DW Range Damage- W.i.T.??

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  1. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    so... i thought the DW range damage not getting adjusted along with every other melee weapon last update was an oversight and would be hotfixed ASAP... guess not?

    -75+% of the dps community is using them ATM-- they hit hella hard than any other melee weapon at range AFAIK.

    it'd be nice to know at least if its going to be adjusted before i purchase them on both my toons for DPS.
    i just hate to think a weapon has one set of damage, spend 140 marks or reality, and then they are fixed.
    not a QQ, just wondering if there has been any word from the team on this subject since the update.

    if the devs have commented already please let me know.
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  2. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Yeah, the end-game raid DPS situation, except a few of the powers where clipping isn't so vanilla, is either rifle grenade launcher clip rotations or hold DW range clip rotations. For a game that predicates it viability and distinguishability on an active, non-auto attack combat system, it's exceedingly ironic that high-end raiding has basically reverted to this ontology.

    Sure, that's a reduction of terms, but it's essentially the truth. It's a massive problem though, the most effective weapon attacks in the game are also the most basic.
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  3. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    You know as well as anyone they won't say they are doing a change until it's changed.

    As for DW, either it needs to go back to splitting after 1 or other weapons need to be bumped up to split after 2 or 3. Also staff needs to be brought back up.

    If DW splits after 1 and staff is brought up then people can pick between the two and they will be equally effective. If only staff is brought up it would have to be brought up to be equal to the damage when staff splits, which is 3, which would also make staff incredibly OP on a single target. The best thing to do is make DW split after 1 and bump staff. Keep HB and rifle splitting after 2 and make a few attacks from other weapons, like shield's hold, Bow's arrow storm, MA second hold split after two. As well as a few other weapons. It would increase the effectiveness of other weapons. As it is right now All the weapons do equal dps on a single target, according to Shiney Mackerel's data, at 1.1-1.3, with the exception of DW which is at 3.3 DPS and staff at .9 dps. But once you get to more targets DW passed them at a ridiculous rate.
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  4. Giggles Loyal Player

    DW is definitely hitting way harder than it should and definitely needs to be looked at. Rifle's grenade needs to be looked at as well. When the majority of the community is using the same two weapons, there is usually something being exploited/abused. +1 OP
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  5. Thatguy New Player

    Am I the only one who thinks that maybe it's intended? Unclipped DW takes about 5 years. Think of it as a precision cast-time power :)

    Buy them. The wheels of nerfs and buffs turn very slowly so you'll probably get months of use from them anyway.
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  6. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    i'm probably passing on staff--my prefered weapon for my alt-- just for the reasons you stated.
  7. Derio 15000 Post Club

    DW is super OP and it needs to be fixed. DW is the new 1h
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  8. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Exactly!! Perhaps the damage is based on how long of time it takes to full-charge the weapon because DW takes a lot of time to reach full charge- longer than other weapons. So if you people are saying the damage needs to be reduced, then the charge time also needs to be reduced along with it.
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  9. TrueOlympus New Player

    expect a nerf that makes it useless, instead of reverting it back to original DMG.

    *looks at poor one-handed
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  10. Giggles Loyal Player

    Yeah... Then please explain 2Hander which is the slowest weapon I the game and cannot be jump cancelled. DW needs the same treatment as 2H, only it's damage should be significantly lowered, since it is much faster. DWs throw though also not be allowed to be jump cancelled. :)

    Something tells me a DW fix is right around the corner. :)
  11. Grid Ion Committed Player

    DW I agree is out of balance..But rifle grenade ?o_O
  12. Furious Wind Well-Known Player

    Are u damn kidding me? It's the last melee weapon to use! Would u kindly stop to ask if they will destroy also this weapon or not? Let us players breathe!
  13. Buckley Loyal Player

    I just wish the damn ranged weapons could do as much damage as the DW ranged attack, witch is a close combat weapon.
    then you should melee with it..........
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  14. Myrdin69 New Player

    doesn't change the fact its doing way more damage than the other weapon, meaning dw needs adjustement
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  15. spack2k Steadfast Player

    dw is op even with a 3 sec charge it crits for 10k ... and doesnt split ...
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  16. Furious Wind Well-Known Player

    But u know that it takes near 2 secs to charge the attack? And if u don't charge at max ur hit will sux? U risk to perform that attack, u deserve also something back... Anyway stooooooop :)
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  17. Myrdin69 New Player

    just as the staff weapon, does it do nowhere near the damage of dw ? nope
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  18. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    Honestly, if a player needs to rely on an exploit of the moment on a particular weapon to "perform well"... then that DPS player needs to improve. That´s why I don´t give a damn about DW. Never used it, never will. I already found the weapon/powers/range synergies that work best for me with my usual weapons.

    Edit: that´s why I laugh at every forum user that complains about 1H too.
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  19. Blanidos Active Player

    I will back up 100% on DW as a troll doing a full charged attack and critting as high as 2300 on multiple enemies no split damage I actually passed some fresh T5 DPS once in a while like that DW definitley needs a look at or all weapons will need to stop splitting damage all together which will not happen so it's a most definite bye bye DW supremacy (again for like the 4th time)
  20. winter13 New Player

    There is absolutely no comparison between dw and 1h. You could get at least 4 focus blasts off before you could do one charged double throw. The issue isn't the damage it does. But the fact that it doesn't split after it hits the first target. Something that takes that long to charge should hit for a ton, but only the first target. Oh, and staff needs a buff as well.
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