ELECTRIC DPS (Might) Suggestions Please

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  1. Gemini2012 New Player

    I have an Electric DPS (Might) toon. I have seen so many players lower levels than me doing insane DPS and out DPS'ing me, and seem so OP. What am I doing wrong and how can I improve my damage? I have been swapping out Artifacts and tweaking my SP and stuff, but I seem to be missing something. Can anyone help, please? This is my current setup:

    CR 430
    SP 637

    My Arts / SP setup is:

    Focus: Superpowered Artifacts:
    Critical Attack Chance Maxed
    Critical Attack Damage Maxed
    Might and Power Maxed
    Health Remaining SP

    The Strategist Card (200)
    Solar Amplifier (200)
    Lernaea's Amulet (200)

    Augments are all maxed out (all Might) and all my gear is Elite JLD Cursed.

    TY so much to you guys and anyone who can help me. I have been playing for about 9 years and been grinding away, I just can't seem to figure this out.
  2. HowlingSpecter Level 30

    I think you're missing out the fact that electricity is weaker on fewer targets.
    With your skill points and gear you should be doing more damage than most on 5+ adds.
    I suggest leveling up precision artifacts to make up for electricity's lack luster single target damage.
    Though, i haven't tried Lernaea's Amulet, i'm not even sure you need a precision build, heat vision + finisher spam should be good enough to dish out some decent damage.
    I would also suggest swapping out tesla ball on single target unless you want it for generating your supercharge, not for damage.
    Electrogenesis, Arc Lightning, Tesla Blast, Voltaic Blast, Heat Vision and Ionic Drain are all decent abilities for single target damage.
  3. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    I don't think Strat card without Trans card feeding it crits is as useful. Circuit Breaker will make or break your damage, so I would suggest adding quislet. I would also use Ebon in place of Amulet so you don't have to worry about healing. Don't use your finisher with Ebon to keep Might maxed.
    For adds I would suggest Ebon, Quislet, Trans.
    For bosses you can use the same, or I use Trans, Quislet, Solar.
    My electric is not my main so I don't have Ebon yet. Because Tesla Blast hits hard and is only 100 power cost, you can spam it on bosses with Ebon. I'll probably swap Solar for Ebon in the next double XP.
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  4. HunterKorina Level 30

    I have been testing Trans, Quislet, Ebon on test server for ST. Still haven't figured out stable rotation yet. Fluctuates too much. Mostly below par compared to Trans, Strat, Quislet. Sometimes peeks above but not sold over it yet.
  5. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    In order to properly help you you should tell us what rotation you’re using.

    Electric is a power that is very strong on large groups of enemies. Because of this you’ll want to test loadouts for 1, 3, and 5 targets on the HoL and not just one group. Also, how many armories are you using to dps? You’ll normally need at least 2 dps armories. Maybe even 3 if you want to min max.
  6. L T Devoted Player

    So remember at this point in an episode (about mid-way) Electric will start to lag, as hallway adds tend to die super fast before all your DoT abilities can play out. Also, your DPS will be highly dependent upon how many hallway adds the tank pulls together.

    For the first 2 boss fights, those are essentially single target with splash damage being a bonus. The 3rd fight is the same, although DPS doesn't really matter in that one so much as doing the mechanics.

    Lernea's is good, but when you're using Lernea's Amulet, you are kind of magnifying Electric's weakness. It takes a while to build up to 10 stacks and get the max buff there (Ebon's is similar)-- so on top of your DoT abilities taking a while to set up, you're also taking time to build up stacks for your artifact. With Strategist Card, you're doing the same thing-- you have to "wait" for the right crit, and then the DoT damage from Strat plays out, and once folks start getting decent episode gear, the adds just don't last that long.

    Sounds like you've been playing long enough that you'll recognize that LeagueOV's post above is dead-on accurate about Circuit Breaker. Quizlet pairs GREAT with Electric. Trans-Solar-Quiz is a great all-purpose artifact set-up. From the mid-point of the episode on, Heat Vision probably never leaves your load out for picking off those adds with low health just before they die.

    Boss damage matters much more than add damage, ESPECIALLY in the JLD2 episode where (unless your group hasn't figured out how to handle the adds in the 2nd fight) none of the adds matter at all. Still all my above comments still hold-- Electric naturally takes a little while to hit peak damage, and some artifacts slow it down further.

    Finally, Allies have gotten to the point where they matter. Static is *really* good for Electric-- though he makes Circuit Breaker even more important to you. BWL, Z, and Aquaman are also good choices, along with either Krypto or HOL Bot.
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