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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Dianatique, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Dianatique Active Player

    I have noone that wants to join alerts or raids anymore.
    And this is becoming a real issue.
    the league i've joined don't wanna do raids or alerts cause they know what it will mean.
    Doing the LFG chat doesn't work cause noone is interested in it.

    So uh, what to do now if you can't progress in the game?
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  2. Ringz Dedicated Player

    1. Your league straight up sucks then.
    2. You didn't specify where you are at in cr to even help give the devs a solution to where this problem is presented

    Lets start with answering those questions, then we can work on the solution here.
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  3. The VL Active Player

    Why don't they want to do raids or alerts? What does it mean? I think you might be the only one if not one among few in that boat there.
  4. The Anxient Loyal Player

    You need to find a new league.
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  5. mexmex Dedicated Player

    um, what does it mean, i heve been doing it just fine?????
  6. Dragon Power Well-Known Player

    The game was dumbed down pre-stats revamp. Now that you have to actually play the game seriously, the game is starting to weed out the weak and people that should have never started playing the game in the first place. It will take time, but survival of the fittest will reset everything back to normal soon. Don't worry. Find another league in meantime.
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  7. krytine Loyal Player

    How helpful are you with your league
    2.if your league is normally helpful
    3. Do they put time into u
    If the answer is no on anyone of those then your in the wrong league
  8. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    I'm curious at to why your league won't do alerts or raids anymore? See I decided to check out what it was like to create and level a new alt since the revamp. i have a Premium account with spaces available so I created Nuke LeARR.. Three guesses what power he uses?

    Took about the usual 7 hours of game time to get to level 30 and i arrived there with 40+ SP. Now since then I have been SLOWLY doing content to see how it feels .. I'm "technically" at CR 56 but my armor is split between the DPS and Tank roles so Basically I am running at CR 46 as a DPS and CR 49 as a Tank,. My LEAGUE pretty much died a few years back thanks to Gu47 so I generally either find a group on the LFG or just blind que into content.

    Now so far I have onlt tried 1 raid.... Khandaq and to be honest it was a BAD experience. I was tanking and pulling everything I could away and yet we never got past 1 ROCK ... Considering I was tanking at CR 44 at the time I was very satisfied with my ability to stay alive, do damage and hold aggro .. problem was as my mobs got smaller 9from members eventually dying) New ones were spawning and while i was pretty much over in a corner ALL BY MYSELF apparently the other 7 players could not keep 2-3 minions form destroying that rock. I finally just gave up and left.

    Now aside from that I have had nothing but success ...I've done every available solo challenge with no problems at all. Done all of the Tier one duos and tonight I did all but the tier 2 Flash duo.. i was running out of time so I figure I will do that tomorrow. Alerts? Completed every single Tier 1 alert and Did the Star Labs and Oan alerts at Tier 2 with no issue either. I never had any really lengthy wait to join a team and while a couple took some time to complete.. The Star Labs alert took about 48 minutes but we had 2 healers , 1 troll and me as the tank..... In other words not a DPS in sight. BUT not a single death and no one ever ran out of power.

    I think the problem may be that league your in in so used to 6-1-1 raids and 3-1 Alerts that they are refusing to even try anymore because OMG we have to take SUPPORT along?

    Now in the past couple days I have gone from CR 30 to CR 50 (limited play time I HAVE other alts at CR 196 I am playing) but like I said i am having no issue finding team mates.. League doesn't want to play anymore.... Que up and meet new people.
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  9. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    Thanks for outing yourself as the problem.

    People from all levels should be able to play this game and enjoy it. Just because you feel it is to easy does not make that the option of all the others. What do you want everyone that is not on your level to leave and for the game to collapse?

    I would not blame you league. Blame those who wanted everything changed for there own selfish ways. I use to run all the older content but now I refuse to run it. If I do not get anything useful out of it why run it? I hated UM at leave why would I run it now?

    What side are you running Hero/Villain? This might also be the problem.
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  10. Dene Prince Loyal Player

    What does it mean?

    * Helping A League Mate

    * Having a fun raid run with a new League Mate

    * Comraderie and fun

    If they can't/wont do this - or at least give a better reason than "I heard it will be too hard" then they are not a very good/fun league imo
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  11. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    Let me help you with the problem "The Star Labs alert took about 48 minutes" Why would I want to help out anyone and spend my time in an alert that does not give me anything that is useful?
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  12. Dianatique Active Player

    cause everyone keeps dying, and noone can be able to do the raids or alerts anymore thanks to this new update. :)
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  13. Dianatique Active Player

    this goes out for every league i've joined, NOONE wants to do it anymore, they only want to do PVP cause the nerfing of our powers hasn't screwed up that yet.
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  14. Dianatique Active Player

    that's great, you making it sound so easy.
    sigh these 200 cr people
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  15. Dianatique Active Player

    its not the league's fault, (and trust me, I've joined over 20 leagues, all of them are exactly the same.)

    My cr is at 127.
    my other alt is at cr 70...something?

    I was just with a group that had great tank, great controller, and etc, and now everyone disbanded cause they couldn't finish the last boss in paradox bombshell mission
    WOOOO this game is great, ******* grade a-game where you can't progress.
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  16. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    Leave that league. There's plenty of useful leagues. If you're on US server, I run low level stuff all the time.
  17. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    Welcome to revamp!!!

    When Bombshell was new people failed all the time last boss, so nothing new here but, answer me this why would I subject myself to a Raid that does not pay out, when I can run content that does? I would run it pre revamp but than it took 12min tops but now it takes longer and I get the same 3marks. Whats the point?
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  18. Dianatique Active Player

    might have to be so, but can you recommend any good leagues or just say "join a good league"? cause people has said this 300 times now, and i keep getting the same ****
  19. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    No one asked you to run it....
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  20. Dianatique Active Player

    revamp is recrap, okay?
    It only favours people (like you) with high cr, and don't give a **** about people that is struggling in the low level section
    but I see that you loe gloating about it, so go on, gloat on.
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