Effects (smoke, fire, etc.) on armor parts

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  1. XBlue Well-Known Player

    I'm currently creating a new character (Green Lantern) and unfortunately I'm always annoyed that some armor parts have an effect that you can neither remove nor change the color of.

    This example is about the "enhanced fire soul helmet". This goes well with the style I'm going for, however, I'm bothered by the white smoke coming out of the top. Unfortunately, this remains white, no matter what colors I set. I am aware that it is not intended by the developers. But then I wished for an option where I can at least turn off this effect. Especially since this is not displayed in the film sequences in various inis anyway.

    Possibly an admin (@Mepps) can comment on this.

    My suggestion or solution:

    A button to turn off the effect or the ability to customize its color is probably going to be overkill. But you should offer styles that have additional effects with an alternative version that doesn't have that effect. Similar to a normal and an enhanced version.Thx!
  2. Bathroom Dad Active Player

    Lol. Sorry to burst your precious newbie heart… but this sorry of request won’t happen. I’m convinced there are less than 10 people working on the game, and the only thing they do is rehash old content, figure out new ways to screw the player bases wallet, and ignore what we ask for.
  3. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    That particular style you can change the color of the smoke.
  4. XBlue Well-Known Player

    All 3 color slots do not change the white smoke color above the head. Then you must know something I don't know P.S.: I'm not talking about the effect in the helmet. This color can be customized.
  5. XBlue Well-Known Player

    Nah, I am not a newbie. But I got hope, that the Devs sometimes listen to the Community.
  6. Talks2MuchSense Well-Known Player

    If you want the Smoke effect off, you need the Normal Fire Soul Head. It has none.

    If you want to change the colour of the Smoke, your character has 4 Colour Slots in Style -> Colours -> Palette. The Smoke is set as the Third of the 4 colours. You maybe made a mistake earlier and tried the "Customise" option. That won't change it. You need to set your 3rd of 4 colours to the colour you want it to be.
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  7. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Someone’s mad
  8. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I believe you have to hit save after you adjust the color to see the change
  9. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    I just double checked in case it was broken but I can confirm it still works. It's the third color in your palette, change it and hit save to see the change.
  10. iEddyGaming Active Player

    Lorax, I think he is asking about the smoke effect itself, not the colour.

  11. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    But he complains about the color and how he can't change it from white in two separate posts.
  12. iEddyGaming Active Player

    Oh! I didn't know about the other posts. And you are right, just re-read the first post, he did say effect AND color. My apologies.
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  13. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    If you're trying to get it to look like actual flames set it to a light orange like F79652.