Electric dps should look like this not whats on test

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by CrappyHeals, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Now all the people I've talked with and know all like electric dps just how it is with all its dots. Some like to use weapons to clip with some just like to mesh powers together but regardless we all like the dots. but what we got on test is something totally different and messed up. Heck you can't even put pi's on things most of the times its ridiculous.

    The only reason we complained about elec was cause it never got a update and was super out classed by AM's. We didn't want the power changed just buffed with a tiny tweak to a move or two.

    So Dev's if your reading this thread this is what the majority maybe even all of us want electric to look like, a screen full of dots!!

    Another thing get rid of the super charge builder power. We can build supers just fine like we have been since the beginning of the game. I don't want this to be super charge online and more importantly i don't want a power on my bar that has a 30 second cool down and the only reason i use it is to build up my super.

    I was under the impression that with having the power points setup so we can pick any powers to use that we would have great freedom when building loadouts, but that doesn't seem the case at all.

    Also take mental back to how it was pre GU36. Give mass terr its dots back along with the other powers. It was a great power back then and unique. What needs to happen is most of the things about the powers needs to go back to how they were pre GU36 where you could run multiple loadouts for different situations. There has defiantly been some good additions over the years that can stick around but for the most part you should be aiming for the playstyle we had right before GU36 minus the jump canceling.
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  2. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    It surprises me that people still have high hopes even after the Des have let thousands of people down time and time again.

    Beggars can't be choosers.
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  3. xD25x Dedicated Player

    It's amazing the direction they have chosen to go. I know they've spent countless hours working on this but my question is why? I figure they never were able to balance the dots and that's why they're gone for the most part. That's disappointing but I guess I can live with it. What kills me is the massive change to how combat is. I don't want to basically be playing lpve on my toon.
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  4. Lara Kelly Well-Known Player

    I dont actually play electric but I used to play nature....seing of how electric has been simlified and not having all it dots as it used to be does concern me since it apears to be like such a simplified version of it now...

    i fear the same may happen to nature and I can no longer enjoy the fun of things like the the dots stacking, where you can stack 3 and have havest refresh 3 and with wolf you could add another 3. and you could use weapons etc too. and that just one way to do it. I loved nature since it had all those dots and many ways to play, most time whenever I meet another nature dps except for the AM, I almost see a whole dif loadout, making nature so varried. So many dif loadouts I have seen! Plus wolf also gave more space of loadout too. and other option like dog, goriilla add even more variety. it's just so fun , varried and deep.

    not even sure if the healer can still do the 3 hots stacking that can also be refreshed by harvest. That would also sad to lose that.

    I doubt I would actually be happy with a simplified nature since to me this won't be nature that I used to love. I feel it may be like having a happy meal toy of nature dps and not the actual nature dps. all I really cared was just have the dps do enough damage to match other dps and not a perceived happy meal version. just a simple buff would be it. This would feel like I whole new game and not a continuation of DCUO that I used to play, uncertain if this would be satisfying for me.

    Initially I was thinking I may actually play again if this stats revamp worked out but with this posiblity of simplified nature I guess I may just make video myself too for memory of nature just to remember it by and I may have to be content wih my evil Everquest II shadow Knight tank which stacks dots and hots unless nature is not simplified for this update [along with other powers too]?
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  5. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Maybe the devs are seeing something we haven't seen yet so early in the testing process. Although, it doesn't look promising...
  6. mtanasas Well-Known Player

    Increase cooldowns for powers and then sell mod that reduces cooldown

    guy 1: hey man nice u got mods that mod that reduces cooldown
    guy 2: thanks man, it reduces 90% of cooldown time, its like pre-stat revamp, im so op
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  7. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Some DoT´s need to come back for flavor, but then again, how far you went on Test? how many SP did you have to test a properly DPS build?
    Even after this weekend, it is too soon to pass a judgement on this system. I don´t know why they took the stat revamp down so soon tho.
  8. SkullGang Devoted Player

    We weren't even looking at DPS because there weren't any sparring targets. I looked at how the power felt and and loadouts options I had. The long cool downs, low PI importance, difficult PI application and forced load outs did not make me happy. I don't care about the damage right now because numbers can be tweaked as long as a working power system is in place.
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  9. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    The title of the thread says the opposite: "Electric dps should look like this not whats on test"
    Long cooldowns need to be toned down, i think that the power management system is itself a way to stop people to spam powers carelessly.

    I saw a difference between my Voltaic bolt (our strongest move for DPS atm) hitting with and without a PI, considering that this dmg can increase exponentially with more stats, i think its still worth appliying the PI.

    I don´t which move were you using to apply the electrified interaction but for me Arc Lightning did the job well.

    Agreed on this.

    It´s a shame that we couldn´t go further on testing tho. I was on T4 willing to giving a try to those Raids :(
  10. bmce84 Loyal Player

    It's sad that I get those numbers on my CR 188 Light dps, on T8 content. I liked playing my Elec DPS but after they messed up the power 2 years ago I stopped, haven't used it since War Of Light 2 (in fact it's on a daily) and I hope they reconsider they entire DPS system, they said we have more choices, which is true as instead of 1 we have 3, that's pretty much it.
  11. Ringz Dedicated Player

    All we simply asked for, was for AMs and WMs bonus damage to be removed. Thats it! They're doing it again. Putting in more than asked for stuff and now we left here wondering why? and of course we don't know the "big picture" of what they have planned.

    This state of the game, people are ready to peace out from here. Them working quietly over the time on something else other than simply removing ams and wms, and yu have a whole community pissed..... You, you just can't do that.

    I been hearing speculations from groups of what this mean or what they're prob trying to do. Now ima sad puppy.

    They closed down all the threads and stuff. Now i hope all of this was a just a joke. I hate jokes kappa :mad:
  12. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I dont think Dots will come back into the game due to the variables it causes with parsing
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  13. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    It would be silly if you ask me. DoT playstyle has always been a thing on MMO´s, they should reconsider it.
  14. Elusian Crowd Control

    I'm going to point out a positive aspect that we saw with the first test version in the past days and hopefully the team can expand upon that.

    AoE vs Single Target

    I like that they give us back the concept of AoE builds and specifically single target layed out builds for certain situations as boss fights. For those who did not participated, single target powers do more damage than an AoE type power, therefore in single target situations you do want that single target power over the AoE as in multi-target situations you do want the AoE type of powers ofc.

    They started to pull out applicators for PI, however some are AoE and some are single target. Here they should offer a wider array of applicators as like for Electricitys example it could look like:

    Electrified PI
    • Single Target: Tesla Blast
    • Multi Target: Arc Lightning
    Polarized PI
    • Single Target: Overcharge
    • Multi Target: Static Push

    PI applicators can also function as "supercharge builder" power if that is going to stay in the game. Static Push right now combines all of that. All named powers would then be ofc assigned the respective cooldown (12 seconds if not mistaken). This frees up that unnecessary slot some builds will cause.

    Thats literally 4 builds by default you can use as fundament. Electrified would still work towards a DoT based loadout as the Polarized one would go the simple burst type of DPS that Electricity had in its past. Maybe work with a type of shortcut on DoTs as in current 1-2-3-4 AMs to setup a single target stronger DoT or a wide AoE type of DoT system. Just by typing that I can see it to be tricky to solve but the applicator and supercharge builder suggestion still stands. :)
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  15. xD25x Dedicated Player

    So looking at this from a newer player standpoint. Let's say one of the players who "failed to fully understand the AM mechanics" how in the world is this bringing them up to speed with everyone else? Not that I'm against anything you mentioned. A good dps is always aware of and how to maximize damage in different situations. It just seems it's completely against what the devs said a few months back.
  16. Elusian Crowd Control

    Well this is what was on test basically in a more narrowed down and more of a random form. It wasnt as consequent outlined as what I'm showing here. In fact "Supercharge Builder" was random amongst the three powersets being a single target and sometimes multi target and on top only one was coupled with the PI applicator so it was quite random to say how things were chosen amongst powers. Overall it all contained the same principle however, I only expanded on those given tools to make things more clarified as well as giving freedom to the player to choose from what power fits to his playstyle.

    AoE, single, supercharge builder, PI applicator. It's all there, it's nothing I came up with. The fact that those things were randomly set across these things would actually make it confusing for a new player. The only thing I did was streamlined the given tools. However descriptions help a lot and in all fairness a new player who ignores to read descriptions and basic instructions doesnt deserve to get the same result as someone who does. Even then most things give you a very close result amongst someone who excels perfectly and someone who pretty much just spams weapon attacks.
  17. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    All the cool downs are messed up though. If your using a polarized build push has a 30 sec cooldown so good luck moving from set of adds to set of adds and keeping up your pi for max damage potential. All the builds you can put together are messed up some how either cause of the cool downs, pi or how the powers work now.

    Electrocute has a 22ish sec cooldown but only does damage for 12 sec...like whats up with that. Egen only has 5 tics now. The dots are all messed up. most of the time if not all the time you will just be using burst and so will all the other powers. To me all i see is all powers will play pretty much the same with this update. Their killing off what makes powers differ from each other and taking away options we once had.

    And imo the super charge builder is a stupid idea, we can build supers just fine. I don't want to see super after super and i don't want a power like that to clog up my bar when it could be used for something actually useful.
  18. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    The builds we have on live have more freedom and still keep the part of electric that makes the power....the dots

    For a single target boss build you can go with wired, egen, electrocute, v-bolt, shockwave and a super

    For Aoe and boss same as above but sub in arc for the super. if v bolt worked right you wouldn't even need arc but theres some kinda bug going on with it and the pi from wired.

    You can even go straight burst if you want on live but thats no fun and don't do to well lol, but the option is there if the powers where balanced right and other powers had no AM's

    For fast damage on adds you can go with a polarized build of static push, wired, electrocute, a super and what ever else you want. That enables you to put out a pi fast with push and toss up electrocute then weapon combos and push till the adds die. And you'll also be able to use that same setup on the next group of adds unlike on test where push has a 30 sec cooldown and electrocute has a 20. Sure you can use a electrified pi on adds but electrocute still can only be used so often and e-gen stinks and doesn't last long at all.

    All the build on test mostly revolve around 2 powers a pi setup and burst and thats going to be so boring and the same no mater what power you choose. On live server i have may more options with electric while still having dots. If powers had no AM's Electric would be just fine how it is. Theres more build you can use with elec on live for solos, duos and stuff but you get the point.

    Even the weapon buffs are messed up on test 12 sec cooldown 6 sec up time like common why is ever thing all messed up. This was all so simple but like always the devs make something simple and turn it into a mess by trying to change the game again. :mad: JUST TAKE THE COMBAT BACK TO THE NEXUS AND WAVE DAYS AND BE DONE!!

    Live sever elec = options, dots and fun
    Test server elec = burst, weird cooldowns and same playstyles for all the powers just different colors.
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  19. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    The reason i have loved and had sorc as my main was i always felt like it was a cross between dots and burst. I dont enjoy the pet am i miss laying down dots and clipping weapon attacks with transmutation. Unless things change i will never see that again.
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  20. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Same here, I liked the healing powers cause i like the dot playstyle cause its good for bosses and thats really all that matter when your raiding not who kills the adds faster...well at least the dots used to be good before AM's came along :(
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