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  1. surge914 New Player

    So a lot of people say electric healing is more of a support healing in other words not that great. In my experience I tried sorcery and electric and sorcery is way easier. Electric seems to be more of power healing since the healing over time(HoT) are not great but everything is instant cast which doesn't seem to matter when you keep getting hit so you have to keep spamming power. Sorcery also on the other hand can give a shield to the team while electric cannot. I can't talk for nature cause I haven't used it but they say its about the same as sorcery in its easy to heal. I think what could make electric healing better is if flux( a shield) can be used on the team as well in healing stance or more better, if group transducer actually healed the same amount you get hit by when used. Kind of like trancendence but it won't last as long an only heals when you get hit. What do you guys think?
  2. Karasawa Dedicated Player

    Anyone who says electric healing isn't that great probably doesn't know what they're talking about. I've healed pretty much all the raids in the game with each of the healing powersets and they're all perfectly capable of handling the content. Yes, some powersets are better at some things than others but that's how it should be. Honestly, if I had to solo heal prime or something I'd rather be electric than sorc.

    Here's the deal. If the raid is going smoothly and no one is really dying then an electric healer's numbers won't be as high as a sorc's for reasons I think you already know. In this situation the healers will mainly just rely on their HoTs and do some spot healing here and there. And electric probably has the worst HoTs out of the healer powersets. Electrogenesis is definitely good, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't compare to CoP or Savage/Meta. On the other hand, if the raid is not smooth and people are taking a lot of damage then biocap and invigorate will be making a huge difference and the numbers will reflect that.
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  3. BaddestJade New Player

    Karasawa is spot on.

    Electric is not more power hungry, its just players not understanding it correctly and just spamming galvanise. Electric even gives a small fraction of power back. Sure the HoT could be a touch better, but I don't feel electric needs a shield perse as it has the safety net heals from bio cap and also invigorate will give them the safety. I am a melee healer and whilst sorc was good for it, electric does it better at least for me. In pvp its def no slouch, and since everyone takes a while to die with their pets around.. bouncing arc lightning off everyone has added benefits.
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  4. Anierna New Player

    Karasawa and BadJade are right. They said most of what needed to be said.

    Your standard PvE healing loadout for raids is: Surge, Capacitor, Galvanize, Genesis, Ionic Drain, Invigorate

    A lot of people think Elec is inately inefficient because they see a bunch of Elec healers spamming Galvanize, usually out of range of the group so it does no healing whatsoever. This stupidity has given all Elec healers a bad name, and I am heartless in my condemnation of n00b healers who pull BS like that. Just ask some of the n00b healers you see on LFG. lololol

    Elec can be the MOST efficient powerset. It just takes practice.

    It's also got unique powers. In PvP, as BadJade said, Arc Lightning is great. Debuff, + AoE heal, + AoE damage. For alerts, Elecs can switch IoD for Wired, a great group attack buff. Sorc hasn't got a group attack buff, and Nature's Carnage is on the wrong side of the tree, so most healers don't get it. Some Natures could use Hive Mind for that purpose, but IMO Wired's better. Faster cooldown and helps with PIs.

    Healers of all powersets will perform their jobs better by going melee, since they can position themselves better for SO/Cross/Galvanize, but, as BadJade said, Elec benefits the most from melee healing.
  5. kgghk New Player

    Yes, as sorcery is strong at hots and keeping people full, electric is the opposite. Basically the o sht healer.
    Since you should only be using Power when people loose health(except electrogenisis) You will should have the least power in unless your solo healing. So If your groups geared And you have a strong sorc healer you wont really have much to do resulting your heals out being low. But thats just because of over gear. If the group has appropriate gear (say t3 gear in gates) Youll be able to beat both other powersets with ease.
  6. Octantis New Player

    I dunno, I rarely had to rely on my safety net heals or Galvanize, and I still managed to have plenty of power. Between Elecrogenesis and Ionic Drain, that was more than enough. It's all a matter of who you place Electrogensis on.

    I only used Galvanize when the whole party was below 50%, otherwise I just used Bioelectric Surge. I used Capacitor only o refresh the safety net. Ionic Drain was my spam heal for 75% heal or lower.

    Overall my Power usage was really low. Electrogenesis does enough healing by itself to be on par with Circle of Protection. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the two auras stacked with one another.

    Anyway, most times all I needed was 'Genesis and Surge.
  7. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    When I had an Electric healer, I was one of the few people to use Electroburst in PVE. I was pugging Arkham and we had an Electric healer who kept trying to heal with Ionic Drain which was terrible, especially going through Ivy's part. The healer did not have Galvanize and he was a terrible drain on power (I'm a Gadget Controller). We get to the final battle and we are wiping because he can't get enough heals with just Bioelectric Surge and Electrogenesis. He had Electroburst so I told him to use that as I would electrify with Gauss Grenade. That time we didn't wipe and completed the alert.

    I think Electroburst is a viable heal if you are using Wired and Dual Pistols as Full Auto will quickly spread the electrified effect. I've been called out for suggesting an Electric set up the PI and use Wired at all but I was able to get some good healing from it. AFAIK, there is no limit on the # of people that can be healed by E-burst. E-burst has little cool down and is low cost. You get a decent burst when casted and it should do 10 ticks of healing comparable to Savage Growth (even through SG doesn't have a burst heal). Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be near the target when using this to cause the healing; as long as there is LoS and the target is electrified, the heal will take effect. If you use Galvanize, E-burst, and E-Genesis, you can get 3 HoT going at the same time.

    I know people like Biocapacitor but I am really not a fan of it. It is more energy than BS and has a longer cooldown. Usually when I cast it for a heal, I had to cast BS too. If you are running with a good group, you probably won't need it.

    The OP mentioned Group Transducer. Invigorate is much better than GT and it the best SC out of all three powerset because you have the heal-back effect. If you didn't have good Controllers with power SC you definitely want Invigorate over GT. I think there is a lot of diversity in Electric healing, more so than Nature. In summary, I don't think there is one great loadout for Electric healing. Find what works for you and your instance.
  8. Cadens New Player

    The charges to electrify are awesome with very short cool down too. You can get the lowest level reusable charge plan, and electrify everything around you without taking up a power slot. They are so easy to farm and make. For PVP especially, this is a no-brainer. They cost 1 mark of triumph is you use them strictly for electrifying and dont care about the stun associated with it. The higher end will use 125 marks for a stack of 48. You will burn through them rapidly if you PVP a lot so be wary.
  9. GrandWonder New Player

    A T3 sorcery will outheal a full t4 electric in easy raids and alerts. It is in the harder raids that you will really appreciate the true value of an electric healer.
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  10. surge914 New Player

    I know invegorate is so much better I was just saying that group transducer can be much better if it did that especially since you have to rely on getting hit to get healed and the healing is based of resto plus the more a shield is hit the faster it'll break so you would think it would take advantage of the hits to get healed before it breaks. I'm glad to see a lot of expert electric healers, really I am but one thing though, everyone mentions electrogenesis likes all they need. Are they talking only dous cause it only applies to one ally and yourself. As for galvanize the ticks seem to small to be effective after the initial heals or is there a difference once your fully geared? Are the ticks moe effective? Someone said some powersets are better at than others for the same thing and thats good. No thats not good. The powers are suppose to be balanced so no one power is better than the other thats how you get the diversity of people picking what they want instead of picking whats better and thats also admitting that sorcery is better than electric at healing. I'm trying to get better at this electric healing so help is appreciated cause like I said it feels like power healing. BS heals the most injured but only one person. Healing dous and alerts is easy mostly cause I know somewhat with what I'm doing by trying to get power back with my weapon to heal more. I'm not trying to outheal a sorcery/nature healer, just I guess how to use my powers more effectively so I'm not spamming power plus if you guys thought my idea was a good idea about group transducer and flux but I guess not. Lastly thanks for the info on electric healing.
  11. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    BS does yourself and one other person, same for Biocapacitor. Flux would only be useful if you do a lot of PVP. To be a healer, you must have all healer gear. To be more effective, you need to have the stat bonuses for Crits on your gear. Since Electric does a lot of burst healing, those crits are especially important. Don't spend a lot on resto mods. Do make sure you have all your Skill Points invested for Resto in the weapons trees first.
  12. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    It all depends on your playing style and whom you group with. I've been fairly lucky in that there was a certain point after Tier 3 where I just stopped seeing bad trollers. Every so often I will run into one when I am running older content, but really once you start doing T4 raids like Gates, Prime, Vengeance, and Black Dawn, you're almost always running with competent people. As such, I really found myself never using Invigorate, and I reasoned to myself that a loadout slot not being used was a power that could be swapped for something that I *would use*. So I swapped in Group Transducer and I find myself hitting that SC button a lot more.

    As far as "tick" healing powers like Electrogenesis and Galvanize, trust me, they work well and stack with each other. Electrogenesis is nice because it affects you and the closest ally at the time of casting, BUT it is also mobile centered on the both of you, unlike the much-vaunted Circle of Protection. So what you make sure of is when you cast it, get next to someone who is likely to be in the thick of combat, like the tank or melee DPS, and then position yourself at the tail of your party formation so that between the two of you you are getting most of your team. This is especially of use in a running battle like the second stage of Gates.

    For instant heals, Bioelectric Surge and Biocapacitor are my go-tos. For preemptive healing I Biocapacitor everyone before we engage, and regularly stream Ionic Drain at the center of the combat to regulate the nickle and dime wounds that go on. I save Galvanize for when I see a wide swath of damage appear across my party's health bars. As soon as I see 3+ bars suddenly drop, I clip Galvanize with BS and BC. Voila, party's back to full again. I then spend a few seconds recharging my power with weapon attacks, and throw out an Ionic Drain to top everyone off.

    That brings me to my next piece of advice, master your weapon combos. Nothings gains the respect and appreciation of a troller more than an Electric Healer who knows how to regen their own power and understands power efficiency. If you do this, you will have won half of your battles already because your healing spikes will be ready and on-line at almost all times. Hope that helps.
  13. BrotherMutant New Player

    First off, I appreciate ALL suggestions for new electric healer loadouts, so you keep on posting what works for you bro. Second, the statement I highlighted above is incomplete. The post above this explains it but let me try to explain it in more detail, because Electrogenesis should be a staple heal for any elec toon IMO.

    What electrogenesis does in HEALER role is slap a healing aura on you and another of your team (the closest and of course line fo sight is important too). You each get a heal over time (HoT) as you well know. BUT, anyone else that stands near either of you gets that HoT as well. IF (and this part is key) they stand next to BOTH of you, I believe they get TWO HoTs on them (HUGE for them, not so much for you and the other guy as you can't benefit from his/her aura, and vice versa). This is why elec is awesome. With practice, you can heal the range toons (healers and trollers usually) very nicely with just electrogenesis running (I keep it up in any fight if at all possible). The other option (mentioned very nicely in the post above) is you run into MELEE range, pop genesis to put an aura on either a MELEE DPS or MELEE TANK (and yourself of course), then run back to range so you are healing (poorly) all the range toons near YOU, and the MELEE toon with the aura is healing (poorly) all the MELEE toons near him/her/it. Fantastic use either way you go, but I prefer keeping us ranged squishy types healed BIG TIME, and use the Capacitor and Surge (ionic drain to top off when the Melee toons get to less than 75%) to do INSTANT heals to the Melee toons. Everyone has their own play style and I do use the heal melee and heal range trick mentioned above sometimes.
  14. recespieces31 New Player

    Why does everyone say Electric Healers are power hogs?
    They are not, good Electric Healers anyway...the Electric Healers that I ran with that use a buttload of power usually to do not have Electrogenesis and/or Ionic Drain in their loadout, which causes them to spam burst heals only...as an Electric Healer, having at least 1 HoT can make a huge difference

    Electric Healing is definitely the most active Healing powerset...it requires the Healer to actually move around from groupmate to groupmate to give full benefits of their Heals to everyone...being stationary as an Electric Healer not only hinders your own Healing ability, but it can also cause unnecessary deaths
  15. YodaDog New Player

    yup. ^this is so true... and yet as long as Ive been an electric healer, Ive been hearing about how we're not as effective and we're power-sinks.

    Not. True.
  16. vikteren New Player

    I have played all three healing powers but my favorite are sorcery and electirc. I agree that Electric is not nearly as much of a power hog as people think if it is played well. Last night i took my cr 53 electic healer into arkam with no troll and healed it with no deaths. The trick is to understand your powers I use electogenisis as soon as it recharges as a efficent heal, surge as my go to heal, bc for the net, then galvinize in alerts where we are bunched togheter like oan or iconic if i need a wider field ofhealing invorgate is my sc, i also use arc lighting as i like it for its big aoe heal to mellee toons. Any of the Healer classes are vialbe IF you know the basics of healing and what your powers do.
  17. recespieces31 New Player

    Exactly...before switching my Healer from Electric to Nature (purely for league needs), I would get compliments from pug Controllers about how little power I used compared to other Electric Healers they have ran with...I have also had pug Healers tell me how much power Electric uses, then at the end of the raid, my power out is less than theirs, sometimes significantly less
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  18. BrotherMutant New Player

    Totally agree on the "electric is a power hog" complaint. It is NOT true for a good healer/TEAM. Three things make a BAD electric healer IMO:
    1) Spamming heals when they are NOT needed (why on earth people think the team has to be all at 100% health is beyond me).
    2) Poor knowledge of a good weapon's combo (to regain power). Stop me if you have had this experience (too late), healer on the team has guns or a bow (seen a MA once throw stars this way), and instead of doing the combos that raise their hit counter fast, they plink away using "tap, tap, tap, tap" attacks. Seen this one a MILLION times and I just wanna strangle those people.
    3) A BAD teammate/TEAM. How many teams have you other healers been on where the troller or DPS jump the gun BEFORE the tank does his/her job? I HATE raising someones health from 5% all the way to 100% and the doof doesn't even try to get out of the way (no blocking, rolling, moving in any way, just keep attacking cuz we all know you are BEAST...dip). These players make ALL healers look bad.
  19. BrotherMutant New Player

    Sorry to double post, but I just remembered something.

    Has anyone noticed their 'Genesis heal healing you for lets say 60 and healing the guy next to you for MORE? Its not a crit (at least it doesn't say crit when it happens). Why is this? The two times I noticed it today and yesterday I made sure to note that the player was NOT a fire tank (I know they get heal bonuses). So what gives? Is it random? I thought they would get the same numbers as my numbers for healing.
  20. D3STROYERofTANKS New Player

    That is such a lie im a a T4 electric healer and i can beat any other class healer so a T3 sorcery wont be able to beat me. Its very rare that ill lose to someone in healing. I agree sorcery way ez considering that i was a former sorcery healer and i hated it cause its so ez even when i was sorcery i was always top healer. I never tried nature but i guess ima be a beast nature to. Im a born healer always have been.

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