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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Dec 18, 2019.

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  1. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    So does this mean that the "tax" will be done proportionally based on what each character has vs the account's total? Would kinda suck to log in to an alt and find it suddenly has zero cash and not be able to restock it from whatever one you have has the most.
  2. Gromm865s Active Player

    After logging on and seeing where one of the glitchers got a 90 day suspension, and a league mate get the 100% tax on only 2 Billion. I think you all really dropped the ball on this one.
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  3. appocolyps Committed Player

    Broker and trading cap of 100mill is a good idea imo, ppl can still get rich but it will stop the hoarding of rare items and extortionate prices.
  4. The Nightwing New Player

    Hey Mepps remember when we had the hack attack hood as apology for the hack attack in 2011??

    How about a nice Nightwing hairstyle as apology for the economy?
  5. Inspo Active Player

    So tomorrow we can expect the cash bots to be swarming in to chat again? Since restrictions were put up, it has actually felt nice going into chat and talking to people. They swarm in so much I don’t even bother blocking now because the moment you do another one pops up. I do see that you said the main point of this and the main focus was to get rid of the cash and fix the exploit, but they are so bad I literally don’t want to go in chat for anything. Why not keep cash restrictions up and remove broker cap, forcing people to pay the fine for selling and preventing the flood in chat from cash bots? And to allow for trading between characters, could add a shared bank option for sending cash to alts?
  6. metro2k Active Player

    - Increase the progressive tax please, cash above 100.000.001 is taxed at 100%
    - maximum value 10,000,000 on the broker.
    - delete all accounts above 999.999.999 they are all fake.

    I'm sure so many people will come back to play with pleasure
  7. Morcegoitu New Player

    Thank you Mepps!
    For the effort and competence
  8. Zekivas New Player

    Like I said in my thread a good compromise is something that most. People on either side of the argument hates. This is the best way to go, only a partial cash wipe. The left leaning progressive tax is the best solution in this case.
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  9. Inspo Active Player

    How is it the best way to go when chat will still be flooded with the cash bots the second restrictions are lifted
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  10. BSEison Well-Known Player

    I agree with this 100%. Right now it feels like the only way for your characters to make money in the game is on the broker. And the only way to complete many collections and find certain items is to buy them from the broker. So a long term correction of the economy should include higher rewards for the players completing content and better drop rates for some of the rare collection pieces.
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  11. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Normally I'm very empathic and trend toward inclusive viewpoints, but if someone primarily plays a superhero MMO for the purpose of making fake, useless currency and finds that particular function frickin' hoo. I've owned several businesses, most recently a food production business. Providing it made sense financially, I wouldn't hesitate to make a change that benefitted the customers who bought my food products to eat but negatively impacted my customers who bought my food products to rub on their skin (provided said impact wasn't in any way dangerous).
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  12. Max Six Level 30

    In that you can mail cash between any of your toons game cash is effectively account wide.
  13. SteelMachineZero Well-Known Player

  14. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    You honestly could have gone harsher(22 billion still leaves a lot of money on the worst of the offenders who did NOT catch a full ban), but i'm glad you looked at it on an account wide level vs per toon. Did you take into account in transit mailed items and 'deleted' characters as well? With the money being looked at on an account level, is the money now pooled or was it just looked at account wide and the reduction applied evenly across all account toons? (0,5 or whatever %)

    I know you cannot comment on those specific account actions to the people who were known to have used the exploit, but did your research extend to tracking cash mailed from those accounts...i.e. if a person had moved 100's of billions to a few alt accounts who did NOT apply the exploit, they could come out of this with 22 billiion x any amount of accounts they divested too.

    Also, and again, I know you cannot address specific actions against any specific users, but if there were any accounts banned, on which there were likely also a lot of horded items (the broker was stripped clean in the last few weeks before being shut down, as you know) will those horded items be injected back into the mainstream? Kind of a police seizure auction? Maybe listing some of the more expensive ones in the broker, further taking more of the excess money out of the economy (as a dev account would collect the cash vs another player).

    I'm sure a lot of users (myself included) will armchair quarterback the actions taken, but I'm assuming the cleanup was difficult in either case, and the fact you guys did anything is appreciated. I might change that opinion once I log in and find everything in the broker back at 1 billion....but for now I say thanks for trying.

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  15. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    If you think they haven't already consulted with their attorneys regarding this action, guess again. They have everything lined up to respond, legally, to any such action.
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  16. KaliKrom New Player

    1 - Cancel the use of money in exchanges between players. Items by items and nothing more. If you have a market at stake but still allow a "black market" using trading, you need to be aware of what's to come.
    2 - Allow sending money by email only between characters in the same account. Sending and receiving items between accounts follows the same pattern as for character exchanges and seriously hits money sellers.
    3 - Market monitoring would be a last (and relatively simpler) resource to wipe out money sellers. Items sold at exorbitant values ​​on huge lower priced lists are extremely suspicious and easier to take action.

    Selling discovered flaws in game programming is another problem. It's your problem, not the players' (with all due respect). In such cases, it is necessary to be sure who actually uses irregular resources and to take action only against those who are really guilty and not to reach those who have not practiced or made use of it.

    I understand the situation and how far it has come, but even if you think this is the most "fair" way, many people who are not to blame will be affected.
  17. Tzalim Level 30

    Like I said to my league a bunch of times here recently, I think that a cap of 100 million would fix everything. I don't agree with the billions that's in the game right now and no, I'm not defending the glitchers or anything like that... Just put a cap! Don't wipe the cash. That would fix everything! IMO
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  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I had more than 1 billion....I do not believe I am a fake account? What's the old adage? "I play DC, therefore I am"?

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  19. Proxystar #Perception

    If you truly do understand thow how the consumer protection act 1997 works then you'll also understand the concept of contract law ;) and the terms and conditions of the EULA, yes ;)

    Don't waste your energy, it's better spent elsewhere
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  20. ConnerSandsmark Well-Known Player

    the reason is because the people at cryptic is in game, they ban the people that is buying and selling illegally also there are gold spammers in STO because I have had to put them on ignore, because of them wanting to sell keys or ships, by the way I do tour the galaxy all the time. Yes having a 2k and 3 k cap on F2P and Preferred is ludicrous, though for those players, buy credits is still useless unless you got to the Daybreak store and unlock the escrow.
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