Dynasty Accent Table

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Discussion)' started by EconoKnight, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. EconoKnight Well-Known Member

    Is this still dropping? I haven't seen one on broker in weeks.
  2. juicejar Well-Known Member

    I have been farming for this piece over the past week in watch tower alert and hive duo at least these two locations were listed as dropping spots. I have yet to get it. So I also was wondering if it is still dropping. I am pretty sure it used to be on the AH and several of them every day a few weeks ago and I haven't saw one on the AH in a while.

  3. EconoKnight Well-Known Member

    Any more thoughts on this? Still not seeing it out there.
  4. juicejar Well-Known Member

    Has anyone saw the dynasty accent table drop once in the last two weeks? Seems it was removed in UD25.

  5. EconoKnight Well-Known Member

    Still haven't seen the Dynasty Accent Table drop, and I haven't seen it on broker since Update 25 (and I check multiple times a day). Has anyone seen the table since Update 25? This is for a feat; surely there are people needing it.
  6. Bobburt Well-Known Member

    Saw it on the USPC villain broker for 1k. Bought it. Haven't seen it on either side's broker since. And even before that, I haven't seen it since GU25 or so.
  7. juicejar Well-Known Member

    So last night someone snagged one from the AH for me. I then randomly checked again a little later and found another one on the AH and snagged it. One of the Devs replied to me and said it's dropping still but a rare drop.
    I put a post to sell the second one in the trading forum if anyone is interested.

  8. CTEN Well-Known Member

    I think this one might be bugged. I have not seen it drop on villain side. Nor has anyone else.
    Can anyone else confirm that it is dropping on villain side recently?

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