Earth DPS PvP Loadout and Mods (Help)

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  1. KeyuBaN New Player

    I am currently trying to go precision DPS because I love the animations of the precision moves a bit better then the might moves, especially jackhammer.

    My current loadout is:

    -Tectonic break
    -Debris field
    -Speed drain
    -Gemstone Shield

    My problem isn't the loadout, I actually really like the loadout; I wouldn't mind any other suggestions anyone may have to offer in this loadout though.

    But my main question is:

    -With this current loadout that I have, should I go full precision? or should I go precision (70%-80% of mods) and a little bit of might (20%-30% of mods)? Would would be better for me dmg wise?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide some constructive information for me!
  2. General Powers New Player

    Here, try this load out: Debris Field, Sandblast, Crystal or Pebble Blast, Totem, Reinforce, and Tectonic Break.

    P.S- This a personal load out of mine that I came up with a while back which I still use. Also, this is my first time sharing this with anyone(outside of my league). I would like to say I'm the first to come up with this load out, but I don't have any credible evidence(videos, guides etc). PM me for the rotation.
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  3. General Powers New Player

    Oh, one more thing.. With Earth, I recommend Prec/Might for reds, Prec/health for blues, and Prec/Vit or Prec/Power for yellows. I would also suggest going straight Might coupled with Might/Power and Might/Health but wait until the Earth "tweak".
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  4. Nuclear Winter Well-Known Player

    Chipping in my $.02 here (sorry for the TL;DR post, didn't think I'd have this much to say, lol...)

    I use a similar loadout to yours Keyu, which like yours also allows some flexibility for switching to/from melee & ranged attacks, depending on the situation:

    -Tectonic break UNSTOPPABLE
    -Debris field (in solos/duos I might swap this for Earthen Grip; even with 53 Dom in DPS stance it works, but not in alerts/raids)
    -Speed drain SANDBLAST
    -Gemstone Shield

    While on its face Unstoppable seems beneficial only for tanks, I find it handy as a dps for several reasons:
    • CC cleanse (the only one Earth has)
    • (generally) good for clipping move
    • AoE knockback/knockdown
    • AoE dazing PI
    Speed drain is definitely useful (esp. since Earth can be a power-hog), but since my guy has flight it's not an option for him; I used to run with Vacuum Bubble (great dmg, when/if it hits) but so unreliable that I scrapped it. I find Sandblast to be more useful not only b/c it's a <35% finisher (the only one Earth has) but also an effective ranged attack.

    All that said, I balanced all my red mods (Prec&Might) and went Prec for all blue/yellow mods (Prec&Health / Prec&Power) since my loadout is nearly a 50/50 mix of both:
    • Unstoppable, DF, SB, and 1st hit from JH all take advantage of Might
    • Reinforce, burst dmg from aftershocked GS, and 2+ hits from JH all take advantage of Prec
    I don't put a lot of stock in where I show up on the scorecard (so long as it's in the top 3), but in full disclosure yes I'm often the lowest-output DPS but I chalk a lot of that up to the current powerset imbalance -- rarely is there not a Rage, Celestial, and/or HL dps in the raid (the rest can be chalked up to my own inadequacies as a player, lol). At the same time, I'm no longer the "distant 3rd" that I used to be, and every now and then I sneak into 2nd (or 1st, if the other dps'es are Electric, lol).
    I'm intrigued by your loadout, thanks for sharing it. Tonight I'll put it in an armory build and experiment with it. If it's OK with you I might PM you to compare rotation notes...?

    I'd be interested in thoughts/opinions from either of you... :D
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  5. Sir Arcanium New Player

    Well I'm not earth master, but I've played around with the power enough to have a character just hit 92 cr and start to play around more as a DPS. Despite what people say aftershocks are fine. Honestly a earth user spamming jackhammer probably eats lets power at 50 per tick than most DPS on one of the faster rotations with each power costing 200-300+ power each.

    The down side of jackhammer is your immobile and have to be at least mid range or closer to your enemy to hit them. This makes Jackhammer user's a rather good DPS in the lower tier stuff or alerts, but suicidal idiots in higher tier stuff. I hate to have a power you almost never use in your load out, and to get the benefit of the precision aspect you need to spam it quite a bit.

    I haven't found a solid load out I really like, and none of my attempts are perfect enough to really share but I will say unstoppable is a good move if you use daze PI, though it is a self centered AoE and like Jackhammer can get you killed if you try and use it. Though the PI between the two work well.
  6. Errorcode1058 New Player

    I am hoping the Earth fix would be up and live on/by April 22nd…Earth Day!!!
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  7. Dolfo Dedicated Player

    Tectonic Break and Debris Filed are both might based. Jackhammer starts with the first 2 ticks being might but then shifts into pre.

    My prec Earth was using

    Crystal for Damage shift and DS for the damage for the low cost quick cooldown 50% buff
    Jackhammer for the overall prec damage and another 50% buff
    Reinforce for more pre & another 50% buff
    And finally Sandblast even though it's might based for a 4th 50% buff
    Sometimes I would use the Earthquake SC and swap SB

    Hopefully that helps.
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  8. Zeo Committed Player

    Does the DPS pet worth? I'm asking this because my earth toon is based on Booster Gold and I must have at least one pet with me (or I get the earth pet or the robot sidekick).
  9. KeyuBaN New Player

    ty for the compliment, as I think you as well for your loadout suggestion. I never really though of Unstoppable that much because of the long cooldown. I knew that Unstoppable had the capability to knockback and Daze PI, but what you said just helped me figure out that I can actually set up my jackhammer alot better with Unstoppable, as tectonic break doesn't have any cc. Setting my combo up was my main problem. That and the fact that earth just runs out of power so dang fast >.<....

    Also I'm actually enjoying the looks of your loadout. I can really see this working quite well. I'm thinking about losing Debris field though, and just making it a burst dmg loadout:

    -Speed Drain

    is the loadout that I'm considering. Speed Drain really helps to pull through Earth's high power consumption, as well as helping the group (if I have one) out with power (PvP and PvE).

    I definitely appreciate you taking the time to share it with me mate. A rundown of the rotation would be excellent. This isn't a PvE loadout btw is it? I'm looking for a PvP loadout. If it is though, I'll definitely still take this information in, as I'm collecting DPS gear for my earth DPS as well.

    Thanks for the Unique loadout mate! I've tried Upheaval once and actually really didn't like it x.x...I feel too open due to the long animation, and I don't think the dmg it produces is worth the the power consumption either. But this was back when I was around level 9-10 or so. I'll try it out again and see how it goes.

    like I said, this is a unique loadout that I've definitely never seen before. I've heard of anyone using dmg shift in a PvP DPS loadout, but I can definitely see how it's viable, as well as the crystal golem. The crystal golem acts as another shield while dealing that bit of extra dmg, and DS gives the 50% modifier. I definitely see a powerful loadout here.

    The only thing is, once the golem dies, it definitely cost a lot to spawn a new one. That's why I try not to use golems either. I don't even use golems while tanking either; I just use jackhammer+epicenter/earth grip for 75% dmg absorption, and pop shields when needed.



    SO many choices to choose from you guys! You guys have helped immensely and I greatly appreciate it.
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  10. Dolfo Dedicated Player

    Yeah Upheaval is an acquired taste but as you do the 2nd and 3rd aftershock the damage increases. Oh and for extra damage on Jackhammer or just the Dazing PI itself I used Dazing Devices Experts.
  11. Dolfo Dedicated Player

    It really depends on who you ask but despite Crystal having low health I thought she was worth it just for Damage Shift and the extra 50% buff that DS gives. The only downside is recasting Crystal does take a little more power but she can get heals from the healer. If you use Totem Crystal get higher crit chances and pet damage goes to the user.
  12. General Powers New Player

    Yeah, that was a PVE load out. As for PVP, load outs can go either way.
  13. Nuclear Winter Well-Known Player

  14. Future°Lex New Player

    Guys if u want to max out Earths capabilities go this:

    1. Dps-role with brick (much hp and knocks enemies back) and damage shift. Ds works in dps role and gives u 25% damage absorption permanent!!!
    2. Gemstoneshield for healing per mod and good prec hit at the end
    3. Sandblast when enemy is knocked down, because u need healing handmod
    4. Striking stones or the other on the left side of this tree (forgot the name), have cc-effects without power interaction
    5. Wop or other power-sc from iconic or movement

    BELIEVE ME WITH THIS LOADOUT U WILL BE HATES BY ANY OPPONENT. Because u hit like a truck and use the tank buff from DS, which cannot be debuffed... ;)
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  15. KeyuBaN New Player

    this is true? That sounds so amazing! I will definitely have to test that out. Thank you for the info good sir!
  16. Dogico Loyal Player

    Another trick with having Brick/Crystal and Damage Shift is (if you're confident in your healer) after casting both you can switch out Damage Shift for another power and you'll keep the 25% damage absoption in dps role (43.75% in tank role). I do that in pve alot and every now and again in pvp.
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  17. Future°Lex New Player

    Pssst... not all at once... ;)