Electric dps should look like this not whats on test

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by CrappyHeals, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    And on top of the powers being all messed up what is up with the weapons??? Some short combos like tap hold or 3 input combos do more damage damage then a longer input combo of smoke bomb. What kinda weapon balance is that. You can't balance weapons off strictly animation times you need to consider how many inputs to takes to do the combo and the entire duration. Also some of the power regen for weapons doesn't make any sense either.

    Ugh I'm trying not be be so negative but every time I try something else out or someone else does we keep finding more and more issues and issues that could have been avoided by just going back to the basics. Sure I like the power regen from weapons now and some weapon combos did need to be adjusted but don't come up with a whole new system to balance weapons just buff some up maybe tone one or two down and we would have been good.
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  2. mtanasas Well-Known Player

    I feel ya man, ive been reading all i can about electric stat revamp and theres nothing positive :(.
  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

    exactly my thoughts.
    i think they make it simple: every power (we only got three to see so far) was like that:
    SC filler, clip with power back, clip with weapon buff, clip with consumable to set up pi (only my guess),
    weapon combo clip with burst,
    weapon combo clip with finisher,
    weapon combo clip with SC as soon as ready...
    very much like LPVE. i think they generalized every power and took away dots because they could not handle the dps balance...
    we can only know so much because we have not seen pet and combo powers yet. but phantom flames without dots? come on....
  4. Soul ReaperX Well-Known Player

    I never asked for that. And i dont even use em. Some like it others dont because lack of knowledge on how to use em. You could sort through the serious players from the casuals
  5. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    In the case of Electric(and later on - Nature) they shouldnt have removed power interactions/ functionality from abilities but just tweak damage.

    Spord did good job with first Electric revamp and the way Voltaic Bolt was establishing additional DoTs and refreshing them. Now with all that gone Electric is back to some boring chaotic state where powers are hardly related. DoTs AM concept was very good, its just that every next AM after that was given more and faster damage to the point were Electric and Nature dropped out from all competition. We didnt really get time to enjoy DoTs playing at competitive level and all the previous Devs team work, player testing and feedback for these AMs is now going to waste.

    And what exactly is DoTs AM concept being replaced by ? Random bunch of completely separated smaller DoTs and some burst... very creative!
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  6. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Wasn't the change to v-bolt before AM's? I know natures harvest update was before GU36 and that was before AM's even before WM. If i remember correctly changes to harvest and v-bolt were just quality of life changes not AM's so those things should have stayed in the game If we were just removing AM's but.......well this update lol
  7. Lara Kelly Well-Known Player

    also I like to say that somehow in DCUO I seen many keep claming dots are weak etc...but it seem to me to be a just DCUO thing.

    As even in EverQuest II I don't see people saying such things in the forums etc, dots may just be a diffrent way in doing it. Like for example my evil Shadow Knight Tank almost all its attacks are dots plus it's hots [hots are also attacks, since they drain life from the enemy to heal yourself].

    Also just to note tanks in Everquest II tanks do do significant damage, in fact to get argo the general rule is who does the most damage at a time get agro. But tanks can cheat a bit on this by using hate spells and mods etc. if a certain dps does way too much damge they may steal aggro from the tank which is an issues in Everquest II.

    Generally as dps shadow knight with it's dots is seen as quite good dps by itself too. There are some who even use it as dps only.

    Anyway my point here is it uses dots and it not considred weak for using dots nor is dots are seen as weak as a concept.

    And I see that it seem in the past there was a time when nature with it dots was actaully consider top dps. So I feel the issues here is not dots but just that it not be buff right.

    maybe DCUO should get together with EverQuest Ii dev team?
  8. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Harvest was always spreading DoTs but the refreshing part was added later on.

    Now Electricity and VBolt had very dramatic history. At release VBolt was a burst + small DoT but it was spammable and smaller DoT was spreading to nearby adds and stacking. Then come NERF hammer and VBolt was just a weak supper dmg splitting low burst. Later on with JC being removed Spark Barrage become useless which was good JC-able fast ability and last Overcharge was changed and ruined so there was nothing left really.

    I dont remember what was the exact state of VBolt after first Elec revamp but people were not very happy so there had to be a second revamp. I think it was in that second revamp where VBolt got all its current effects, Tesla Ball was changed to appear above enemies' head instead of the old animation where we were casting it from our chests just like quantum's Time Bomb, Safety net PI was added and Arc Lightning was changed to always heal the caster while in healer role.

    Imo, Elec is losing too much cool stuff again without gaining anything in return. Devs shouldnt touch Voltage tree and instead work at Amperage which has literally nothing good going on. New longer cooldowns of Static Push and E-Bomb just further kicking at the dead horse Amperage tree has been for years...
  9. spack2k Steadfast Player

    Simplify,Simplify ,Complexify, Boredfy
  10. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Harvest only spread if you hit a different target affected with poisons you couldn't refresh dots on a single target till sometime around nexus and i think thats when V-bolt got its refresh and dot crunching capabilities also, but anyway that stuff just needs to stay i think we all agree on that.

    Free our dots lol
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  11. unitedmeck Well-Known Player

    Reading Reading and thinking maybe i should jump on test server because what i have read has me worried . Thank you to those testing and providing feed back on this. I continue to look foward to future info and hope the feedbacks outlook improves
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  12. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    he only had to open 500 hundred boxes to get it too...
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