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  1. Molecular Occurance Active Player

    For a short time, the Earth pets had infinite power, and the Fortify Golem simply served to offer a shield to the Crystal or Brick of your choosing. I had thought that was the rare wisdom of recent updates.

    I STILL had complaints with Earth then.

    So to later see that this was nothing more than a glitch, and that the pets have returned to requiring meager, limited power maintenance from a non-existent shield is disappointing to say the least. I truly don't expect anything to be done to help Earth or really any other aspect of this game at this point, but was interested to see if anyone even still cared to discuss the problem of Earth or, an even greater issue, the fragility of pets.
  2. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    the earth pet is the second most useful pet...and earth is devastating...a little one note with the jacking all over...but still...problems with earth...such as???
  3. Schimaera Devoted Player

    -> Which problem(s) does the earth powerset have? I tanked with it Elite, I dps'ed in melee and ST and it was totally fine.

    -> On the "fragility issue": You can re-summon them. When I was meleeing it was like 1-2 times I needed to re-summon my pet. It's kind of the idea to not make them drop-and-forget things. Especially earth tank would be super easy, boring, even better, when Brick wouldn't be somewhat fragile.
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  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Could you be more specific? Earth is still at the top of the food chain.
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  5. granddaughterlover Active Player

    I'm an earth battle tank, tbh, it's too op.
    considering switching back to quantum.
  6. DCspawn87 Well-Known Player

    Question regarding Earth tanking. At 267cr and 361sp Klarion was knocking through my Gemstone Shield with ease in Elite. With him doing that, when Brick went down it was almost a certainty that my health dipped to danger levels.
    I guess my question is, is everyone using Earth running into this issue or am I just spec'd wrong.

    Right now I'm spec'd to health.
  7. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    I’ve always specced into DOM first. If you can’t spec a decent amount into both, I’d put all but 30SP into DOM and just 30into health for %
  8. DCspawn87 Well-Known Player

    I can get the full 235 into Dom which leaves me with 90 or so after I get the block and knockdown inates plus the one SP I put into my weapon. Since I use 2 shields, HL shield and Gemstone, should I put anything into resto?
  9. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    I’d put 1 point into resto, rest into dom and health. For klarion I’d probably just go with brick and jh loadout with mostly shields-movement sc shield, ga shield hl shield and then I’d just jackhammer while rotating shields to keep brick alive longer. Never been a fan of fortify... Not many know that if you happen to jackhammer with brick and your heath chunks low, brick starts taunting. Brick is essentially a safety net for me and I try to use jh/shields combo to save brick when you really need him to sponge damage for you
  10. granddaughterlover Active Player

    there's a single reason to use jh and brick at a same time, if you're battle tanking, that's the one.
    otherwise its pretty pointless, especially if you're specced in dominance, and jackhammering the ground with a brick up, calls for a lot of wipes in elite.
  11. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    It’s not pointless. You jackhammer for defense while your shields are up to prevent brick from taking damage since you’re shielded anyway. Only use brick when you need him as your safety net similar to rage’s shieldss when severe is on cooldown. Any decent earth tank knows how to manage their brick without fortify in the loadout.
  12. granddaughterlover Active Player

    jackhammer and brick don't stack, it's either stone skin or brick...
    I'm not gonna reply any further, cause you clearly have no clue what youre talking about. any decent earth tank knows this. it's a simple fact.
  13. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Honestly the infinite pet power did one thing and that was take sorcery from bottom tier DPS to top tier... that is all
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  14. TheOracle Active Player

    And allow a bit more flexibility with brick tanking. But thats bout it.
  15. FALLEN-ONE Active Player

    Read over what I wrote. When did I say it stacked?? You sir, actually don’t have a clue what I’m talking about and probably just standing in a raid and spamming fortify with your shields.
    To mitigate damage and preserve health on brick you JH and rotate your shields because damage doesn’t go to your brick hence he receives no damage but YOU DO! But it DOES IT MATTER! No. Why?? -Because you are taking damage to your shields and not brick’s health bar Very rarely, your health bar will chop with your gemstone shield and stone skin defense buff unless you are just jackhammering a boss like a maniac. If that happens you stop your JH and utilize your stone skin since mitigation is much better than sole JH without shields. Alternatively, to keep brick up for when you need him you could go into blocking while shielded but you’ll probably get countered so why not JH especially in instances that have adds alongside bosses. Learn how the mechanic works and learn how to manage 2 health bars so you can mix both up depending on situations
  16. Xibo Loyal Player

    To be honest, Fury's infinite power was in line with Rage melee.
  17. granddaughterlover Active Player

    are you on USPC ? I'd much rather discuss this in voice chat if you can.
    cause I get what you're saying, but you're completely missing my point, or its the other way around, trust me I've been here since 2012, and earth since it came out.
    dm me your name, pretty please.
  18. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Yea earth dps didn’t shoot up in damage more so just didn’t have to use as much power. I didn’t heal with watcher during the power so idk how that was affected. I just think the pets need to be looked at in terms of raw usage
  19. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Actually when I was running my rotation I was blowing everyone out of the water except top tier dual wield flurry glitchers
  20. TheOracle Active Player

    Well it did improve the DPS. I went from avg of about 40k DPS on the group of 3 targets to about 48-50k. So not a significant game breaking amount but like all bugs it needed to be fixed even though it kinda sucked that it did.