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  1. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    With the release of the recent episode, wonderverse went from being endgame to omnibus.
    Part of the change means that lootlocks are gone.

    Thats where we start. Lootlocks made farming the solo for the nectar of the gods quite tedious, because it involved much character switching or costly resetting of the instance.

    Now, all of this is gone. You can farm the solo infinitely and forever.

    Since the red soder buff "Hera's Ambosia" can only be activated in wonderverse but stays active even outside of the areas, its a nice buff that stacks with any other buff consumable. That means there is still demand and even greater demand the more players take advantage of it.

    The best way to farm this solo is to go through the teleporter in the Apokoliptian part of Patchwork Themyscira (Kalibak/Steppenwolf/Orion boss spawn area). Open your map and locate the "Temple of Hera".

    You will get a guaranteed Red Nectar and 2 Themyscirian Exobytes, a nearly guaranteed Boon of Hermes and occasionally a New Genesis Seed (OP head catalyst) or Boon of Apollo.

    You need 3,5 Red Nectar if you want to get the buff soder for dps. After you fortified the ambrosia successfully, you have a chance to get the Orange Amphora wich grants the 100% SC soder "Hippolyta's Ambrosia". This one is also very helpful to save time for building up supercharge before instances. That has also a demand wich isn't as great as the one for the red nectar though, but its still there.

    On average you make about 1M with each run if you sell all the drops, wich takes about 2,5minutes. (This is tested on EU server, wich means it should be much more profitable on US server). Note that this method's efficiency is based and demand of the whole playerbase and amount of players taking advantage of this method.

    A nice side effect is, that you get 3 source marks if you use 2 wonderverse augments at rank 15 (dont pin me down on that rank but its the 2nd breakthrough of the augment).

    With that being said, happy grinding ;)
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  2. Slade New Player

    First let me apologize I am returning player and so much has changed I might as well be a day one noob.
    You say go through the teleporter and thats it...

    You never actually say what your farming / killing / quest doing.

    Over all I do apprecate you attempting to help us returning players who have learned the hard way that our 6mil cash we had back when it was a sony game is not worthless because players have billions due to a exploit from years ago.

    So what do you do once you are in the Apokoliptian Portal?
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  3. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    You teleport there and then head over to the teleporter in that area wich leads to a specific solo instance. Its "Temple of Hera". If you open your map its easy to locate. Each area has a teleporter for that solo but the color of the crystals inside varies and is tied to the color of the dropping nectar. I'll update the main thread. :)
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  4. Slade New Player

    Awesome thank you.

    So go the Themyscira, go to Apo area, then go to the solo instance.
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  5. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You can also just queue up the Wonderverse solo in the instance menu, but which of the three instance choices you get will be random.
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