Earth might/ precision question

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  1. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    I am currently fire dps. CR 190 with 175 SP in full Fallen god gear with all OLY might mods. I am just not thrilled with Fire dps. I was thinking of trying Earth but with the revamp coming and the cost to replace all my might mods (which Earth will use after)

    I wanted to know what you all thought the dps hit would be if I went Earth, respec my SP to precision but kept my might mods? If you think it would be a big hit then I may just try another might based power for now, although I have tried them all and would not really know what to use.

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  2. Telos Usr Dedicated Player

    Currently, Crystal would still do some big hits based on your/its CR, but you would lose a good deal of dmg as Weapon Dmg is essential for Earth DPS.

    Honestly though id recommend holding off on switching till after the revamp. It could still be months away but by the looks of it, powers are going to work drastically different. Hell if all goes well on test there might even be some decent "Weapon Only" options too. Up to you though.
  3. Rebel230 Well-Known Player

    OK, thank you. I guess I can either stick with Fire until the revamp or maybe try munitions maybe.
  4. IamINC Dedicated Player

    As Telos said , wait it out till revamp comes.

    Fire hasn't even had it's 1st run through on test yet so you may find that the changes made will make you stay Fire ,I personally prefer Fire over Earth , I mainly tank but rotate between the 2 powers periodically and I am finding I can do just as much dmg as with Fire when I DPS as I do with Earth.
  5. Here2Help Devoted Player

    I'd just like to mention that the devs on multiple occasions have mentioned how they're considering ways to move players across from this setup of the game to the new one in terms of mods. I'm sure we'll end up having something that will let us transfer our mods for free or be given a set of free ones or whatever answer they come up with. I say go to Earth, mod prec and have fun with it for a couple of months or longer :)
  6. Kontakt Active Player

    you must be doing something wrong with earth if you are doing just as much damage with fire.
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  7. IamINC Dedicated Player

    Or very right but thank you for your automatic response of that i'm wrong :D