than might damage. Most of those powers yellow numbers are small or dots.

    Use whatever makes you happy, but don't post on the forums and think people won't have something to say. Plus, people like videos more than a random load out thrown on the forum. Seeing your load out in use would better back you or would help point out flaws.
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  16. TheUnholyTaco New Player

    I hate to derail, but can you even get this Tac Mod anymore?
  17. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    It's a standard boost level mod.
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  18. Rigby Active Player

    Ok so I tried this out last night on my sparring target and in the Hades duo and I liked it. First of all it's fun because you stay busy, and secondly my damage did seem to go up. Not sure if I'll be moving too far up the scoreboard against the hard hitters but I like the idea of this load out a lot.

    Some others have pointed out a couple misconceptions like bio surge only healing with a bio charge, but I actually like that it heals you every time you clip with it. And the speed at which it clips does speed up the attacks, which is the sole reason it works. And someone else pointed out that there are consumables (Electrostatic Pulse Device electrifies enemies) that can be used for clipping, and this is true but those consumables have a longer cool down than bio surge. You can actually clip bio surge with voltaic bolt every cast, but like the OP said it's power hungry. During the Hades duo I had to utilize everything in my arsenal to power myself up (*note - I only used bio surge to clip and no consumables). I plan on tinkering with the load out to fit my play style and experimenting with this some more using consumables whenever they're available and bio surge the rest of the time. Thanks to the OP for throwing out new ideas.

    Btw, as a disclaimer, I don't proclaim to be an expert at electricity by any stretch, a casual user at best. My typical load out consists of electrocute, wired, electroburst, electrogenesis, arc lightning, and voltaic bolt, and I use handblasters (I like scissor kick for its mobility). The way I use the load out is situational of course.
  19. The VL Active Player

    There are countless "styles of play" that people use and "will continue to use", it does not mean it is the best nor does it mean it is generally acceptable by all. You may want to work on that. For example today, in the Starro Spore Duo, Mental DPS firing Dual Pistols, using Grandeur, and an occasional AM powers. It worked sure, was it the best? No. Was it helpful to me? No. If anything that player wasted both my time and his. I've gone through this thread and being able to take constructive criticism is key to becoming a better player. This is the forums, you should expect that and take it into consideration rather than blowing it off.

    Now to address the concerns with your setup, the reason for clipping anything at all as a dps is to save animation time in order to "dps faster." You're somewhat incorrect and misinformed on a few things. Here is my input:
    • You have to keep in mind the animations for some of the powers are not severely time consuming and that Bio-Surge itself has an animation. It is faster yes but its really not by much and Bio-Surge has absolutely no relevancy to DPS role or and damage bonus.
    • You keep pointing out the "35% damage bonus." Plenty of powers are damage modifiers, it doesn't mean they're added onto the Tactical Mod of Max Damage. What Max Damage does is raise every power's damage bonus to that 60%. Nothing special is being done here by using Bio-Surge, again no relevancy to damage.
    • "Power back is minimal despite advanced mechanic being active due to all giving power back with Electrocute active but with a decent CONTROLLER it can be kept going indefinitely." Power Back is minimal because Bio-Surge is not part of the DPS Advanced Mechanic.
    • Wired buffs might and crit damage magnitude, not precision. You should look that up in the effects.
    • You're starting your rotation by clipping Electrocute into Wired, the clip itself is perfect however that is NOT when you should do it. By starting out with that, you're missing out on DPS. You should Clip those two AFTER your target is already electrified to get Power Interaction bonus damage.
    • You're also not using Electroburst, which means you're not getting all of your DoT powers out. And even if the bug with Electrogenesis's DoT counting twice is still working, by the time you cast Electrogenesis again to get the DoT you miss out on DPS. If its adds in a raid, they'd surely be dead before you get that extra DoT in.
    TL;DR/Conclusion: You clipping Bio-Surge is factually and statistically doing more harm than good. You're also wasting power, sacrificing DoT, missing PI Damage Bonus due to your rotation, and missing the DoT by not using Electroburst leads to weaker DPS overall due to the very core of Electric DPS being a DoT Power. (PS: I'd totally outdps you Electric vs Electric. :eek:)
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  20. Ant Tao Well-Known Player

    I played similarly to this. Ive spent hours on sparring targets and checking my parses on live. This playstyle is what generated the highest numbers in the shortest time for me:

    Egen/wired, solar flare (sf)/electrocute, sf/voltaic bolt. Once the dot's are set up, start clipping with scissor kick (sk) instead of sf and clip sk with shockwave until voltaic bolt comes off cooldown. Save the last spot for circuit breaker.

    Shockwave vs arc lightning:
    Shockwave does more damage and has a smaller cooldown.
    Since wired already electrifies enemies with weapon attacks, arc lightning is useless (it doesnt spread dot).
    Arc lightning is only good for power regen in solos and duos.

    Scissor kick vs solar flare:
    Solar flare is quicker, but does less damage in the long run.
    Both solar flare hits would have to crit in order for it to be close to the third sk hit in damage.
    Having sk crit is way more probably than having both hits of sf hit.
    I use sf to set up dots quicker or clip it with shockwave on low life adds to get more damage off quicker. Sk does more damage on high health and hits a wider range (good to electrify enemies).

    Circuit breaker:
    Elec players sleep on this move. It is a temporary damage and crit buff that you can get quickly (only 35% charge).

    Bio surge is strictly a healing move though. For dps, it just makes you look pretty.