Electricity DPS (AM) help needed

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  1. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    Hi, I am trying to do an electricity advanced mechanic dps loadout, but I am having issues with power. I have looked up some guides on google, youtube etc but am not seeing what I am doing wrong.

    Would fighting higher cr content have an effect on the power return? I have been doing some duos, corrupted z and flash museum and I was cr 116 (128 now). Would the CR differenc eaffect my power return mechanic?
  2. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    Does nobody play electricity?
  3. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Naw, to many players don't play electric, because it's the 2 weakest dps power
  4. mtanasas Well-Known Player

    electro genesis, arc lightning, electro burst, eletrocute clip with voltaic bolt clip with wired
    then, solar kick, arc lightning, solar kick, voltaic bolt... this is what i do and i dont get any problem with power
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  5. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Power return is the same regardless or cr. The true advanced mechanic loadout is Electroburst, Electrogenesis, Arc Lightning, Wired, Voltaic Bolt, and Electrocute. Just don't clip too fast and you will get your power back. Eburst and Egenesis start your dots, use Arc to electrify them, hit VBolt to add 3rd dot and it becomes 1 big dot, then clip Wired with Electrocute as it ads a dot if they are electrified. Refresh wired and electrocute, use arc for burst damage, and vb to refresh dot. So if you do that right on a boss let's say, you have 3 dots total.

    To get 4 dots you can replace arc with static push I think it is, it polarizes them making electrocute give out 2 dots instead. It won't give power back but will be a good wm burst and extra dot damage.

    Another loadout I'm trying is Egenesis, Wired, Electrocute. Then Static push, Ebomb, and either Electroburst or Circuit Breaker. Use either hand blast scissor kick or one hand flip slash move. You can get 5 dots if Eburst not CB and have 2 burst moves. Note you will need to refresh your dots as you won't have VB.

    Tip- for Electrocute to apply dots, target must have power interaction(s) first. Wired put on people will cause them to electrify their target making arc useless, so more or less better at boss fights.
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  6. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    Do you have to reapply electroburst, electrogenesis and wired when they come off cool down?
  7. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    On the first loadout no, unless more ads come out because unlike nature, you have to apply your dots rather then spread them from one ad. Wired you have to refresh as that's a buff.

    On the second loadout, you have to continually refresh the first three mentioned and Eburst and apply pi's before electrocute.
  8. L T Devoted Player

    Try to keep electrocute and wired always on cool down.

    As for electroburst or electrogenesis... you only have to apply them when the adds that have the PI die. Depending on who you're running the content with, this could be happening all the time. During a boss fight you only have to apply them once and you should be good-- as long as you hit something with both of these powers.
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  9. unitedmeck Well-Known Player

    Hero or villian cause im a hero and ill show u what i use contact my electric down below once game is back
  10. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    As others mentioned the power return is the same as long as you use powers that are within the AM:
    electrocute, eburst, egen, wired, arc, vbolt

    Any powers outside of the AM (popular ones are shockwave, circuit breaker, tesla ball) will not regen power.

    If you setup a max DoT (eburst->egen->arc->vb) and clip 1 hand flip slash or handblaster scissor kick you should be OK with power. Plus you can keep electrocute and wired on cooldown always. If you try a faster attack, like solar flame or dual wield dual throw, you will probably run out of power at CR 116. Being fully modded with power mods in your yellow gear slots will help. I think if you also use SP to get the power crit heals it helps too for power regen? Not sure but the descriptions sounds like it does. I never have power issues on my fully modded main, but my villain alt has no mods and only 59 sp, and I do struggle with power.
  11. RLManuel Committed Player

    When I made an electric character I followed the power back instructions and I didn't have any problems.
  12. Ant Tao Well-Known Player

    I feel like deva gave electricity no thought. You have 2 choices when it comes to dps because of the lack of loadout size: (a) max dot in 1 rotation without a supercharge or strong burst, or (b) max dot in 2 rotations with a supercharge.

    A) pretty much what everyone said above

    B) Slower start, but higher overall damage potential:
    Egen clipped with wired, solar flare clipped with electrocute, solar flare clipped with voltaic bolt. Clip solar flare or scissor kick with shockwave until egen cools down. Clip solar flare with egen, then clip solar flare with voltaic bolt. Then clip scissor kick or solar flare with shockwave between refreshing dot. Throw in the circuit breaker supercharge too.

    Pros of shockwave: more damage/ fast cooldown makes it better for clipping/ wired already electifies enemies, so using arc lightning is redundant
    Cons: not part of the AM, so it eats power without a troll/ lower attack range

    I typically do A for solos and duos because of the power back and B for raids.

    I tested this a while ago , but you lose damage using static push compared to shockwave. It polarizes enemies and increases damage on polarized enemies. The first hit does low damage because you are polarizing the enemy. Meanwhile shockwave already does its max damage when following the AM. I did a bad job of explaining this. I hope it makes sense lol.
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  13. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    They need to work on the AM for Electric tons of issues with it .