Electric healing advice needed

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  1. Shalayah Well-Known Player

    Hey guys,

    I’m not new to electric hesling as I’ve spent the past month working on it to pass time since dpsing can get boring and so far I enjoy electric healing. My issue at hand is moreso power management but I am definitely aware that Orb is probably the main cause of this on top of not too high sp (287)

    My artifact setup is Page, Orb and Strat.

    Should I tweak this or do you have any other artifact recommendations?

    Also any electric healing advice in general would most definitely be appreciated :)
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  2. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Swap orb for trans. I say this as an orb user/ big fan but not for electric. Trans will have your priority hitting stron numbers anyway and all your ticks will be better on all your other heals. Stay tight with the group and remember that electric is best at closer ranges.

    Orb works wonders for nature and sorcery. Electric is a "lucky" power in my eyes, can run eog/ trans/ strat on both roles and do very well so 3 arts at 200 and be a beast.
    Double nth week is probably 3 weeks away so prep for then btw
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  3. Berza Committed Player

    As stated above by xxHELLSTROKExx, Transformation is a must for electric, because if a heal crits, you don't need to use a second one. And as we lack on HoTs, each heal you will be doing will consume power. Also, with Transformation it's easier to keep people topped, which makes Strategist less useful (HoTs on topped health bars are wasted). If you are having problems with your power management, Purple Ray is very useful. With Galvanize's ability to heal NPC's and pets it's very easy to charge it, and BioCap proccing in the full group (FGS last boss i.e) will usually charge it inmediatly. It also has a nice synergy with Page, allowing you to place 2 charges instantly.
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  4. Tilz Loyal Player

    Longtime elec healer here!!

    My SP-Spec

    I use Brawling WM (just because of the old times) :D
    Superpower Spec
    - I like the passive Regeneration and I have a solid powerpool. Always worked more than fine.
    - Healing Crits
    - 100 sp into Restoration (after that the return for putting SP into resto is small)
    - Full into power&might. In your case 100sp Minimum into power.

    I prefer the powerstat over the restostat, simply because it makes me flexible and less reliant on a bad troll.

    Page of Destiny
    Purple Healing Ray
    Strat (or Trans? idk.. the one that lets you crit more).

    My artifacts are 120 and Page on 140, I just returned after some years and I do fine with those. Due to being on a Long break I never could try out other Artifacts. I don't think EoG would be good with using the groupshield-SC.. Maybe with an movement/iconic SC you can do some EoG build.

    As for my loadout.

    Prio Heal
    Galv / Arc (depending on Content, but I feel Galv is more usefull in recent Content

    What you Need to consider is that Electricity is a burstpower and very reactive. "Beginner" of the power tend to spam and overheal with electricity.
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  5. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I agree swap the Orb for Transformation Card. Also look into swapping Strategist Card for Purple Healing Ray
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  6. Staggiie New Player

    Not saying this is the best by far, but I use Purple Healing Ray, Page of Destiny, and Orb of Arion and never get any complaints and I'm confident in solo healing most anything.

    Whatever you decide to use, make sure your play style plays to the arts strengths and avoids their weaknesses.

    Example, PHR gives you an aura under your feat once you've healed something 4-5 times. Your next Priority heal will give a shield to you and the person you healed. Or, instead of Priority heal, your next Group heal will give those players a HoT. As well as with either one, it removes the cool down for both. So you wanna use those with the aura up at times when those would be most beneficial to the situation. Popping off 2 Recovers in a row WITH a HoT given is good ****.

    With Orb, it will eat your power if you use Priority heal too much. Do not spam Priority heal ever with this. I only save it for the tank or emergency. When you use it, you summon a little ghost dude that pops off heals too. I love Orb for just how much it protects the Tank's bacon. If you're using Bio-Capacitor along with other powers (not Priority) along with artifact perks, you can heal the rest of the group up perfectly fine without the Priority Heal.

    With Page, this thing makes healing a cake walk. It's actually not needed with Electric since it does basically what Bio-Capacitor does but I like it stacking with that. It helps me solo heal basically anything. But if you're gunna replace anything with Strat or trans or EoG, I would replace this one.

    Electric is reactionary and bursty. I've learned that you have to ANTICIPATE incoming damage and utilize your arts and abilities to what is needed for whatever is coming, so knowledge in instances of the mechanics and what damage they do makes it ez pz pie.

    My Loadout:
    Bioelectric Surge (priority)

    Hope I helped!
  7. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Tilz is on point here. Orb of Arion basically requires Superpowered Spec. The %age of Resto you get from speccing Hybrid is negligible and does you no good when you need to spam heals with Spectral Acolyte draining your power bar. If you aren't doing that, start there. There is very little point destroying all your artifacts for something else when sometime you just need a tweak.

    This loadout probably will get you through all the content. Electricity is great when everyone is bundled together like the last bosses of Convergence of Unmaking and Fractured God Sphere raids. Electrogenesis really starts to shine in those situations. Bio-Capacitor should be saved for big hits and not pre-cast if you are also using the Page of Destiny. If there is a big hit and it activates your Page stacks, Bio-Capacitor will help when people are spread out and puts it's own safety net out there in the meantime.

    My only other bit of advice is with the Spring Event approaching in a couple months, getting the Blossoming Spore Trinket can help your healing. I don't use the regular trinket that buffs your resto. Death Blossom Seed trinket will sometimes drop in the vault. It does generate some healing but I like the Spore trinket better. It's zero power cost to use so it's a nice supplement.
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  8. Kimone Devoted Player

    I run Trans Strat Fang as my three Artifacts - Replenishing Adapter on the Weapon, spec Hybrid, after you fill up Restoration put those extra SP in Might (extra Power).

    The majority of my maintenance cycle is Hammer Throw - > Arrow Storm, Arc Lightning -> (clip) Galvanize. I don't even use a Supercharge (in either Healing or DPS loadout) though EoG/Scrap are both solid Artifacts for it as well.

    Still, the Trans and Strat combo will have your output humming quite nicely, and the Demon Fang / Replenishing Adapter Combo will maintain a steady stream of Power for you. You'll have to use Soders every now and again, but not usually before the cooldown is finished. It's just fine for all Regular content, and with a good Controller should be fine for other applications as well.

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