Either im bad at or water is just terrible at dps

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  1. SalviMex Active Player

    So ive been water for quite awhile now im a great healer no problem in that arena but dps is so boring and lacks a lot.The artifacts i use are solar amp,soul cloak and tetra (all 160 btw) my might is sitting at (42137) ive tried many loadouts and the loadout i use atm is drown,tsunami strikes,high tide,shark frenzy,amp heat vision and call of the deep.The highest parse i hit with 3 targets was around 18k-21k which honestly with the amount of might i have i should be doing more and i know this because well i get bored of water cause the dps isnt so hot so i switch powers like a millllllion times and i do way more with other powers.So to me this is annoying that i'm not sure if its water that is bad or me.I do love water cause the healing is just superior imo but man lmk if you guys have a better loadout for me or if water just needs a huge buff.
  2. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    water takes mastery...really...go munitions pick five rando powers...youll beat teammates 50 cr higher than you and feel like a REAL superhero doing it...then go back to water...really...the difference is that vast...you sound like youve been playing water i dont doubt your load is fine you know what to do...some powers are easy and almost idiot proof others are not...all you can say...now are you happy working harder on many teams...only to have the idiot muni guy beat you anyways...or mental...or...only you can answer that question...btw...why the eye ray...why not all water all the time...or a diff iconic??
  3. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Yea water was meh from its release. Every power has its advantage and disadvantages. Water is just that power that is so effective as a healer it has no choice but to lag a little as a dps. Just my hypothesis
  4. SalviMex Active Player

    I forgot to mention im cr 272 and you lost me a little bit at the end there ngl lol but i just find it annoying how a 260 some can beat me in dps n i end up getting kicked from raids cause of it,its honestly clownery that im 272 with 3 160 artifacts and still get beaten by a guy that doesnt even have a single maxed artifact also i pick amp solar because it does a lot of dmg n does dot so might as well no other power in water can replace solar
  5. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    You are doing something wrong here with water :cool:
  6. Ryazan Committed Player

    You must be doing something wrong... My water dps does just fine, and as a might (will NEVER switch to precision, ew).

    I'd like to do a raid with you to compare.
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  7. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    ill stand by my mastery comment...i would never say water cant compete...just you might need to finger stretch and button mash more...agree with ryazan too...go might...but thats perhaps more personal taste than valid advice
  8. SalviMex Active Player

    See thats the thing i already am might spec lol
  9. L T Loyal Player

    So if call of the deep and drown are both on your load out that's where a big chunk of your damage should come from. This load out doesn't work at all unless you're using your supercharge right after high tide and shark so you get the automatic crit. When you measure your average DPS with this load out you should build up super, use it, build it up again and use it again and see what the average is over that extended time-- 10 or 30 second parses don't tell the whole story here.

    If you stick with this load out, I'd consider using the eye of Gemini artifact, since again this should be all about your supercharge.

    My final thought is that this can lag on the scoreboard, because once you build up full supercharge you may need to wait a while until you have a group of full health adds or a boss with some adds so that you can get all the damage out of it.
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  10. TheLorax Steadfast Player

    I would lose the Tetrahedron (boosts everyone's Might) and replace it with Eye of Gemini. You will get more damage out casting SCs. Also consider switching out Soul Cloak for the Grimorium Verum, which has a 1% higher Might boost, free pet damage and free PI application.
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  11. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    Try this loadout, it works best with a healer spamming EoG (actually you need a tank/heal to make water competitive :p):

    + High Tide / Shark Frenzy / Drown / Riptide / Tsunami Strike / Word of Power (Iconic power, 12s cd, 5000 SC)

    About artifacts, you need Eye of Gemini + Scrap of Soul Cloak, they're main artifacts, the last one is up to you, Tetrahedron if your group needs it, Grimorium Verum for extra damage, etc
  12. L T Loyal Player

    Are you using riptide on drown for faster supercharge building with that load out?
  13. Yaiba Well-Known Player

    Yes, also this LO focuses a lot on teamwork. this is where Water shines, if you're solo player, I don't recommend this one :p
  14. Outlaw Trevor Active Player

    So why bubble instead of drown? I saw someone else have drown in their load out for the DoT.
  15. Zamara Committed Player

    Bubble doesn't just give you a shield it also can make your attacks deal more damage while in damage role, that may be why. Also his loadout may not need the dazed pi from drown.
  16. Zamara Committed Player

    does using shark before activating high tide do something other than clip the ability? i thought you had to do high tide and then shark to get the crits?

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