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Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Batuba, Jul 16, 2020.

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  1. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Crying? Weren’t you crying for it to get fixed so you can finally top a score card, hypocritical I see. And plus, I said this was a decent change, I’m not mad about it lol, and it’s not even going to affect my damage lol. And a lot of people weren’t even using the fourth tick consistently, so it probably won’t affect a certain portion of flurry users either.

    And you just don’t know what you’re talking about, I do, because I’ve tested and witness what water can do, you wouldn’t know that because you rely on YouTube for trash loadouts lol.
  2. TurbulenceDCUO Well-Known Player

    We should have got rid of everything except for hybrid. Revamp got derailed by some bad testers and the devs never told us about the upcoming artifacts
  3. TurbulenceDCUO Well-Known Player

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    Your input might be valid if you were relevant. Instead you're a trashcan who finally didnt get kicked out of raids because you mastered the super easy tap range hold range jump which my 9 year old took 20 minutes to master. Just from you saying water outperforms flurry shot ruins any credibility you think you had.
  4. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Flurry is prec only elite raid viable st option, so of course spamming flurry would be the case for prec, but doom spin isn’t press only melee option, nor is its only aoe option.

    And dovetails are what drove a noticeable margin of the playerbase away, but they implemented dovetails so they could introduce weapon mastery (if I’m not mistaken), so still, weapon mastery was one of the initial steps towards this games decline
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  5. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    Lol the only time I use flurry is during open world bosses and ctr/cte, and I still do well in boss damage.

    If you didn’t copy and paste loadouts from YouTube, you could see waters potential.
  6. Down4li43 Level 30

    Sorry, you are correct. That was the reason after you put it like that. I don’t think they are taking out WM though, so I don’t understand why the bonus damage from clipping perfectly was removed
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  7. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    This means that you're basically removing the only skillful part of prec dpsing out of the game?
    You can not make an argument that the 3 tick flurry shot is skillful since the 4 tick was the only thing making precision dps slightly hard to pull off. You basically get 3 shot flurrys without even trying.

    Also as many others have pointed out you're bringing this change while we still do not have another viable option to use as single target with weapons. Also lets not forget the weapons change that was made previously that were supposed to have changed things, which did nothing. The only change the previous weapons pass did was change what weapon people use for their melee aoe option.

    So in the end you're once again removing the only skillful aspect of precision, not doing a fix to other weapons aka not giving us a new option to use and you still have not adjusted weaker might powers which has been something needed since the beginning of revamp. We got a tiny fix which did next to nothing years ago and since then we have not seen another buff to the weaker might powers.

    Also lets remember the nerf to the venom artifact which was nerfed by a lot. I do not have the old numbers here but if I remember correct it went from a 56% precision stat buff at max rank to now a 16% stat buff at RANK 200.

    Lastly maybe it is time to bring a new way of transfering artifacts by giving Constantine(or something else) an option to pay 100 source marks and then convert your current artifact into any of your own choosing for the same rank, xp and breakthrough level.
    This would make any changes in future less predatory and its a change many players would like. It makes no sense for us to pay 200 + USD to get out artifacts max rank only to then lose half that xp and every breakthrough level when we decide to use it as xp for a new artifact.

    To end with. Many of us who see a problem in this are players who spend money for membership. We spend money on artifacts and probably on a lot of other aspects of the game. We want a feeling of security and want to see some real change in the game. Not see that for the past 3 years since revamp came out only one thing has been getting consistently changed not once, but twice and now going for its 3rd change. We as customers want to see change for stuff we've been asking for.

    * Buff mentals aoe damage as might

    * Find a way to resolve sorcery and its projectile problem or attune the damage to better fit since you can miss every projectile and do 0 damage

    * Ice might is a joke and needs a lot of changes. I think just recently Batuba did fix the ice boulder strike bug and another one which I can't remember which is great but it still does not make ice might dps a viable option at all.

    * Reduce Neo venom boost cooldown to be more like berserks cooldown timer and circuit breakers cooldown. This is a supercharge option many powers and playstyles use and benefit from

    * Fix hybrid dps. Hybrid was talked about as something very cool and similar to the old dps playstyle but so far its unusable and has been since revamp released. Its a whole playstyle not being used and needs sever changes to be made viable.

    * Nerf nature mights damage(Gorilla) Nature might does insane damage which is not as important but the precision damage that can be dealt while inside gorilla form is too high. Without being weapons expert or speccing any precision you can deal very high damage through taps between combos but also a lot of damage from the tap block breaks gorilla has on bosses aswell as the tap melee lunges it has which doesn't send you flying forward but slightly makes you move a slight cm aswell as can be clipped.

    I'm sure there are a lot of other changes that players would like to see and people are welcome to add in more themselves. These few changes were just some I could think of right now.
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  8. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    Mepps you're more than welcome to have your own Spytle moment and try to flurry shot consistently with 4 ticks over and over again on a sparring target. You don't need to do it in a raid which players have to :(

    This could be a great thing and hopefully we'll get some memes out of it like the old Spytle memes with hard light.

    Do it for the community!
  9. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Quantum too.
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  10. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    About time. Also I see a lot of people crying about nature but I honestly think that’s more to do with the way this dlc is set up. There’s adds galore. In the upcoming one I doubt nature will really shine tbh. The healer Gemini stuff can go tho, it’s cheesy. And for all you guys seriously saying that flurry was blowing everything out of the water, you are either a casual player (which is fine) or your might single target rotation is very lackluster. HL single target for example absolutely smokes flurry lolz. Again tho, I’m glad to see this change, got tired of seeing everybody jump on the flurry bandwagon.
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  11. Down4li43 Level 30

    I preferred this game before the Advanced Mechanics, Stats Revamp, and Artifacts got introduced. I like playing it now, but everything is a money grab now. PvP (Not Legends) is almost unplayable atm. I hate that we only have 2 ways to DPS (1234 Dpsing with Heat Vision in between and flurry spam). No you Don’t have to play this way, but this is the meta atm. Precision DPS only have one ranged weapon option that was kinda overperforming out of like 10 in total I think. Where is the variety? Playing hybrid is trash these days without the bonus that you guys took away for no apparent reason.
  12. TurbulenceDCUO Well-Known Player

    Well regardless of how much you whine on the forums the fact is this fix is happening. If you dont like it you 1) quit the game. Can I have your stuff? 2) GG 3) Go nature which I'm sure you already bought your respec token 4) keep using flurry. I mean you act like you were the one who found out about it. You clown people for going to YT but im pretty sure you didnt discover flurry. In fact, im sure you didnt. Mediocre players always gravitate to the cheese and then say it's not broken. It's pointless to argue on the forums because like I said earlier, it's happening whether you like it or not so suck it up and adapt like we all have been since this game dropped. In the meantime go check out YT for some nature loadouts
  13. DamageControlPS Active Player

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    Once again devs gave in to the cosplayers and casual gamers nerf demands, one thing I thought maybe the company grew out of, same people who have been vocal on forums because it’s all they do all day , will still be making nerf threads and still be unhappy with the game because they simply can’t grasp any bit of skill on it.

    I’m so disappointed, been playing this game form 2012 nothing has changed you listen to feedback from people who themselves are
    Focused on styles and how to dress it their toon then people who know this game inside and outside, and every time the history has shown it comes back and bites you. Keep going this direction and the balance your so promoting will be exposed as there is no balance in between the might powers. And stop entertaining people who literally can’t finish and content and blame
    It on everything around them. “I would do it but but but but” is not a great nerf thread to be looking at seriously.
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  14. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    It would be better to decrease the ticks damage proportionally instead of focusing on the last tick.
  15. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    This would definitely be a lesser evil of two. A change like this would still keep the 4th tick viable and more skillful while also nerfing it slightly to keep it more in tune with other options.

    Issue here still remains that they tried this during the weapons pass. Also main problem is that we still do not have a substitute for flurry shot which is ridiculous.

    I like this change and it would be a better bandaid fix but in the end they need to make more weapons/combos viable and take a look at might powers first if they won't fix all weapons first.
  16. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    • Warning: The DCUO forums are for everyone. Please be respectful, constructive, and kind. Please welcome contrasting views and stay on topic. Do not insult or attack anyone.
    This is going to be the last thing I say on this topic since obviously it doesn’t matter.

    This is GU36 all over again. HL was the definition of skill = reward. You had to be skilled to be good at HL. The ability to speed clip was what separated low ranked HL players from the top HL players. Yes most people could go HL and be good. And they could probably beat a lot of people after watching a few YT videos on what powers to use and how to clip. However because not everyone could master it people screamed that it needed to be nerfed. People cried that you had to be HL or else you were bad. And people justified it by saying that you didn’t need skill to be good. They said the power itself was broken and it needed to be nerfed. This however is not true. You could be good and be beat by none HL players while keeping pace with them. However a real master of HL could beat people because they spent time on mastering the clipping and mastering rotations.

    Arguably (not really) the game took a lot more skill back than to dps with any power. AM came along and all powers were reduced to simple rotations to please the casual players. Those who wanted to be good without putting in much work. Look at HL. It went from being the definition for skills mattered. People tried to showcase that it did just as good post AM as pre revamp and videos showed that yes post AM HL was just as good as BAD pre AM HL.

    Fast forward to today’s game. Yes AMs are gone. Powers are also more balanced that they ever were in the past. But the skill cap of powers have gotten far lower. Yes there are still some might powers that require skill (mainly gadgets and combo powers). But overall it’s a lot simpler. And no flurry shot was no where near to needing skills as much as HL was in the past. However flurry shot did need more skill than most might powers in the game. Yes you can do good damage and compete with most might powers in ST with 3 arrows from flurry. Yes getting 3 flurries didn’t require much practice. And than there are people who could get 4 arrows on sparring target but then fall down to 3 in actual combat. Getting 4 arrows in combat actually needs more skill than a lot of might rotations. And that’s the part that upsets the higher prec players. This change will not affect most prec players (no offense) because most prec players would only get 3 arrows in combat. But one of the last few things that required skill (even a little) is now being taken away for the sake of pushing might.

    Balance could have easily been accomplished differently than nerfing flurry shot. Prec ST can not use finishers because it would mean not being able to use flurry. So instead of this you could have buffed the base damage of finishers for the powers that can’t beat prec. This means leaving nature finisher alone but increasing the finisher base damage of powers like atomic for example. This would allow might players to actually beat prec dps without taking away the skill cap from flurry shot.

    Also, most might range AoE loadouts can beat prec AoE range. But you don’t hear prec asking to nerf might range AoE.

    And yes doom spin “needs” a nerf. But the nerf it needs is minuscule. Maybe 5% nerf to doom spin. And give flight and acro a copy paste if whirling dervish that way players can be might and be any movement they want to compete with doom spin.

    So no. I don’t agree with this change. This change is simply here to promote might. But I won’t say anything more on this subject because nothing I say would matter since the devs made up their mind and people will go to cry for nerf for the next thing in line that’s beating them.
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  17. KneelBeforeZodd Dedicated Player

    They should at least bandaid fix 2 or 3 of the ranged weapon combos like hand blasters+bow, two-handed+bow and martial arts+ blasters so they can be competitive. Balancing all of them is a waste of time in my opnion, because there are too many combinations of powers+weapons+artifacts in the game for them to be all viable (or maybe even half of them). But there must be at least 3 to 4 ranged and 3 to 4 melee options.
  18. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Yeah, Doom Spin is good, but the people claiming it's destroying game balance are clearly only seeing it in small bursts or limited content use.

    Doom Spin is a meat-and-potatoes combo for Two Hand, but Doom Spin takes 5.5-6 seconds to complete, meaning that there are basically two viable DOT cycles in the whole game that you can use it with. Cancelling it chops off all remaining hits, there's really not a sweetspot cutoff to both "Save time" and "get more damage".

    The combo itself basically craps on the ability to maintain a good Might Rotation, so while it tests good on a Sparring Target, the Precision side is pretty much all you get, and yeah - good luck making melee work 100% of the time.

    DW - > Flurry, while initially difficult to learn the cancel for, is a .75 second combo, meaning that you can use it as the spice in all sorts of rotations, and it is Safe, Long Range, High Single Target Damage. I don't know if I would have called it outright "broken", but apparently someone thinks it is.

    But yeah, I'm running a pure Prec platform, Mental Character, maxed available Precision minus Elite gear (full 265 SP precision, maxed 267 Augments, maxed 23 Adaptives, full 304 gear) : Menace cooldown redux so I get VWD every 10.8 seconds instead of every 12, Trans Strat Wrist, all 160 range.

    Doom Spin Cooks, but it's not the only thing on the stove, and it's not the best thing on the stove. It's consistent, and it doesn't suck, but it's not the end of the road. I'm already pulling ahead of my Doom Spin melee output using Might PFTT on my Electric character (level 80 Trans Strat Venom versus a Might Rotation with 80 Trans Strat Tetra) - I need to do some stat balancing, Artifact work and spend about 2800 Replays on her to have a "final" direct comparison, but yeah...

    I dunno. It's a fun Earth Jackhammer playstyle alternative? There we go.
  19. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    What range are we considering competitive?
  20. Shaz DCUO New Player

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    Lol they rather make money than listen to reason, Pointless for devs to ask for feedback if they're just going to ignore it AS USUAL
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