Economy fix idea. (Opinion)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Kanmaru, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    Wiping every players cash by itself won't really do anything without other measures that would have to follow shortly after. I have a suggestion that will hopefully keep the broker and the entire economy in balance. Now this is my personal opinion but I think that all items in the game that are "Trade-able" should have a set price given to us by the Devs in game. By doing this, everyone knows how much an item costs or its worth and rarity.

    Lets say we have a new Material that came out. This material had collections that came with it as well. Each collection piece would have a price of lets say (example) $3 million. That $3 million would then be the cap that you are allowed to sell said item for. You wouldn't be able to sell more than that but you could sell it for less if you are feeling generous.

    Having all in-game items that are trade-able with a set price tag will make it so money inflation would not be an issue. even if someone had 100 of said item, they could only sell it for the max that the Devs have set for that item.

    Another way to keep the economy in check is to have a daily amount of how many times you can sell "the same item" in one day. By doing this, people who have been money wiped can't continue to spam sale items on the broker. I would say the max you should be able to sell the same item would be maybe 4 times a day.

    And lastly, also set a cap to the money we are allowed to hold. The max we should be able to hold should be at least $100 million max. If you feel that is too low then that is based on your own perception of what you think is a lot or not enough of in-game money. There are games where just 100 gold coins is equivalent to $100 million. A great amount of people might not like it at first but when you are forced to use something, you will get used to it and learn to adapt anyway.

    If two of the three things i have mentioned is applied to the economy, IMO, I feel it would balance it out and "KEEP" it there for years to come.
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  2. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    Forgot to add that the same would apply to TC items as well.
  3. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    This is similar to an idea I've proposed several times. Though my idea is to to add something like an "average of last ten sales of this item". As much as I've be a critic of the devs' Laissez Faire (lacking in any form of control) approach to the economy, I would be equally critical of the other extreme end of the economic spectrum. An "average recent sale" figure keeps the market in the hands of the community but also helps both sellers and buyers make more informed decisions that benefit both themselves and the community. A seller would still have the freedom to list "Item X" for double, triple or whatever the current market value but would be doing so knowing that potential buyers are going to see a "$20M avg price" number next to their "$50M" pricetag. No matter how many billions someone has, underpaying>overpaying still holds true.

    While greed is detrimental all on it's own, it's consequences are exponentially magnified when coupled with ignorance.
  4. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    I don't think anything is going to happen by the time the auction house is back up most of the people that got banned will be back .They'll still have all their money from the glitch the gold spammers will still be around with their trillions from the glitch and drop rates will still be as bad as they are now . Nothing will be solved or change.
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  5. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    And that thought terrifies me.
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  6. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    No need to wipe, cap, or account bound items however I do love your ideas on checks to see if they've sold the same item repeatedly in a day (example: several Neons in one day).

    This has been and always will be the issue:
    WTB or WTS or WTT for PSN/CashApp/Venmo/PayPal/Steam/Gold Sites
    Fix JUST that ^ and things will stabilize again. If we're wiped and that's not fixed BOOM it will just happen again.
  7. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    that is MARVELOUS oversimplification.
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  8. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    If you meant that opposite as-in not distorted and actually directly to the point then I agree ;).
  9. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I mean "lacking in nuance and ignorant of other root underlying issues".

    PSN card guys have been around for a hot minute - the system wasn't this bad before. Hell, it was almost cute before - "oh look, dude wants to trade 20 dollars for a Smoke aura". Against TOS but we all winked at it, including the Devs.

    And even at that, it's NOT the same thing as "100 Billion in-game cash for single rare item".

    There's literal trillions of extra cash in the economy now. Putting a moratorium on the glitch is fine. That needs to happen.

    Letting everyone walk away with trillions in divvied up dirty money isn't fine. It's not going to fix the economy, though doing that - combined with a lack of other regulation and no review of the TC system - will virtually guarantee that the game economy will NEVER work correctly again.

    It's broken. Period. If this was "function as intended" then it wouldn't have been shut down in the first place.

    For it to be "fair" now, afterwards, when people have spent the last month vacuuming up hundreds of billions in counterfeit for said sales, you'd basically have to let people continue glitching until we're all billionaires.

    Either you think it's actually broke - and shock : it is - which means the fix includes resetting, addressing rarity, and more stringent monitoring of gold sellers, or you're just proposing this as a "fix" because you don't wanna give up that pile of fake cash, but you still want to appear sympathetic to the cause of fairness in the game.

    Which is it?
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  10. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Personally I think they should concede on the Cash cab however putting limitations on when can get if they don't have legendary like not being able to buy collections outside of the DLCs owned as well as having a broker cash cap rather than a account cash cap. I don't know I'm spitballing ideas on this one
  11. Zneeak Devoted Player

    I pushed through and stuck around after this happened last time with the TC exploit, but I'm not so sure i'd be able to keep going if what you just described were to happen this time around.

    I've spent a lot on this game, I see no reason to keep doing that if they were to let people off the hook this time, with something this crucial. I want to matter as a loyal, paying customer, not get indirectly punished while exploiters reap the rewards and laugh at anybody "stupid enough" to spend real money on the game.

    I truly hope that proper solutions and actions are being taken this time around, if not, it's only a matter of time before there's only minimal to non-spending exploiters left in this community.
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I think the idea of a suggested price is fine (working off an average of recent broker sales of the same items) but I think fixing the price is wrong. The buying community should be the ones setting the price and if there were no longer the excesses of money in the game as there are now, I think we'd go back to a point where there would be some fluctuation in pricing but allow for truly 'rare' items to continue a normal growth rate. I've got no issues believing that something that's long gone like a Cosmic material or Plasmic/smoke aura should get more valuable as whatever amount of them left are consumed, but items that are current and in theory available should only get cheaper once hitting a maximum saturation (things like OP collections in the last DLC or collections/styles in the last TC). There are some things that always start high, but eventually decrease as the people who 'must have' buy up the first ones listed....but they then decrease and stabilize as more casual players won't spend the same money to get them. They do eventually go back up as we leave the DLC or as a TC is phased out, but again, then they are in the 'rare' category and should rightfully increase as time goes by.

    A free market economy should be able to grow as more money is generated naturally. Don't forget this also applies the other way, many things decrease in value over time like collections that are plentiful drops or base items as people knock out the feats associated with them. It would suck if some number was picked for these and they'd lock in....even moreso for the premium/F2P players who have to wait for something to drop below 3K or 2K to have a shot at them.

  13. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    Who do you think submitted more tickets than oranges in Florida in less than 48hrs which I truly believe lead to the the actions we see in effect now. Who told the devs "$100 CashApp being spent on Neon is $100 less they're spending on stabilizers!" Hmm this guy right here - Yuuuup me! So which is it? Ahh I'd say that I myself spent money on stabilizers to open time capsules, now I don't know what you make per hour (and it's none of my business quite frankly) but I value my money - of course I don't want my money wiped or items from tc's account bound only someone who is willing to give up what is theirs without recognizing the need for some moderate amount of rights in regards to what you've actually paid for would.

    Either you don't realize that you're telling someone it's okay to take what I've paid (and the hustle to increase said funds via legitimate trades for items and such) OR you're severely lacking the proper considerations and perspective to realize what this actually will do in the end. I'm going with the latter ohh and also remember to mind your manners there bucko, I'm not intentionally targeting you by using statements such as ignorant and lacking in nuance - who raised you like that? Buck up Bucko, head up chin high learn to speak proper myguy i.e. indirectly because those comments are what get your threads removed - you do realize that right? Rigggggggghhhhhtttttt...
  14. Tanya_83 Level 30

    The currency inflation is real..
  15. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

  16. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    "It takes a village."

    Pretty sure it was a team effort. Could have swore I saw Proxy kick this current version of "the most popular show" off about 2-3 weeks ago with a 30 page long thread with 600+ replies. That got turned into a Post-it Note with a "SOON™". Positive I got banned five seconds after openly saying "it's time to go fishing for how it's happening". I can't help but notice that the first bans were out and the glitch was openly admitted to exist within hours of that occurrence, but hey. When even the hard math guys are like "yeah no it's definitely broke", well. Here we are today. Something finally happened, I think that's what really matters.

    But yeah, try not to hurt your shoulder patting yourself on the back there too hard, little buddy. I'm sure it was all you.

    "Enough" is the short answer - I think my recent financial contribution to the game is probably around 100 / month, outside of subscription. Which is neither insignificant now insane, but it's enough to have a vested interest in the outcome.

    I do, believe it or not, have a horse in this race.

    I paid for the stuff in the Time Capsules, which I did - technically - under the caveat that I don't own any of it, which is all TOS stuff and not a point I'm going to belabor too heavily (considering I was just banned for what was ostensibly TOS related) beyond saying "well, TOS is apparently serious stuff, at least occasionally".

    Since I recognize the following - "the system is broken" - I also recognize a need for a fix. This isn't a subtle problem either, anyone with any broker ties in recent memory is more than likely (read : definitely) a beneficiary of the monetary influx - including people who never actually directly used an exploit themselves.

    If a cop busts a counterfeit ring, they don't let you keep the fake money just because you're the gas station next door. That's effectively evidence and it needs to be removed, period. They also don't let you keep the cocaine when they do a bust, just because it's your hotel. Without going into specifics, I'd know.

    Now, since I paid for the stuff in the Time Capsules, that's mine - I'd rather avoid the draconian response of "no you can't have your stuff".

    Game cash, well, that's broken right now - period - and it needs to be dealt with - period - and since the problems we're having right now go way beyond "glitch cash" or "gold spammers", it seems like it should be approached as such.

    Since the suggestions on the table are "cash reset", "time capsule restructuring", and "account bound only", well... "restructure" is probably a necessity (dead horse), but dealing with the fallout of the other factors is going to require that we deal with one of the other two factors in order to effectively address concerns that existed before "it's raining money" happened.

    Easy choice - I paid for the TC stuff and game cash is definitely, inarguably messed up now. If it resets the system to remove the funny cash, remove the funny cash. Everyone who has Time Crap will still have some degree of their imaginary buying power preserved, the actual oppressive economic factors are gone when people can actually afford stuff again, and anyone who's actually a "savvy self-made business guy" will be able to make the money back.

    Seems like pretty cut-and-dry stuff.
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  17. TheLastSuperman Well-Known Player

    Indeed :cool: (i.e. I was the one who pushed it over the top WHILE it was "under investigation")

    I do agree with your last 4 paragraphs or so above, reason for the like ;).
  18. unitedmeck Well-Known Player

    Cash wipe needs to happen over heard people talking yesterday that they used a dummy account to glitch then sent the money to various accounts to hold and not caught the first account was banned but the money trail with dummy accounts was not found out back to his main. So if one did it was not caught others are still out there.
  19. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    As someone who has spent a small fortune pouring money into this game for stabilisers/ time capsules only to sell rare collections and gear to make in game dollars and profiting from those who “want it now” in early days of a new TC dropping (c’mon, surely you all know how the world works) rather than collecting it myself, I think a wipe is a TOTALLY UNFAIR SUGGESTION.

    Yes, the economy is broken but this is because smart (but greedy) people found a glitch left by the game devs and exploited it, therefore it’s the devs to correct that error.

    If you want to make things right and fix the economy moving forward, unlock all styles on an account (gear, materials, accessories, auras, hair and skins) and update this on a 1/4 annual basis or as new styles are released. This will lower the value on items that are tradable as people who want them on alts won’t have to try to acquire them more than once.
  20. Kanmaru Dedicated Player

    I'm sorry you feel that the possibility of your money being wiped is "unfair" but as strongly as you feel about the matter won't change the fact that its a very big chance that the Devs might have to do so. You don't think they feel bad that they may have to do this to us?
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