Earth DPS artifacts

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  1. Awsome Well-Known Player

    I need help with this. I am running right now with soul cloak eye of the Gemini and transformation card. I just switched win the eye and swapped out solar amplifier.

    I haven’t had a real chance to test this out, but honestly, during testing I am extremely underwhelmed with the eye. Am I viewing this wrong? Is there a better build? I am trying to avoid grim cause I hate that pet, but I don;’t know what else. Maybe I’ll be more impressed with eye in the field. Am I wrong?
  2. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    For ST you kinda cant get away from Solar Amp. Without completely changing your artifacts you could just go Trans, solar, soul cloak. Thou I do like the strat for Aoe.
  3. Awsome Well-Known Player

    So are you thinking trans strat and soul cloak? What would that change? (Don’t know that much about strat card)
  4. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    If you can only have 3 artifacts (like most normal people lol) than probably Trans, Solar, strat/grim/soul cloak.

    Soul cloak: if you are good at keeping an eye on your sc bar and not letting it stay full often.
    Strat: if you want to clear adds faster
    Grim: if you want to lean towards ST (bosses)
  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    So far, I haven't been Impressed with Transformation card. Theoretically it's supposed to net overall better damage but I'm not sold.
  6. L T Devoted Player

    Those artifacts should work fine for earth. Melee adds, clip in Unstoppable when it's off cooldown, and try to use entomb from a cluster of DPS players to buff their damage and you ought to do well.
  7. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I believe earth can get away with only needing 4 artifacts. Solar, trans, scrap, and grim. Changing them out oer the situation is key.

    Single target in raids - Solar, trans, EoG or Grim
    Melee in raids - EoG, trans, scrap or Grim

    If the healer and tank are dropping their own green EoG, scrap is not really needed. EoG shines in raids, mostly. Placement is key to getting the most of out each SC. If you raid has to stay spread out. Switch EoG out for Grim.
  8. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    I rolled the dice on my earth dps. I really won't know for awhile if its the right call. But it does go with my play style. Source Shard, Dead King Scepter, and Solar Amplifier. I really want to get the Dead King to 160 and Source Shard to 120 before I judge if this was a good move.
  9. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Source shard at 120 was definitley a dps boost for me but you have to add it to the rotation not build a rotation around it.
  10. dcuotoo Well-Known Player

    same...seems to me if you are using earth pet youd want that source one...
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  11. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Possibly. I decided not to level it and instead take advantage of double Nth on my Trans Card. Oh well, my Earth toon is tank primary so no huge loss.