Earth One: US PC Hero League

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  1. Backstabber Scum New Player

    Hello everyone! Earth One is a US PC Hero League looking for friendly players who want to have fun, and socialize with other friendly and helpful players in DCUO.

    Earth One is a well established league and has been active since the game launched. Our league has raids, alerts, and pvp scheduled every week. We are also planning to have activities for both eastern and pacific players.

    While we do not have any specific requirements for level, combat rating, or skill points, we also do not have an open door recruitment policy. We're hoping to recruit friendly, cooperative, and mature players who are willing to help others.

    If you are interested in joining Earth One or just learning more about our league please visit our website or post in this thread and an officer will contact you.

    You can also contact one of our officers in game:

    Coolforce (League Leader)
    John Walker (alt)
    Teknoman Ghost (alt)

    Macbeth Z (Officer)
    Chris Riley (alt)
    Bala (alt)

    Classicfumbles (Officer)

  2. thecopyninja New Player

    ice/tank hero CR72 here
  3. Ge0F0rce Well-Known Player

    looking for Trollers