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Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Adogg5, May 17, 2013.

  1. Adogg5 New Player

    What is the most efficient way to earn marks of valor? My goal is to unlock some of the Iconic Tier 2 PvP set pieces.
    Should I start pvp'ing before 30?
    Are there daily/weekly bonuses?
    I heard something about players not getting marks for loosing - is that true?
    I am Legendary subscriber so how do replay badges help me?
    Do the marks drop in the vault at 30? Before 30?

    Thank you in advance. I really appreciate the help.

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  2. Vegeta8392 New Player

    I would say after 30 you'll have all power points plus the stat boosts. U get 7 daily in arenas with a 50 weekly drop for each map 2 for each map daily in legends. Marks don't drop in vault. No rewards for losing. Replay badges reset the map so u can earn the rewards again as many times as ud like.
  3. Rockin earth New Player

    If you do arenas you'll get 60 marks of valor even if you're not level 30 you also get two marks for legends
  4. Amarsir New Player

    You can't wear pvp gear before level 30, so attempting to pvp before that will just be frustrating for you and your partners. Feel free to Legends, though.

    After you enter Arenas, you get big rewards for weekly boxes, small ones for daily boxes, and nothing for winning or losing otherwise. So there's no "efficient" to it. I'd tell you the numbers, but they changed based on your gear according to a system no one has ever been able to logically explain. Just know that the big rewards are weekly, and replay badges will help you there. All arenas pay out the same, so pick the one you think you're most likely to win.
  5. Forsberg New Player

    Unless they changed it they did have low level PVP gear. I know only of the villain side, but it's in a nightclub. (which club idr sorry)


    You can always start PVPin before 30. It'll help you in the long run if you are newer to the pvp world. It is true you get no marks for losing anymore. DON'T leave the matches though, the new system works for you and will match you with people more your level in the future. (sometimes it seems it doesn't work but give it time.)
  6. Amarsir New Player

    Well I'll admit, I'd completely forgotten about that. Yeah at least one safehouse for each city has some (both sides). You can tell which vendor because the shopping bag over his head is brown. But I'm going to stand by my statement that you shouldn't go in before 30. You have to be 18 to get the weapons and various other level 13-28 to get other pieces. But let's say you get your pvp CR to 18. You'll still be cut to shreds.

    Alternatively if you spend that time getting to 30, you can instantly get pvp CR of 77. It will still be plenty hard then, facing cr 84s with t5 mods and who spend thousands of marks every month on Home Turf boosts. If you really can't wait to pvp, and Legends isn't enough, grab what gear you can and hang out in a PvP zone, paying attention for the Ring War or Diamond Recovery events.
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  7. Adogg5 New Player

    Good advice guys. Thanks!

    Some follow-up questions. I tried the legends pvp and thought it was fun. I see from the store I can buy some of the other characters. How do I unlock the remaining characters? Is there a vendor that sells them? Also, I assume it has some sort of special currency I will need right?

    Lastly, how do I track my weekly bonuses? And when does the week start? (Other MMOs set it for Tuesday if I remember correctly)

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