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  1. Bloodranger Active Player

    Hi everyone,
    I am trying to figure out this electricity DPS AM but I can never get power back!
    I never had this problem with Rage or Quantum.
    Can someone explain to me how it works? And prescribe a good load out and rotation?

  2. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    To get power back when using Electric's AM you need to do your powers in a certain order. From Max Volt in his guide.
    Check out this thread for loadouts. https://forums.station.sony.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/lightning-guide.120/
  3. Alpha Cell Well-Known Player

    Powers I suggest: Wired, Electrogenesis, Circuit Breaker, Voltaic Bolt, Arc Lightning, Electrocute

    You'll wanna start your rotation by clipping Electrogenesis with Wired. Then do a quick WM combo, then straight into Arc Lightning --> Electrocute --> Voltaic Bolt. Then spam your WM combos until Electrogenesis and Wired are off cooldown. Then repeat the entire process. After the second rotation, you won't need to use Electrogenesis anymore until you reach the next mob. From then on just clip Voltaic Bolt with Wired.
  4. blklightning New Player

    If someone wants to lean might though, they can rely fully on the burst damages dealt by Arc and VB. So, cycling through AM powers and only using WM when the rotations aren't fully off cooldown can be super effective.

    Egen /c Wired
    Arc -> eCute -> VB -> TB -> Arc -> VB
    Arc -> VB -> TB
    repeat... ish

    I'm lazy, I hate using WM.
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  5. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    You need to use Arc Lightning (AL) right after Electrogenesis (EG) to get the power refund. I haven't tried clipping it with Wired, but it should be fast enough if you are quick. You need to use EG twice to get the max dot, and everything needs to stay electrified. Wired is not part of the AM, but you should keep it up at all times for the might boost. So you cat start your rotation with Wired, or I clip it with Voltaic bolt to cut the VB animation.

    The AM order for power refund is: EG->AL->Electrocute->VB

    You can use any of the AM powers before VB for the refund, but EG, AL, Elec must be in that order. I didn't list Electroburst because you need to be in melee range, but that is also part of the AM.

    My rotation is: EG->AL->Elec->VB c/Wired->WM Combo->AL->VB->WM Combo->EG->AL->Elec->VB c/Wired

    If you get the 2nd EG on the boss, then you have a max DoT and don't need to use EG again. You just need to refresh with VB every 10 seconds. Because AL and VB have short cool downs, I usually use them together because you get the power refund.

    Powers that do extra damage on electrified enemies like Shockwave and Telsa Ball are also good to work into your rotation. I don't use Circuit Breaker because I'm not sure how it interacts with the DoT. You have alot of flexibility with what you do as long as you refresh your DoT with VB (pickups, terminals, etc.).

    As blklightning said you don't need to even use WM combos, It's just something I do to time the cooldown on EG. You can also put in Shockwave, TB, etc.
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  6. Bloodranger Active Player

    Thanks for all the help guys! Its finally looking good :D
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