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  1. shaun10656 New Player

    why is earth so different then the rest of the power sets? most other power sets put on some type of light show that looks epic and looks powerful but when it comes to earth its bland all we have are particles when i think earth i think a close resemblence to only cool power is shards or the super charges besides that dosent it light up my eye/screen. also in my opinion earth is the most difficult and least popular power set there is now sense the fire and ice update it dosent have enough dps powers its like this set was made completetly for tanks how ice usually getting out dps by someone of the same caliber with little to no difference of gear just a different power set the only way i can keep up or barely get ahead is by spaming jack hammer with with tetonic break and reinforce. i think earth needs a rework because ive tried loads of different loadouts and taken advice from other eath dps and its not working ive out dps a earth dps with ice come on now im highly consdering changing to another power set...
  2. Dee Pius New Player

    I have to disagree wholeheartedly. Jackhammer looks awesome! Lol.

    I'm not sure why I've seen so many Earth dps'es struggling, it's really a simple and if you ask me incredibly strong class to play considering the Precision/Crit buff and the AoE mechanics of its best move, Jackhammer(added to weapon clips, a pet and a constant AoE DOT), and up there with HL as one of the funnest to DD with, to boot!

    A lot of times when i'm in FoS, Seeds, Unpaid or Gates with another Earth dps, I will often get asked by them mid-way through or towards the end, "hey, what's your loadout", as I'm double-ish or more their damage out....

    I tell them:

    Jacks, Totem, Unstoppable, Reinfore, Sandblast, Crystal.

    I've used 100 or so different loadouts and this one is most efficient/productive.

    There's a certain melee weapon that fits well with Earths cool downs(that has been talked about since Earths creation, lol), and has a very nice combo to clip that fits perfectly with the Balanced but Precision favored build. Aim for 1900might & 700precision at full T4.

    Add in WD if you are SS.

    If you can't compete and have fun with that build, then I'm not sure where/if you ever will.
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  3. shaun10656 New Player

    how does totem work into this and the pets are ment for tank
  4. RASTA4LIFE New Player

    Actual crystal isn't ment for tanks. Crystal is more DPS than Brick, Brick serves for the tank due to high health
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  5. sevenwave New Player

    what was your first clue.
  6. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    I would say Crystal isn't meant for Damage Shift, but it can still be useful for tanks for its breakout ability. Not very reliable though, but I keep one around when I'm tanking, just in case I do get controlled when I lack power from spamming aftershocks.
  7. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    It's not the loadout it's how you use it, just because one DPS can do really good with it doesn't mean you are going to. Earth isn't the strongest DPS though, if you want to keep up to other DPS then you will have to switch to gadgets or light. Just something you have to deal with.

    As for the powers not looking cool, I have to disagree, I think they look perfect for an earth power. Very physical using the earth, you can pick up a giant boulder! The supercharges look cool, tectonic break is pretty awesome. Earth has cool looking powers, they just aren't that strong for DPS.
  8. Solarstar New Player

    He shouldn't have to switch to the Flavor of the Month powersets (Gadgets and HL) and weaponry just to keep up with the Jonses'.
  9. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    That isn't the topic though, he said "im usually getting out dps by someone of the same caliber with little to no difference of gear just a different power set " so I am just pointing out the only way he will keep up in dps is to switch to those powers. I wish earth was the greatest thing ever -points to signature- but that isn't how it is in this game, the devs have their favorite powers and want to kill the tanking powers.
  10. Solarstar New Player

    I wasn't referring to the OP.

    I was referring to this.
  11. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    I understand what you are referring to, what you said about he shouldn't have to is a different topic though. I know he shouldn't have to, but what he is saying is that he wants to keep up with others in damage out and so right now it is fact that you have to. The tanking powers are not good for DPS and that is just a hard fact. Discussing if he should have to is a different topic for a different thread.
  12. Solarstar New Player

    He wants to keep up without having to change, right?

    Ergo, he needs to look at what he's doing and experiment with different weapons and combos which feel good for him.

    The tanking powers can be good DPS powers if you practice and learn how they work. However, the devs are blind to this fact and thus want to control every variable by making the DPS become Sustained DPS, literally nerf bat the Tank powersets into oblivion while blatantly ignoring and nerfing every possible type of DPS (Burst/Burst AOE/Ranged) in favor of a type that literally pigeon-holes all DPS to become Sustained DPS.
  13. 478874 Dedicated Player

    OP, what's your load out?
  14. RASTA4LIFE New Player

    Overall i played gadgets since December 2012 (got ps3 in December 2012) i had know clue it was a fotm power, i came from wow and i just read stealth and went immediately in the power, however i think i may switch to earth because the power it self seems very cool and the animations are extremely cool. Also there isn't many earth tanks/dps around so i would like to play the rare power. Most likely if i switch to earth i would tank since the pet tanking option seems very cool, the only bad thing is if i switch to earth is that i would have to get pve gear again.
  15. Dee Pius New Player

    1. Totem is your opener, especially if you see a Mob coming. Search for positioning. When you get to a spot where your Totem/Unstoppable and Jacks will hit everyone, you go:

    Totem>Unstoppable>Reinforce - Weapon Combo>Jackhammer. Rinse & Repeat til <35% health, then (Reinforce, if cooled down) - Weapon Combo>Sandblast.

    > equals a quick-clip
    - means you have to wait to cast.

    Totem>Unstopoable>Reinforce is basically one quick cast move, you use as a Knockback, AoE DoT, P.i. Setup and Buff. Thing is, you never cast Totem, without clipping the animation with EiTHER Reinforce OR Unstoppable.

    Weapon Combo>Jacks is quite self explanatory, now that your on a 50% DMG multiplier from reinforce with 115 extra Precision, you let your weapon/Fists do the talking.

    2. No crystal is for DPS or Tanking, which is why it's in both my loadouts. No you don't need damage shift for it to do its part and be effective in your Tank loadout. After shocking is better any way, and you carry Crystal for the Aggro it might pull, cleanses it may perform, and the fact it will mitigate/split damage.

    IMO, what I said in that first post is the brass tacks of an Earth Loadout, as it covers all functions for DPS'ing and Tanking at an above-average through highest, for Earth, level(on par with Gadgets). Anyone who's seen me around, can vouch: I can make Earth competitive, no WD needed.
  16. Araxis New Player

    I like having a power set that is more subtle and less flashy.
  17. toast Well-Known Player

    made an earth toon about a month ago and let him go unused till last night. from the outside i found earth animations to be annoying, but now as a user its WICKED!
  18. Manny254 New Player

    I have to say you have me interested, I may have to try crystal on my tanks raid load out.
  19. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    I'm curious as to why you use unstoppable over Tectonic Break? Totem is an interesting choice. I want to look at that too.
  20. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Totem lasts pretty long, it juggles mobs, and has a constant flow of AoE damage. I don't know why most people never use it or at least try it. The animation is long but it is able to be clipped.

    It's a great move for PvE. Still might get laughed at for using it since everyone sticks to cookie-cutters. Who care though? Do what you want if it's working for you.