Earth DPS :: Groundpounder Build (video)

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  1. Tyberius James New Player

    Hi there, I created a short video guide on how to build and play a "Groundpounder" Earth DPS.

    A few notes:
    • I am aware that there are "better" builds and guides out there. This one is specific to a specialized style of Earth DPS.
    • This is a pure precision DPS style, as such it takes advantage of Earth's precision based awesomeness.
    • This build is as much for fun as it is for production.
    • This build takes practice, using it as a cookie cutter style will lead to disappointment. Knowing when to double-down on Jackhammer and when to utilize your weapon/Tectonic Break clips is something a video tutorial cannot appropriately cover.
    • This tutorial assumes you know DPS basics (and some advanced topics).
    • I made this for fun, and because I get asked a lot about what I use.
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  2. Disatria New Player

    Pretty good and I like the way u utilize your pet for maximum damage. You have a nice steady dot from it and totem. A pure precision based set up with reinforce it all come down to pure jackhammer.+1

    But, how well does that do inside of say nexus with a range weapon. What range weapon?. How long will your pet last? Do you have time to stand in one place and jackhammer?
    Other than that nice work
  3. Tyberius James New Player

    In Nexus I'll sub the pet out for either Gemstone (nice Precision burst, crits up to 2.5k plus shield) or I'll swap some powers to get Debris Field. As for Jackhammer in Nexus, I use it a lot. As I illustrate in the video, you can get some pretty good distance in midrange - arguably further than Gadget's killzone - and so long as you keep your head up, you won't get caught with your pants down.
  4. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    Nice video editing skills
  5. Poetic Play Committed Player

    The video was nice. I'd say the loadout would be very good if Crystal hit more often. She doesn't hit that often though which makes her kinda Bleh. Still a nice usable loadout either way.
  6. Tyberius James New Player

    Yea, Crystal is more or less icing on the cake - nothing of any real substance, but pretty/novel. She adds an extra layer of damage (orange), and has some utility. Like I said, depending on the situation I will throw in Debris Field, Epicenter or Gemstone Shield. I've got some footage of Dorothy in Nexus that I'll post eventually (working on 2 more tutorials for Fire Tank & DPS atm) that shows this loadout doing its magic in higher tier content.

    The alternative to Crystal is to take the points out of Crystal and Super Strength, placing them in Shards and Debris Field. Then you have the options I mentioned above (Epicenter, Debris Field, Gemstone). I like this loadout because it conserves power with Crystal - less to cast, and with high precision a good weapon will hit harder than most powers will. Pretty much your entire power bar is reserved for Jackhammer - thus Groundpounder ;)

    @soulburn thanks, good to know my degree in multimedia isn't totally wasted :p
  7. Drift Hazard Dedicated Player

    Excellent video. Wish I could edit mine like this.

    Also, very informative. You're right that there might be better loadouts, but you made it look like a fun build to consider on. You get my thumbs up.