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    (I'm going to start this guide out slow and add more and more over time.)

    For all those people asking about how myself and everybody else gets so many skillpoints because you all just get stuck. For many of you these will be obvious but if I even help one person, I'll be happy.

    1. Exploration Feats
      • These feats are possibly the easiest to get and once completed can give a decent number of feat points. Pretty much all I can say is devote a little time to go and get them. It is more of a grind than anything. (Booster Gold Missions and Races are easy ways to get these without even trying while getting other feats at the same time.)
    2. Styles
      • There are numerous styles that are very simple to get that people just don't have because they either don't know where to get it. There are many picked up while leveling (If you need a location just ask) that I won't mention but there are other easy ones such as:
        • Metalhead- PD
        • Paramedic- PD
        • Biker- PD
        • Schoolyard- War Room
        • Formal- War Room
        • Street- War Room
        • Renown Styles- In each wing of the watchtower/HoD (Require a certain renown and cost 1 MoT per piece
        • Voodoo & Necromancer- Pretty much all endgame content has a chance to drop
        • Remora, Angelic, Barbarian- Drops in the T3 Shady Nightclub duo fairly often (Certain Pieces of these styles can be bought in each wing of the HQ for a little cash
        • Mayan- Run the Catwoman solo daily; Not difficult
        • Astral Alloy- Sub Avatars
        • Tear Suits for PvE/PvP- Use spare marks as you progress (T1 PvE is cheap and gives 50 feat points a suit)
        • Archangel- Why does everyone forget this suit
      • Make sure to run the vault as often as possible to maximize the chances of a rare style you may be missing.
      • There is also a feat when you collect so many styles. It goes up to 500 and can be easily achieved by buying war rooms styles, including emblems
      • Once you hit full renown, don't forget about the feat for getting the emblem from the renown vendor of each wing of the HQ
    3. Alerts
      • With a good DPS and a decent troll, the majority of alert speed feats are easy. Some such as Oolong Hard and Arkham Speed Feats require 2 good DPS/ 1 Tank and 1 great DPS, 1 heal, and 1 troll. There are a few alert feats that require no effort such as:
      • The 500 feat (As far as I am aware) is the max and it is just simply a grind to get there
      • Global Justice (Hero) is easy if you just do the alerts it wants you to do
    4. Renown
      1. Pretty Self Explanatory, You run missions that give renown, get the renown, and get to the cap to get the feat. (You can also take the lazy way and get renown for MoT's from the renown vendors in the watchtower)
    5. Seasonal
      • The best advice I can give is don't get lazy. Do the missions as soon as you can with the intent of getting the feats. They only come around once a year so don't waste the time.
    6. General
      • This tab just swarms with easy feats:
        • Fanboy Feat- Find all the locations here (25 FP)
        • More than You Could Chew- Find the locations here (25 FP)
        • Achieve Level 10 in ___ Role- If you switch powers to a different role, you will get that feat for that role even if you already are level 10 (I have all 3) (10 FP each)
        • Achieve Level 30 as ___ movement type- Same as above, if you change movement types after level 30, you'll get the feat (25 FP each)
        • Treasure Chests- It's slow and painful but it is easy (FP vary and increase as you get further)
        • Healing Barrels/Fire Barrels- Goto Area 51, spend 1/2 an hour there breaking the fire barrels at the second area and the healing barrels at the third.
        • Booster Gold Exploration- Painful but a full SP for doing both Metro and Gotham
        • Hit Counter- Can be boosted in a duel or done easily during braniac ship intro with the ads and the power couplings in the last room.
      • Races
        • We know they suck but they give a decent number of FP
        • Flight is easier than Acrobatics is easier than Super Speed (My opinion)
        • No supersonic feat- Flight, The one to the south of Gotham University, and the one on Ellsworth Hospital in Metro
      • Collections
        • Investigation and Briefing Locations as well as the collections list here
        • They are a grind and you need characters with other mentors to get all the briefings and investigations to let you into certain places
      • Tokens of Merit
        • Simply invest your excess marks. T4 Raids drop a ton of MoT's so it doesn't hurt to invest some for the greater good.
    7. Solo
    • Beat all your solos without having to pop a soda/trinket/supercharge on the last boss or dying. Easy feat points
    • Hideouts- Read through and do all the missions inside of each solo (I'll go more in depth later)
    • Do ALL of your side missions as there are about 2 SP in these
    • Whether you like it or you don't, PVP has a lot of feats. They are mainly grind feats such as taking turrets offline, capturing/assisting the capture of a node, KO'ing enemies, and even winning.
    • Duels are easy feats, espicially the participation feats.
    1. Raids
      • Many raid feats are easier than others
        • Beat each T2/3 raid once, easy 10 FP each
        • Speed Feat the Raids (T1-4) 25 FP each
        • Hot Dog Person- Don't free Krypto in FoS1, easy 25 FP
        • Defeat the RCP before a flashbang drone explodes, pretty self explanatory
        • Trigger the EMP within 15 second of an enemy dropping in Outer, simply equalize the burn on all four at the same time then hit the button when they all go.
        • Defeating Braniac after all 3 eradicators form/ before any form. Still self explanatory just takes a little patience and a good healer
        • Sniper/Medic Feats- Can be done on Novice and we tend to group 1-2 good trolls, 1 heal, and the rest DPS/people in DPS role helping the burn
    2. Duos
    3. DLC
    4. R&D
    5. Bases
    I'll finish this later and will update/ answer based any questions and further explain anything that can be questioned.
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  3. Skyris Allen Well-Known Player

    I like this so far, which I had this when I was fresh noobie..I learnred l8ter on but man I which I focused from the get go feom braniac ship. ITs painful going back doing stuff...Anyways good guide.
    My personal tip that motivates me... While gearing up dnt let ur Cr stay above sp's for too long. Soon as go up up sp's to match it. If ur High on sp's like 110 or so obviously ur Cr ain't cating up soon but still buff up sp'evry time ur SrCr goes up. Plan an off day like Sunday and wrk on indv milestone feats. If in league post in league channel if any 1 wannd do feat then hit u up wen eva that day.Dont do ne thing that day that dnt concern working towards feat.I do this every sunday if I'm on.
    Throught the whole week I do what I call daily milestones, where I put certain mikestone feats on task kist and chip away at it each day on each toon.Then do my group stuff during the day and at night U fade off to my self and work on my own stuff like exo hunting for both sellin in broker n Rnd feats, Solo's toy man missions Collections ECT.
    Doing solos duos hlp u wrk on styles and Solo/Duo's feats. Those just few things that wrk for me and my social life schedule.
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  5. IKILLU2014 New Player

  6. Skyris Allen Well-Known Player

    At points I put freeze on doing Raids and alerts unless league needs hlp or I'm stilll lookn for sumtn in certain content and just woek on sp's. Thats wat I'm doing now I just do T5 Solo's mayb alert or two on my toons , legends for for feats and sp' grinding and Arenas on weekends with league now ro wrk on those feats. Legends imo is good when u neef a break from grinding cuz grinding can easily breo n burn u out. Kegends is break awat, I have fun bashung ppl geads in or gettn my head bash in. Plus u still secretly wrkn on feats. Somtimes I go play Magic the Gathering 2013 Online PS3 or BF3 for a 1hr then come back
  7. Francesca Lima New Player

    One of the best things to do. Stay on the ship if you are making a new character. It has 4 to 5 skill points all in one place that you can just log off and back on to finish doing it. It helps a lot when your level 3 and you have a full weapon skill set. Its like a totally different game when you get all of the skill points low level.
  8. Highlaner New Player

    One that has me stumped is where to find Voodoo feat , it's the last one I need. Anyone know ?
  9. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    another thing on the alerts, if you have the spare time, stick around and farm for those collections. :)
    all i have left to get right now is Class A. :)
  10. Deadmau5 Depa New Player

    Does this really work im sure it would be patched if so by now?
  11. DR254 Well-Known Player

    Man.... Going back through all that old stuff is going to be painful. I wish I would have known about the significance of SP when I first started playing. Its my first MMO so lesson learned I guess. I was just always shooting for the next CR level for new content. So now I'm CR 101 and SP 50 and totally get why I am always getting kicked. Thanks for the info. I was lost on how to gain more SP. I now know there is no real fast way of going about it. Just going to hunker down and grind it out.


    Lazy and I hate admitting it
  12. THX 1138 New Player

    I made the same mistake mate I'm cr 105 and have only hit 91 sp after 4 weeks of grinding. Wait till you get to the Investigations! I've been grinding them out for the last two days!
    League mates are asking me to join in on stuff and I'm telling them "sry m8 grinding sp"
    It'll be worth it, keep the faith, it improves your rotation and loadout from constantly respeccing every time you earn more points experimenting where to spend them.
    I have noticed a massive difference to my damage out, I used to always be down the bottom, now I'm allways top of table and only getting beaten by the cr107s in my league.
  13. THX 1138 New Player

    Also dont forget token of merits feats, big big help!
  14. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    This is a nice guide, I just wish I would have read it when I first started playing. When I first started out, I didn't know the importance of completing feats and the correlation between feats and skill points.
  15. Gazzaj88 New Player

    on a positive note, atleast you only have to do the grind on one toon, if you have the replay tokens you can spend them on unlocking the feat on a different toon